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Another Application of the Double Bind

I wouldn’t wish these circumstances on anyone, but if you are planning on participating in a protest do be aware of the double bind so you can navigate the subtleties of it’s ensuing psychological degenerative cascade and hopefully avoid being arrested.


The double bind provokes feelings of helplessness by putting an individual in a no-win situation from which it is impossible to make a choice between alternatives. It is backed up with pandering that attempts to instill a state of confusion in the mind of the respondent and supported with a prefabricated solution which serves the interest of the person seeking control. Police will do this during civil unrest to push the window on an arrest. Since it provokes the fight/flight response, an individual already having escalated emotionally during a protest is more likely to fight back during antagonism than stand down which precipitates justifiable deadly force. The key to dealing with the double bind is to remain calm while under police control, if it goes that far. Also, If operating under the control of a well regulated militia, follow the militia protocol for dealing with the double bind.


When effectively executed, respondents will oftentimes buy into the double bind seeking relief from the conflict that issues on antagonism, albeit this adaptation can have destructive consequences upon the person being manipulated. On the other hand, where a person will not subordinate, the double bind is generally backed up with prejudice, militancy, forward flight and sabotage thus eventually either subordinating, killing or releasing the individual. Alternatively, a respondent may attempt to fight back in what circumstances a power struggle ensues where the individual must recognize that not backed up by a militia he has little or no chances of winning a street battle battle with the police.

As a rule, unless you have a very clear idea about the difference between criminal and civil process, you are ill advised to continue participation in ANY protest where you can perceive the degenerative cascade. Combat and armed conflict are the domain of a military, so avoid it at all costs unless your actions are backed up by a well regulated militia.


Prejudice attempts to direct stereotypical labels at an audience targeted for subordination. A typical prejudice that issues from police is the person being manipulated is profiled: however, prejudice is also a defense mechanism arising from feelings of inferiority in connection with having been attempted to be subordinated. In this case, there is a tendency to want to recruit support to overcome limitations thus placed on one’s autonomy, and a respondent may thus attempt to solicit participation from an audience. A typical respondent prejudice would be to call a police officer a pig, which is an offense term and will more often than not escalate to police control. This is ill advised under circumstances where administrative process will resolve an issue more correctly than seeking street justice.


Militancy is the energy behind a concerted effort to either subordinate or provoke a respondent. On the other hand, victim presentation is directed at being unconstrained. Police do not generally discriminate between the two, so it’s not uncommon for a prisoner to be unnecessarily killed in restraint one’s behavior interpreted as aggressive and dangerous to an arresting officer. In an nutshell, the more vigorous activity to achieve a political objective the more likely damaging circumstances will prevail.

Forward Flight

Forward flight virtually always issues on the double bind and is more aggressive posturing that involves physical movement, threatening, pushing, shoving and prodding tantamount to bullying. Police barricades will sometimes move forward against an advancing mob in forward flight, the objective being to territorialize the protest setting. Conversely, an individual having been placed under arrest might begin posturing possession of a concealed weapon to intimidate his captors, which of course will bring on more lethal forms of restraint. Anyone familiar with politicians who conduct their lectures in this manner know they are at a level of psychological deterioration where individuals wishing to engage in debate are quickly ushered away, or unprepared but easily provoked will begin threatening their audience. Where forward flight issues from the respondent, an often times deadly confrontation is inevitable. Respondent forward flight is a militia tactic and should be avoided unless carried out under the supervision of trained and experienced combat leadership, which will emerge through an organization called into service for this purpose.


Sabotage involves any behavior that is directed at subordinating either party in a conflict. Although this can be anything that promotes the drama, lesser cuing is typically carried out by the agent provocateur, and such individuals can be either offensive or defensive. Provocation can be subtle such as a police officer placing a combative and handcuffed arrest suspect on the ground and then walking off leaving this individual in the hands of a less experiences officer. The outcome is predictable. On the other hand, protests can magnify seeded on remarks made by individuals who are attempting to escalate a flash mob. The mob mentality ensues accompanied by mayhem.


Anyone planning to participate in a protest should be well rehearsed in the double bind for the simple reason that you want your presence to focus on the issue for which this event was engineered. Also, it is important to intercept the agent provocateur and place this individual under arrest as quickly as possible. Protests that escalate to violence are ineffective in getting your point across to an administration unless they are preemptive of involvement from a militia, and you will know this well ahead of time. The target of the protest will know this ahead of time. Everyone will have had the opportunity to settle their difference before all hell breaks lose, and this should never be on the heel of a flash mob. Flash mobs diffuse the protest and create the opportunity for administration to invoke marshal law, and then your protest has accomplished absolutely nothing.

Protests are not a free for all, and where such is the character of any public address it is pointless to plunder the setting for any other purpose than to anticipate a prison sentence. Again, protests are sometimes thought of as an opportunity to evoke street justice, and all I can say to that is unpleasant consequences generally follow.

Protests serve one purpose. Militia serves another. Know the difference and how to back out of a protest that goes wild at the prompting of an agent provocateur.

Engineering the Soft Kill Population Extermination


The enlightenment presented with the opportunity for man to free himself from tyrannical leadership with the promise that if he could sustain his eye on the ball he would eventually transform the world to a culture free of injustice and in many cases a complete disregard for humanity. Then he took a break.


Our founding fathers were a group of highly educated men whose philanthropic interest was the development and preservation of a free society. They understood the treachery of dictatorships and the consequences of ignorance where people were cared for like herds of livestock and lived and died at the will of a monarch and the aristocracy.

Prior to the reformation, man lived enslaved to whatever leadership entity lent itself to organizing a community according to rules largely arbitrarily created to maintain some level of social organization backed up by a military, and there were easily two groups to satisfy in these circumstances: those who agreed with the rules and those who did not.

Rulers learned they could politicize their subjects through prejudice and began using agents embedded in crowds to provoke public sentiment in favor of given circumstances. They were thus able to convert those who did not agree with their policies, thus lofting the agent provocateur and the ability to influence and control a reticent population.

During the enlightenment, a small population having seeded itself free of direct control from a ruler budded independent and free thinking, and it came to pass this particular generation also possessed it’s own resources and had formed alliances in competition with the monarch. This made it possible to make a stand for independence that could be used to launch what would later become one of the most powerful countries in the world, albeit it would remain under siege from the parent country that had given it life, enter the relationship between Britain and the US.

So how did we get from 1776 to 1936 (160 years later) when Britain declared it would retake the US without so much as a whimper and rapidly approaching 2036 and the centennial celebration of Britain’s determination? The agent provocateur, and in more sophisticated terms the international spy, the handler and the assassin.

We know what provoked the American Civil war. Britain laid claim to our lucrative cotton industry and using it’s economic agents influenced US politicians to loft abolition. Slavery was an injustice that was on it’s way out through US acculturation to constitutional policy that was slowly transforming the conscience of modern man. Although Britain’s determination press this into the American conscience prematurely, and this may have seemed like a noble and caring philanthropy project at the time, it was nothing more than bait to evoke conflict which She would use to redirect US resources to the UK, which is the hallmark of British bullshit politics: the double bind. She motivated entirely by conquest, and the outcome disrupted our national politics for the next 100 years – to her advantage – and would ultimately lead to the realization that not only were blacks not freed by the 13th amendment, the entire US became enslaved. The message here is a clear and resounding paradox in connection with Britain’s occult number 13, and we have been living in this delusional state of mind ever since.

Obama’s identification with Abraham Lincoln is by design. Obama himself, a British national, covets the number 13 and has launched his reelection campaign on it. Obama admires Lincoln for his ability to have been able to persuade an audience with rhetoric, a skill he sorely lacks but has been able to develop somewhat through his administration. The alchemy of the occult politician is simply speech embedded with paradox and charisma, nothing more, and the spoken word is so convoluted from the truth that one’s attempt to organized this information into a coherent message is useless against the schizophreniform state of mind it evokes in the listener.


As the US became an agent of human transformation in it’s own right, the British monarchy was losing it’s tyrannical grip on it’s world conquest agenda, and the outcome was the foreseeable collapse of not only the British monarchy, but dictatorships worldwide, yet She wanted to remain the standing Alpha government.

Britain successfully penetrated US domestic infrastructure with money directed at buying alliances that would ultimately help Her write and institutionalize a parasitical organization known as the international corporation that would become the model for repatriation. The 13th amendment never freed the slaves; it made slaves of all freemen through the paradoxical use of language and legalese which redefined Americans as property of the federal government. It’s sister legislation, the 14th amendment, gave corporations the status of person-hood that in connection with living people once again subordinated them to Britain economically. This made it possible possible for Britain to rewrite government on corporate policy thus writing off the Bill of Rights in Her mission to reclaim the US. Britain then penetrated economic infrastructure via the Fed, a Banking cartel, and we have been fighting Her legislative agenda ever since.

A direct confrontation with the US would be futile. We are too powerful for any nation to assault outright, with the exception that Barack Obama just signed over our nuclear defense resourced to the UN. Nonetheless, Britain would exhaust Herself with bombs, guns and chemical weapons because of our topography, so She developed Her assault on a political model known to Her elite Neo politicians as the occult protocol. Having established British militia in the US via Bohemian Grove, the Shriners and Skull and Bones, She is successfully pirating US legislature through a network of subordinate SSOs what members redirect to the mother of them all, Domus Dei Lodge 5151 and the monarchy.

Britain’s prevalence upon US domestic and economic infrastructures thus accomplished, Her only other task is to circumvent the Bill of Rights in preparation for your repatriation, and she is accomplishing this through notorious rider bills attached to popular legislation such as healthcare and economic reform.

Our constitution only guarantees our independence from a tyrant so long as we remain aware of how this works and are able and willing to assert our boundaries. Alternatively, the constitution has been displaced in the conscience of America by the entertainment industry, what products have magnified in our imagination, and in it’s place are fantasy heroes that having no basis in reality do nothing to assure we will not be living in a FEMA camp tomorrow. That determination will come from you, and how effective you are throwing Britain off will be the the outcome of your desire to remain a free society.


The agent provocateur can take ordinary circumstances to a flash mob within a matter of minutes, and London August 2011 was a trial run which allowed the monarchy to engineer the bugs out of the process.

The British monarchy is occult. All of Britain knows this, and the only support this mafia organization has is it’s aristocracy and myriad of SSO organizations scattered throughout the US.

Britain invented the occult protocol and uses it without restraint even on it’s own citizens. The height of this occult influence in the US is the Patriot Act, which although it was alleged to have been created to protect us from terrorism, it actually sets an international precedence for legalization of kidnapping for torture, and of course we know what this means for Britain and Her Vatican cohort, the pope: occult rendition to resource their notorious human sacrifice rituals, and more specifically the child debauchery sacrifice ritual which celebrates ULTRA (Vatican pedophiles, London’s BDSM community and DC’s LGBT legislation).

The Patriot Act was actually a work in progress arising from the Whitechapel rendition of the fetus of Mary Anne Nichols whose unborn child was cut from her womb, she left dead in the street, seven other women subsequently sacrificed as a cover up, and the child raised TE Lawrence by his adoptive parents who were associated with the British monarchy. Britain’s current monarchy knows this scenario precisely.

In 1938, and in consultation with Britain’s economic elite, Hitler legislated art rendition policy which legalized the art theft. This law set a legal precedence for taking whatever Hitler’s regime wanted, virtually anything of value, from populations targeted for extermination. What followed is history and a travesty of humanity. The holocaust was Britain’s eugenics brainchild, and were Hitler to have followed plan and taken Britain’s offer to allow him to remain chancellor of Germany for his work in conquering all of Europe he would have lived well on Her resources empowered by the organization that facilitated his rise to power, the British monarchy.


Soft kill is the murdering of other individuals through indirect means and which displaces the blame to the victim. In the US, this would make the handler in such circumstances an accessory to murder, but in the UK, unless there is a direct link between this individual and the perp, the provocateur remains as illusive as Jack the Ripper, and we now know who that was. It was the British monarchy.

Formulating this process on the monarchy’s occult protocol, there are four steps involved in a soft kill of virtually ANY population: 1) the double bind or triggering event, 2) prejudice, 3 militancy, and 4 sabotage. When confronted for details about their reasoning, Neos will issue forward flight in an attempt to suppress an audience further. In this case the occult protocol potentially magnifies extreme and deadly.

Bearing in mind that Neos have a very specific target in these circumstances, they can manipulate whatever outcome they desire by increasing or backing off the protocol standard, which is how much effort they put into whatever domestic project they are working on. The occult protocol works when people are unaware of it’s use against them. It fails when they understand they are being manipulated. It is self-sustaining and does not require close monitoring, and once engaged it’s practitioners are automatically aligned on the desired outcome, which in this case is the extermination of US population.

Unfortunately for Neos, under the rule of law, Americans are empowered to take up arms organized by militia against a tyrannical government, which now you understand why Obama is trying desperately to circumvent the 2nd amendment. Operation Fast and Furious was a sift kill project more popularly known as a false flag activity. Armed resistance would make it all the more difficult to repatriate the US to the UK, and Americans empowered with the knowledge about the occult protocol wold make it a virtual impossibility.

The protocol works either way. It is not specifically a tool of a tyrannical government. In fact, it is a tool of democracy where through it’s use a society can become either more free or enslaved depending on how it is put to use.

Protesters generally do not have a focused target for their hostilities, so when an agent provocateur begins lofting prejudice and militancy on the buzz generated by a triggering event it is directed at the government globally, and in these circumstances there is no way in hell the mob will rise to anything more than an opportunity for the status quo to practice rendition on live human targets.

With some repetition on already presented material, here’s how it works.


1) police target kill an innocent citizen,

2) unrest lofts on a buzz directed at hatred at police officers,

3) authorities embed agent provocateurs in the crowd that generate militancy and escalate to a flash mob, and

4) police lay in wait while the mob flows down main street and into a trap staged to arrest and imprison literally thousands of violent protestors.


Steps 1-3 repeated, and

4) instead of arrests police gun down thousands of protestors.


Steps 1-3 repeated, and

4) instead of shooting protesters they gas them causing collateral deaths of individuals in ecological settings far removed from the protests what fallout is dismissed as a mistake or misunderstanding.

After Incident Evaluation

Successful rendition of an individual targeted for human sacrifice AND the extermination of a witness population.


Okay, so I got your 548/710 message logged, which motivated me to write again.

I don’t recommended anything short of administrative intervention in addressing these problems with our government. I am registered republican and vote Libertarian, for obvious reasons. I do have a problem with the Patriot Act, and I believe most people will agree that the manner in which this came about makes it suspect if not completely macabre.

Also, since I am aware of your night raids on my neighborhood, don’t you think that I could intercept a couple of your assassins if I wanted to?
You folks are the domestic terrorists. This missive lays out how you are accomplishing your work for the monarchy, and it also blueprints the model you are using to attempt to stage soft kill extermination projects here in the US, all under cover of US policy legislated by the Patriot Act.

I will give you this. People are stupid, that’s a fact, but it is not a reason to relieve them of their humanity to resource your occult party culture. You absolutely have to have rendition victims at any cost, and you will likewise have to be fought to put a stop to this. You are like a child that’s learned to take bites out of everyone’s piece of birthday cake. We’ll just terminate your party. This is my part. Hopefully others will rise to the occasion.