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XI-U: the Atramenal Delta Project

ATRAMENTAL DELTA PROJECT: third world politics for a first world nation, Initiated August 31, 2004

1) Covertly network the Order of the Bath in DC and prepare a Druid sacrifice committee of 12.

2) Eight young female victims have been prearranged for abduction, rape and sacrifice. Thank you XXXX XXXXXXXX for your engineering support! Whitechapel hails you as well.

3) Torture, rape and sacrifice your way to Molech glory. This is your reward for your commitment to circumvent the Bill of Rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures. Taylor Swift may or may not be available. Her alternate is Karen Swift.

4) Follow the EU legislative sedition agenda, and remind the public you love America and would like to do things your own way.

5) Smile and wave frequently to the idiot electorate that doesn’t have a clue about your DRA-Co conspiracy. Guided by UK agent provocateurs and handlers, they will cheer you on. DHS will insure your personal safety via the PATRIOT Act ans S.1867.1021.


Psychological release will confirm that YES YOU CAN perform occult rendition all the while the parents and families of the victims are looking on thus producing CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN in the form of acculturation to ritual human sacrifice with the implied approval of the loved ones from whom you’ve taken their children and presided over their sacrifices, Atramental Lodge 23 having successfully circumvented the Bill of Rights and collapsed domestic infrastructure, or at least colored it degenerate, ANAI.

CONFIRMED AGENDA: Summary, January 2011

It worked!

That would be the 580 mile wide occult “XI-U” (symbolic for 911, 33 and 333) set over the Delta region albeit only visible by plot pointing this project March 3 through October 30, which by the way put covert psychopaths like XXXX XXXXXXXX on the map (August 31 2004). GO XXXXXXX!

The sacrifice victims are: 1) Crystal Hall, 2) Brittanee Drexel, 3) Megan Maxwell (who by the way will be used to deliver a child via occult rendition), 4) Paige Johnson, 5) Holly Bobo, 6) Lauren Spierer, 7) Katelyn Markum and 8 Karen Swift (standing in for Taylor Swift).

Drexel, Maxwell, Bobo and Spierer were used to celebrate XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 33rd degree craft, which this was a huge success culminating an occult cycle presidential inauguration through the Lauren Spierer abduction, and of course the number 666 fell perfectly into place thanks to the matrix abduction team XXXXXXXX (engineer), DHS, TBI fusion Center and the US Marshal. Everyone’s doing their part. Thanks to all!

Hall, Johnson, Markum and Swift were a successful attack on Weston Lodge #53. The EU prevails! The US Masons are in route.

This project was brought to public attention commencing April 18, 2011, as these crimes were being perped, and with a .0000000001% response demand for the release of Holly Bobo and with absolutely no public or private media coverage which is in keeping with SSO secrecy. The Shriners are handling this very small issue at this time.

Parents have been successfully culled into silence and are fully cooperative with local authority who subordinate to DHS and will eventually produce taxpayer funded patsy perps. You can’t get macabre policy any better than this! Hail the Queen!

This was a perfectly executed project! Atramental’s response to the demand for XXXXXXXXXXXXXX to release Holly Bobo was first met with support from Rick Perry (Hardin) followed by more aggressive legislation collaborated by Neo Atramental clerics in the senate who responded with S.1867.1021 AKA S.1867.1031. Thank you Mr. Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and all who helped out!


People are looking more closely this time, since Whitechapel met the Tennessee Devil’s Triangle with a little challenge. Let’s see what people do and do not know about American resolve when people learn their children are grabbed and tossed onto your DC alter for sociopath entertainment. They may like it! Sandusky does! The new kid on the block, Santorum, acknowledges this. Is their any end to the debauchery? How the fuck this gets pulled off with zero redirect to DC is pure magic.

Stupid as people are in these “last days” this may be something they enjoy rather than would have repelled them 100 years ago. Then again, as an engineering project, if people are this easily culled into the macabre of abducting, fucking, sacrificing and eating their own young they deserve what future Atramental has laid out. If I am correct, stupid deserves what stupid is.

Let’s get this done.

Atramental has formidable organizations (US Marshal, FBI, SS, Fusion Centers, DHS, ANAI) and there may be enough people willing to perp their fellows for a paycheck on the Milgram principle, but I doubt given the circumstances they will go down without a fight knowing US children are being use to entertain government officials in child sacrifice debauchery rituals. Damn good thing media can be controlled! The statistics on such an enterprise is 50/50, which this time, if Atramental prevails, this needs to land squarely with the British monarchy to put an end to the US in perpetuity.

For the record, let’s correctly identify this project Quatuor Coronati, Atramental Lodge 23 and the fucking Mormon church, the signature of the latter of which is 333. I won’t name the alpha. David Icke’s already done that. Just remember what I told you about your weapons system. When they fail, you’re out of here. Lock and load.

Here’s a little present from the prophets:

PLOT POINT on Google Earth:

1 Crystal Hall, Pikeville, KY, March 3, 2009

2 Brittanee Drexel, Myrtle Beach, SC, April 25, 2009

3 Megan Maxwell, Newport, TN, April 26, 2009

4 Paige Johnson, Florence, KY, September 23, 2010

5 Holly Bobo, Darden, TN, April 13, 2011

6 Lauren Spierer, Bloomington, IN, June 3, 2 011

7 Katelyn Markum, Fairfield, OH, August 13, 2011

8 Karen Swift, Dyersburg, TN, October 30, 2011

Connect the dots for the image “XI U”


8 abductions add to a Pythagorean 9. The Roman numeral XI is 11, hence 911. U is a Pythagorean 33; number 3 (clu), third letter, hence 33. U is also the 21st letter of the alphabet, hence the LDS signature, 333.

911 was Benjamin Harrison, the first US Atramental Lodge 23 administrator. 33 is the EU Mason/Druid. 333 is the Mormon church and is confirmed in the Testimony of the Three witnesses, which the Mormon church is ALSO a Druid organization.


This is your glorious Atramental administration at work targeting, stalking kidnapping, torturing, raping AND sacrificing your children, and you will go along with this or be targeted for rendition to be disposed of in a FEMA concentration camp. You know the routine. Death in perpetuity for your retraction.


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