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XI-U In a Nutshell


The following image documents the kidnappings of occult rendition victims: 1) Crystal Hall, 2) Brittanee Drexel, 3) Megan Maxwell, 4) Paige Johnson, 5) Holly Bobo, 6) Lauren Spierer, 7) Katelyn Markum and 8) Karen Swift cartographically presenting in the Roman Numeral XI and alphabet letter U made a preeminent subliminal feature of the landscape in perpetuity, what abductions were engineered by Phil Bredesen in connection with TBI, Fusion Center and the US Marshal and coordinated between UK SSO Quatuor Coronati (#33) and US SSO Atramental Lodge 23 AKA the Mormon Church (#333) under occult executive order 911 (Barack Obama). 

Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U

XI-U can be understood in the following analysis of cartography and numerology presented in the sequence and geographic locations of these kidnapping, the former of which are used extensively by occult governmental entity Atramental Lodge 23 to perpetrate a criminal agenda throughout the world.

Victims 1 through 8 when added numerologically equal 9. XI is the Roman numeral for 11, hence 911. 911 is an occult signature for the US president at the time a crime is committed. You are aware of this signature put to use in other events.

The letter U is the third letter in in the letter sequence CLU in Pythagorean numerology, hence the occult number 33, which is the EU Masons AKA Quatuor Coronati.

The letter U is also the 21st letter of the English alphabet. The number 21 is a Pythagorean 3, hence 33 and 3 are 333, or the occult signature of the Mormon Church.

Forensic data show also these adductions were matrix perped involving TBI, DHS and the US Marshal under cover of the PATRIOT Act with involvement on the street from local felons and Anders Breivik and were carried out in such a way to celebrate the EU’s BDSM (Bobo, Drexel, Spierer, Maxwell) press into US domestic infrastructures and an attack on Weston Lodge #53 (Hal, Markum, Johnson, Swift) with full knowledge of these events from Barack Obama. Karen Swift was to have been Taylor Swift, which the former was targeted after TBI having been made aware of this several months ago.

Not surprising, and in avoidance of justice, team Obama lofted a Myriad of domestic shock and awe commencing May 1, 20011, following TBI having been made aware of this project April 18, well ahead of Spierer through Swift. Instead of putting the public on alert, TBI networked closely with Fusion Center and the US Marshal to see this project through to completion all the while these circumstances precipitated Obama’s hokey Bin Laden capture, Schwarzenegger’s alleged illegitimate son, Soros’ Strauss-Kahn, Oslo/Utoya, the London Riots and OWS, all directed at collective punishment and shaking the public sensibility so people wouldn’t notice DRA-Co IX-U.

These abductions set an international precedence for kidnapping to resource human sacrifice in the US, UK and Rome with products acquired in the US. Those products are your children, and occult rendition has been fully legislated under S.1867.1021.

Setting this aside is nothing less than willful ignorance on the part of the public and validates that destruction of human life proves occult theology. Going there, know that there is nothing magical or divine about ritual human sacrifice, and your denial of it is the reason occult government has been able to institutionalize legislation to promote it.

You can’t deny this, because you can’t summarily dismiss the PATRIOT Act, DHS, S.1867.1021 or Expatriation, although you will play neurotic at victimization realizing this of late, which will do you no good. They have already proved to the international community that the US has been territorialized for use for this purpose with absolutely no response from the public albeit an increase in a desired to see Hollywood products issue on the work of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Knowing this is happening and allowing it to become a paramount feature of US government, you are recasting American Exceptionalism occult, and your dismissal of these abductions as a coincidence, mistake or misunderstanding is setting a standard for acculturation to the macabre of ritual human sacrifice in the US, on the lives of your children and with full knowledge of the consequences of your diffidence.

This occult enterprise is completely under the control of the elite which has no regard morality or ethics, including the Mormon Church, and what favorable disposition is in fact a mission directed at institutionalizing BDSM process for entertainment and to aggrandize a sociopath mythology in which blood sacrifice of innocents is believed to increase occult pre eminence.

Now the Mormons have the cookbook on this process, and the proof of their involvement is documented in their Brief Analysis and Testimony of the Three Witnesses in the Book of Mormon. Anyone having knowledge of numerology and Druid mystification can point this out.

In the meanwhile, know that these abductions were engineered by Phil Bredesen in collusion with such notable US politicians as Joe Biden, Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Soros and that Holly Bobo’s rendition was used to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 33rd degree craft. Maxwell produced a child. You figure it out from there.

These fucks did a little assassination event in my face yesterday afternoon, albeit they missed me and took out someone else. Now I get to magnify.

There is no doubt about who or what you are dealing with in these circumstances. They are pirates, and they have institutionalized their pirating in the US via mainstream and sensational media. They are a US/Federal banking cartel fully backed by Britain, and their domestic/political entity in the US is Atramental Lodge 23 AKA DC.

Atramental is a Mormon/Druid (one and the same by the way) organization fully militarized and staffed with assassin organization CIA which serves both the US and Britain as a covert policing and spy agency which serves the British monarchy first and Atramental second.

Again, you will no longer be able to dismiss XI-U out of mind out of willful ignorance. This was a Delta region abduction project, it was perpetrated by the three most powerful organizations in the US, and tolerating this makes you agreeable to ritual human sacrifice.

Prison Planet my not like the idea of being approached with this information for publication for the simple reason that this media is designed to agitate and cull disregulation of your sensibilities to sell products, which this means this entity could actually care less about the truth. That logo is directed at your sense of nostalgia to attract an audience, so if you’re hooked, enjoy the carnival. Two of Prison Planet’s more renowned guest speakers, Andrew Wakefield and David Icke, are frauds, too. You figure people are stupid you can get away with pretty much anything you like.


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