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I was listening to Obama’s recent energy speech punctuatedwith the phrase, “drill, drill, drill..,” occult code for 666, which of course means abduct, torture and sacrifice. Obama stated there was no silver bullet. The embedded message is there is nothing anyone can do about his involvement in the Delta Region Abduction Projects XI-U (DRAC). Not true.


1 ajs 11 12 13 [3 2 3 4 9]

2 bkt 21 22 23 [6 3 4 5 3]

3 clu 31 32 33 [9 4 5 6 6]

4 dmv 41 42 43 [3 5 6 7 9]

5 enw 51 52 53 [6 6 7 8 3]

6 fox 61 62 63 [9 7 6 9 6]

7 gpy 71 72 73 [3 8 9 1 9]

8 hqz 81 82 83 [6 9 1 2 3]

9 ir 91 92 [9 1 2 3 6]


The Atramental of Media Matters

This will speak for itself for you occult buffs versed on Pythagorean numerology. Make note of the bold faced numbers in the column on the left.



md mttrs
42 41 42 23 23 92 13
65 65524

eia ae
55 91 11 11 51
112 26



md mttrs
44 42291

eia ae
591 15



THE ORGANIZATION  Atramental Lodge 23 (1888), formerly DC, is a satellite of UK SSO Quatuor Coronati (1886).  This organization was used to covertly penetrate US political infrastructure and institutionalized on the Administration of Benjamin Harrison via the US masons.

HOW ATRAMENTAL FUNCTIONS  Atramental recruits politicians to alternative agenda what mission in reorganization of policy on legislation authored in the UK, voted upon by congress and signatured by Atramental lawmakers in the US.

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS  Atramental politicians are recruited via debauchery where they are stage managed slowly acculturated to a political culture which grants them unchecked access to money, drugs, sex, eventually sex with children and ritual human sacrifice.  In fact, this political entity – more commonly known as neos – is responsible for Gold Bar, Gilgo Beach and the Delta Region Abduction Project XI-U, and Aruba, among other territorial hunting sites throughout the US.

RETENTION  Atramental politicians ascend a brotherhood akin to any other SSO and pledge death for retraction.  Once pledged to membership, not one of them will withdraw their support for a couple of reasons.  They are initiated on the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, and the standing threat of death in perpetuity includes family.   

ATRAMENTAL EXPOSURE  To date, only four individuals have withdrawn from this organization, and of these only one has kept his reputation in tact.  One is dead with his daughter’s death shortly after, two others remain solvent with the third currently diagnosed with some form of exotic cancer.  The other is licking his wounds in seclusion.  

Col. Russell Williams successfully withdrew from Quatour Coronati in the UK via having laid a trail for police to arrest and imprison him.  This placed him out of range of assassins and gave his wife some immunity from retaliation while he spends the rest of his life safely tucked away in jail.  This ruined his Air Force Career, but it preserved his life.  While he willingly perped several female abduction/murders in Canada, he drew the line on the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and at will abductions of children for use in ritual sacrifice in the UK.  Russell piloted the Queen of England between the UK and Canada.

John Edwards sacrificed his career on a relationship matter he made absolutely no effort to hide.  The issue presented in a need to prosecute him thus displacing him from politics, to his salvation.  Although he was seduced by Atramental with the typical debauchery scheme, he opted out by placing himself in circumstances where he would be a liability to this organization so he could avoid involvement in abduction of children for use in ritual sacrifice.

Ted Kennedy revealed Atramental debauchery to a colleague with the remark, “God I’d love to fuck that.”  He was referring to this fellows 14 year old daughter, in her presence.  Ted Kennedy’s own daughter died shortly after his death, which the message here is Atramental does not tolerate a snitch.

Anthony Wiener having cleverly portrayed himself as on online exhibitionist was so borderline it made it impossible to both separate him from politics AND destroy his career as an attorney.  Not surprising, he stayed out of prison, and he can pursue his life unimpeded by having actually redacted his Atramental pledge.  He’s smart to a fault, which it is too bad we lost him to Atramental: however, more importantly, he smartly decloaked in the midst of horrific circumstances thus denying his support for abduction of young women and children for use in ritual sacrifice.

ATRAMENTAL PHILOSOPHY  Atramental is a legislative SSO principled on the soft dictatorship of the UK’s constitutional monarchy. It serves the Crown, and it’s politicians, both native and foreign born, work in concert to circumvent the Bill of rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures.

People can’t get a handle on this through deductive reasoning and have to use a top down inductive process to see the big picture from which it is possible to discriminate the various components of this organization in order to understand how it is working in production.  Ordinarily you could look at any single feature of this organization’s legislative history and follow a trail to the top, but that doesn’t work in this case, because it’s prolific output overwhelms your sensibilities and is too dramatic a flow of corruption to get a handle on it at that level.

Atramental press is lawmaking absent of morality or ethics, which means there is typically no reflection upon existing policy in the process of creating a new law, which in most cases such laws are white elephant legislation loaded with riders that effectively circumvent the Bill of rights upon maturity and ultimately redirect to UK policymaking.  Atramental’s neo practitioners will pass such a law in congress not having read it although knowing full well what it is designed to do and then turn around and tell their constituency their support was a mistake or misunderstanding having been misled by the cohort that sponsored the bill in the first place.  The net effect is they get on with this legislation nonetheless, and Americans chase their collective tail in sustained frustration.

In a nutshell, Atramental’s so convolutes the legislative process that ordinary people fade from the confusion this evokes.  It becomes impossible to follow their trail, and we end up in this future most people willfully and blissfully mystified.

ATRAMENTAL V THE US BILL OF RIGHTS  In reality, our bicameral system no longer exists.  It’s been displaced by Atramental what having masked republican and democrat effectively faded traditional politics to a single party parliamentary system which redirects to the UK for it’s legislative agenda.  The two party system was replaced with the neopolitician which, regardless of this monster cleric’s identification republican or democrat, serves the parliament.

People admire Britain for it’s prowess in manipulating other governments and then collapsing them.  She does this on the double bind.  She’s highly organized and has no trepidation about how to deal with Her adversaries, and the US is one of these insofar as we remain a sovereign nation.

What people do not understand is, and I doubt even saying it here will penetrate the haze, the UK is a soft dictatorship where democratic process and human rights subordinate to the occult.  The problem with this is regardless of how things may appear on the surface, control ultimately falls to SSO organizations that exist below the radar and which influence much of the public’s conscience via a complex system of assets, agents field aspect directors and handlers, over which the public has no control.

The game plan in a soft dictatorship is control with little or no authentic input from it’s subjects, so while it may have the appearance of benevolence it is quite vehemently opposed to liberty and freedom.  Also, the peaceful demeanor the monarchy presents in public in unnatural, since you need diversity and challenge to develop.  Again, this is a pretense by which the monarchy is attempting to convince it’s public it is a benevolent governmental entity all the while it’s philanthropic dark side is an immensely active child abduction and ritual sacrifice cohort.

I am sorry, but another feature of the UK’s constitutional monarchy is this political organization’s preoccupation with occult ritual sacrifice. This is just blatantly a part of European culture in this region, and although people are aware of this, they are also constrained from talking about it suppressed by Britain’s charter government and the consequences of speaking against the crown.  When they do get caught they loft collective discipline events like Oslo/Utoya and the London Riots to shield themselves from public outrage.

On the other hand, in the US the occult subordinates to the Bill of Rights, which is why Atramental has been so busy with legislation which undermines this feature of our constitution.  In fact, this is one very important project for Atramental’s neos, since having this particular Bill of Rights empowers a government of, for and by the people, and without it we are property of a federal government under occupation by the UK.  The former is favorable to us.  The latter is favorable to the monarchy.

The other problem with occult government is a proclivity of the elite to become bored with daily life manifesting in a preoccupation with BDSM, pedophilia and ritual human sacrifice for entertainment.  Much as this idea is rejected by the status quo caught up in a ecstasy of a Mac Donald’s Happy Meal and Reagan era political philanthropy against a backdrop of pharmaceutical eugenics conducted on US children, it is nonetheless a reality of ANY dictatorship.  Contravening public reticence on this issue, reality is occult rendition has been written into law via the PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021, and indeed this is more characteristic of a DRAC legislated constitutional monarchy, which has been the plan al along.  In other words, Atramental has not only promoted itself successfully in the US, it is a function of government so rooted in the administration that it’s excise will be next to impossible without an organized confrontation.

OCCULT POLITICIANS  When politicians identify Atramental they are occult, and the connect to the Bill of Rights is thus destruction of your natural rights.  Reread RETENTION above if this does not make sense to you.  These monster politicians are prohibited from retraction under threat of death, so any promise they make to correct their political character is yet another lie superimposed upon the one previous.  They aren’t going to back off. You have to run them off, and it’s people’s failure to recognize this that we’re finding ourselves being slowly transformed to a soft dictatorship by a string of charismatic sociopaths who have been promising us heaven and delivering hell.

When Ruth Ginsberg talked about the US constitution not being a viable model for building a democratic government, she was identifying herself Atramental.  One can argue she was thinking outside the box giving consideration to a wider spectrum of resources than what the US has to offer, but the message is nonetheless a loud and resounding judicial belligerent attempting to persuade the public on the idea that our constitution is not compatible with charter government under control of the UK, and she dismissed it for this reason.

SUMMARY  There are five perfectly aligned angles in Atramental Pandora’s box of legislative sedition which have made this SSO preeminent in the US:  the loss of eminent domain, the PATRIOT Act, S.1867.1021, DHS and Expatriation.  Add to this white elephant legislation Obamacare and it’s slowly maturing riders and you have a fairly lethal mix of policy which transforms the Bill of Rights to a Wicker Man.

Another way to look at these macabre legislations is according to occult protocol and their numerological sums.

The right of eminent domains is a stand alone tortured 666.  The PATRIOT Act, S.1867.1021, DHS collectively are 666.  Expatriation is an 8, or City of London, which gives you some idea about where this is headed.     

THE CONSEQUENCE OF DIFFIDENCE  While it remains a disguised event in the Media, the Delta Region Abduction Project DRACO/XI-U also presents with profound concern for consideration about how far Atramental is going to fairly rapidly acculturate the US to ritual human sacrifice.  While this may seem a far reach in a discussion which is largely hypothetical, it bears discovery at least on the surface so the victims of this horrific project, if any of them are still alive, do not give up hope.  While two are known to be dead, six remain unknown and only superficially judicially a statistic having no basis in reality except for disappearance without explanation, which is Atramental’s way of sustaining shock and awe and lofting the backhanded “V” to America.

The Abortion Mandate ANAI

RE 20:15 3 14 2 2012, Shawn Hannity, Ann Coulter/The Abortion Mandate

The abortion mandate is agenda driven lawmaking designed to set a legal precedence for government control of your reproductive behavior, fetus and to make prescriptive use of human infants for necromancy and their flesh as an alternative food source. This is Atramental policy making and issues on the convoluted precept that anything not explicitly prohibited by the constitution is eligible legislation.

Of course this line of anti-ethics determination is a convolution of the 10th amendment, but long as no one’s paying attention, and they are not, this macabre politics will continue to press itself into the future.

Atramental dismisses morality and ethics in it’s lawmaking scheme and therefore does not reflect on dilemmas principled on US policy. Thus sanitized and free of encumbrance of a US standard for oversight, Atramental legislation issues on the precept that proposed laws are legal and fair, albeit such sets a standard for unconstrained legislative sedition.

People are chasing their tails in argument in trying to figure out the motivation for this policy. The fact is it is illegal. Not only does it circumvent the constitution, it is vigilant to repatriation in transformation the US to a charter government of the UK, which is the Atramental prime directive.

Atramental policy making is a gestalt political build principled on the constitutional monarchy of the UK what ultimate task is macabre legislation masked philanthropic and well serving but what actual other purpose is the creation of institutional principles which set an international precedence for occult rendition and resourcing ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US. Your children are those products, and the connection to the abortion mandate is obvious.

Reread Genesis 3. Eve is thus persuaded by the Satan to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. The forbidden tree is the family of man. It’s fruit are it’s children.

Atramental is a UK SSO formulated on Sanhedrin, the cult of Satan AKA cult of Isis and Druidism. Anticipating the Masonic question in these affairs, yes the Mason founded the US, but they also subordinated the occult to the Bill of Rights. In the UK, human rights and democratic process subordinate to the occult, hence the EU masons and their US SSO Atramental Lodge 23 in competition with US political infrastructure leveled at such organizations as Weston Lodge #53 and celebrated on the occult renditions of LGBT abduction victims, Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Kate Markham and Karen Swift.

Back to the abortion mandate problem, the point of Obama provoking outrage over this policy is to disrupt and agitate on the double bind thus diverting attention from core legislation which gets overlooked in the process of establishing a workable guideline, hence people are chasing their tails while Obama postures paradoxically non-circumspect and this legislation finds it’s target. The process is occult militancy misunderstood as propaganda and is naturally affiliated with prejudice and sabotage. Sound familiar?

Allow me to put this into simpler terms for you. Not only is the US being repatriated, we are currently occupied, the invading country, Britain, is posturing conquest. Preeminence will occur when you wake up to find your streets have been militarized and your homes put to use to house the invading army.

Hopefully you are beginning to understand that the Obama administration has been one glorious ride through four years of service on British politics having superimposed upon US political infrastructure to work out the bugs in this massive forced constitutional exodus, your role in these affairs to have been too preoccupied with your recreational agenda to pay attention to who or what you were voting for, if you even voted.

You are dealing with a political organization whose alliance with Quatuor Coronati is 123 years embedded in US political infrastructure and what philosophical bent is US repatriation. Atramental’s neopoliticians are soft Nazis, and they are serving up the same political agenda Britain used stage managing proxy dictators, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler in their British mitigated conquests.

The other problem here is Americans are just plan fucking stupid.


10:40 4 15 2 2012, Rush Limbaugh, MORAL CODE, LOYALTY, FEALTY



ITB  Whitechapel produced TE Lawrence and very likely Schwarzenegger and Bush as well.


RE 09:30 3 14 2 2012 Rush, Chicken Nuggets

DISCUSSION The neo mission that issues on Atramental Lodge 23 in DC is not world conquest for conquest’s sake. It is conquest directed at lofting a culture tolerant of the occult practice of ritual human sacrifice, which this involves acculturation to occult rendition for resourcing this activity with products acquired in the US. Your children are these resources, and the British monarchy figures it has the right to do this, because YOU are going along with this scheme.

This macabre project is 123 years in the making in connection with the British monarchy having reorganized the EU Masons under Quatuor Coronati, and Atramental is the UK’s EU Mason voice in the US. that’s not to say the US Masons are bad. They aren’t, but the EU Masons do subordinate to Quatuor Coronati, which is the British monarchy.

Part of this movement involves introducing the public to the practice of eating human flesh, which this scheme launched five years ago on Mac Donald’s fast foods research in the production of a food product manufactured from pureed human fetus. You will recall the US had purchased building products manufactured in China from decomposed human remains that had to be returned due to the stench this stuff gave off inside residential structures. They were dealing with the same problem with this alternative protein source and the issue of labeling it user friendly.

The entity behind this is the Sanhedrin culture melded with Cult of Isis and the occult Druid political infrastructure in the UK. This stuff is right out of Genesis. Neo politicians are pleasure seeking (neoliberal/neocon) clerics recruited and rewarded with debauchery for their participation and are likewise the agents of change in the US. People MIGHT fight this were they to be willing to become aware of these circumstances early enough to put the hammer down on the UK, but don’t count on it. there’s a very natural reason this won’t happen.

Unfortunately, Obama is a party to this movement as are a string of US Administrators since JFK’s assassination and a handful before. And of course there’s something wrong with people, too, because they WILL NOT perceive these circumstances in avoidance of the need to oppose this; they are psychologically vegetative on this issue.

In reality, Atramental is a subversive feature of human conscience which makes it possible for people to be manipulated in these circumstances. The problem is, like it or not, macabre is human nature. This problem issues on the limbic brain, and people DO NOT have enough control over this to curtail an inevitable cultural implosion into the abyss of occult rendition precipitated partly on willful ignorance. In other words, people have the ability to see thorough this. They choose not to.

Again, this is right out of Genesis where knowing the consequences for listening to the Satan, Eve nonetheless bit the apple. This is the same issue we are dealing with here. The apple is a child. Eve ate her own children in this macabre dance of seduction, one sociopath atramental entity having had the ability to seduce it’s lessers via suspension of conscience, and herein lies the problem with the people globally.

People are more sociopath than you imagine them to be, and when in the presence of an occult alpha, or con as it were, will acquiesce. This is the problem information media is having getting people informed on the issues. While people will bemoan circumstances that prevail against them they will nonetheless fall into orbit around these snakes for leadership as naturally as you breath, because they are like them. What we hoped for in the US was a self-mastery culture that could evolve itself into the Novus. It didn’t happen. People got fat and lazy fed on the debauchery perks introduced to them via domestic engineering, and they dismissed conscience out of mind so they could enjoy the party.

Regarding the nuggets issue, I think you can see where this is going. People tolerated the pharmaceutical exploitation of literally hundreds of thousands of their children in the US with fallout we are still reeling from, what project was initiated by Ronald Reagan. People still worship this monster although he was involved in the eugenics deaths of many of these children and the ruined lives of those who survived long after he died, which is Atramental perfection. Herein lies the lie. Rush, even YOU still talk highly about this sociopath, although he initiated infanticide via deregulation of the FDA. You didn’t know that, did you? See what I mean about atramental?

There’s a connect to the abortion mandate here that I think bears recognizing, and that is if the Federal government can force this mandate it can likewise force a woman to abort her infant and eat her child, which this is a game for the UK akin to Trading Places. Atramental is pushing American gullibility to the edge of comprehensible morality where the public is falling into a routine in adaptation to these expectations on a bet. You can take it from there.

The lack of conscious thought on the part of parents is pretty typical. Again, this is Genesis magnified, and these nuggets will become our own children in these macabre circumstances, but they will nothing to stop this. You and I both know people are stupid. this is incomprehensible to them, so they dismiss it out of mind and party on!

Also, our bicameral system was routed with the New Deal and eliminated in 1963 with Atramental’s neos having taking government by the reins and put it to use as Britain’s war council for conquest to this end, hence there is less concern for competition between nations for petroleum and mineral resources than for their HUMAN resources, quite literally.

The US has become a sociopath’s dream with occult rendition having set an international precedence for kidnapping for torture (The Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U) and Americans seemingly oblivious to the impact of the PATRIOT Act, DHS/TSA, S.1867.1021 and Expatriation. Again, not so much as a whimper of reaction from the public, and the ACLU has been such a weak voice in these affairs we can only assume the worst is yet to come. there’s no militia, and Soros’ OWS nearly pushed us over the edge with out even the knowledge about why people were protesting in the first place. This event lofted in free food. You know this.

It doesn’t take geniuses to turn this around. It takes meditation and focus on the issue, which as long as the media sells it’s function to Atramental for a debauchery paycheck our collapse is inevitable. I listen to broadcasters do the PCN dismissive of any discussion formulating questions, which this absence of this information is occult. It is the absence of morality and ethics, a sense of which is needed to think, and without this to guide public conscience is the basis of the collapse of American core values. All this on a lie.

Sociopaths typically DO NOT think. They perceive circumstances opportunistic and manage their surroundings to exploit game. In these circumstances people are game, plain and simple, and Atramental’s clerics are rewarded for their ability to push the window on YOUR gullibility.

ITB The US is being acculturated to the macabre of human sacrifice and eating human flesh as an alternative food source in connection with repatriation to the UK as a charter government of the British monarchy. Atramental has institutionalized in the US having set a cultural standard for the suspension of reason via the disuse of morality and ethics in human conduct the consequence of which is people have stopped thinking and responding to these issues. Alternatively, they have satiated on entertainment, sex and debt in the engineering of consent and are thus in default on their need and ability to respond correctly to these circumstances. It’s really that simple. Some of us are out early on this issue, but we are hours away from the public awakening to what will have been the militarization of their communities while they slept.


SCAREBABY is Atramental driven occult rendition manifest in your face for more of their macabre sociopath entertainment.

Agenda driven. The absence of morality and ethics. The occult neo politics of Atramental Lodge 23.

c v
scare baby 3 6
3×6= 18= 9

9 letters

999 hence 666

DISCUSSION You should be able to get an Atramental connect on this screen name alone. People are missing it, as usual. Scarebaby is as proxy. No big deal. Milgram works on the half of society genetically predisposed sociopath, which is how Britain is getting away with is in the first place.

Scarebaby is also reference to ritual human sacrifice involving infants, children and young women. Does it matter? In most cases it doesn’t. People disappear, they are forgotten. End of story. Move on to the next sacred baby.

This is what Ted Kennedy was thinking when said, “God I’d love to fuck that,” referring to a 14 year old who had walked past him, she looking for her father. This is the Atramental of Scarebaby.

Holly Bobo, Schwarzenegger Artifact

Brittanee Drexel, Phil Bredesen Artifact

Lauren Spierer, George Soros Artifact

Megan Maxwell, Joe Biden Artifact

These young women are the BDSM cohort of the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U (DRAC) which was engineered by Phil Bredesen, matrixed by DHS and what victims were used to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger having earned his 33rd degree EU craft, and of course this is all too much for the parents of these occult rendition victims to take seriously, because they have been culled into silence by state and national police.

The second group of victims in these horrific circumstances are Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Kate Markham and Karen Swift, AKA Weston AKA LGBT.  As many as 60 abductions are featured in shock and awe surrounding these eight, and Drexel, Maxwell, Bobo and Spierer are the embedded occult targets celebratory on legislation (FEMA, The PATRIOT Act and S.1867.1021) which is principled on BDSM.

Aruba Victims Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner are also implicated in DRAC. Natalee’s mother wants me dead, because I can link her daughter’s abduction to the Mormon Church.

You’ll eventually understand what’s happening, but not quite yet. This will in time get close to you, then you’ll holler and scream victimization and awaken to an entirely different world than you were taught existed, because for the time being you’ve been engineered not to think.

The author of the post that alleged to have benefited from the Obama tax cut lied. But you aren’t paying attention to the lie, just the superficial message it is conveying.

The message issued form the White House in an attempt to propagandize Obama (and his neo cronies) in his savior role what actual Atramental mission is circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures, but again it doesn’t matter. What mater right now is you get to entertain yourself with the idea that Obama is doing something fun and gratuitous in lieu of real politics, which if the latter were the case there would be no Scarebaby.

Unless you are completely psychologically vegetative, or would like to be, you at least recognized that Scarebaby’s post issued on a lie, that lie being that self-employed individuals did not benefit from Obama’s tax cut. Accident?

NOT AT ALL, sleepyheads!

Atramental’s Scarebaby is pushing the limits on your gullibility presenting on your aptitude for perceiving reality, which this organization knows you are not paying attention and will believe whatever you are told regardless of the occult motivation of the politicians from which this crap issues.

Obama’s message to his occult buddies: Always smiling on the verge of full blown laughter. Typical sociopath smiling all the while fleecing you of your resources and in this case the lives of your children.

ITB DRAC is your gift to posterity and will be celebrated on Schwarzenegger erecting a statue to himself March 2 in Columbus, Ohio, to commemorate this project and his having earned his 33rd degree EU masonry status on Holly Bobo. I know… Conspiracy theory, which is why Obama, Schwarzenegger, Soros and a cadre of US/UK neopoliticians, including the British monarchy lofted a myriad of domestic crisis commencing May 1, 2011, following TBI having been alerted to public awareness of these circumstances April 18. TBI thus forwarded this “conspiracy” information to Obama putting him on alert all the while proceeding in it’s role as a function of the matrix abductions of yet three more victims, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Karen Swift, Swift’s abduction falling dead center on the location I predicted this would occur in June. Swift was subsequently abducted October 30. The only reason this is important is this confirms the hand of government in this kidnappings as state sponsored abductions, and this is flying right over your head you oblivious only because you aren’t willing to acknowledge it.


Go back and have a look at Scarebaby and tell yourself you have a life.



c v

THE 2 1


WE 1 1


IN 1 1

9 1 2


21 letters


WTF! The America we believe in is 33?


The Atramental of this logo is Obama is lofting nationalist rhetoric embedded with the fine print of his SSO mission to circumvent the Bill of Rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures.

On the surface, Obama is saying what you want to hear. He’s feeding your psychological need to restore a healthy government: however, below the surface he’s asserting the organization which brought us the nightmare in the first place. This is Britain’s notorious Atramental Lodge 23, sister organization to Quatuor Coronati, the former designed to repatriate the US via legislative sedition in subordination to the latter.

Atramental campaign logos are designed with two messages. The one addressing your desire to hear certain things to comfort and disarm you, while the other is the actual agenda. In this way, Atramental’s neo politicians can say they did in fact inform you about their political agenda, because it was embedded in their speech. It’s just you didn’t understand what they were telling you not recognizing the embed, which is why they dismiss much of your confusion as a mistake or misunderstanding and then move on. This beyond propaganda. It’s occult, and it’s bearing into US political infrastructure is being made possible by your gullibility on the double bind. Atramental issues the rhetoric, you start chasing your tail.

What makes Atramental rhetoric so easy to assimilate is the manner in which it presents on the mind. It’s agreeable and seemingly pleasurable appeal to the conscience absent of moral or ethical argument disarms even the most strident realists who usually take offense to being schmoozed. It’s dismissive of argument what command of language is actually pretext to introducing you to a dictatorship albeit via the gentle seductive nihilism of a lovely snake. Welcome to Genesis, again.

The double bind is a perversion of marketing and communication. It is designed to cull you into a stupor in which you will blindly vote for whomever is the Atramental favorite and will serve this organization’s best interest and then leaves YOU in an emotional funk, you having been duped into agreement with a social contract you have no idea what that is. That stupor is your indignation having been fucked out of your self-respect.

Again, Atramental Lodge 23 is a DC SSO affiliated with the British monarchy. Atramental recruits it’s traitor politicians via debauchery, and once pledged, these politicians transform neo. Neo is the Atramental label for their single party parliamentary entity which masks republican as neocon and democrat as neoliberal. Once pledged, they transform into proxy politicians for the British monarchy where they are walking talking signatures on UK legislation they often have no idea what it is. Such legislation serves three purposes.

Neo legislation is directed at: 1) developing EU policy in the US principled on a constitutional monarchy or a charter thereof, 2) circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures, and 3) setting an international precedence for occult rendition to resource ritual human sacrifice in the US, UK and Rome with products acquired in the US. Your children are those products, and you are getting a taste of this at this time via DHS, TSA and VIPR teams.

Let me tell you something about US policy. If it doesn’t follow constitutional law it isn’t legal, plain and simple. Regarding economics, with neos at the helm, no one knows for sure what is driving our economic system at this time, except the Fed is suspected of creating a subversive fiat system and issuing untold trillions of dollars to sustain the US and UK. Stop the flow of fiat cash into a broken economy and you are going to be chasing your tail to eat the thing. Also, ritual sacrifice, like it or not, is institutionalizing in the US under the PATRIOT Act, DHS, S.1867.1021 and Expatriation, regardless of your blissful denial of this and in continuation of what has been going on the US since 1888. The UK is a ritual sacrifice political culture, and YOU are being acculturated to this macabre institution with every neopolitician you elect in the US. The Wicker Man issued on such events as Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11.

US political corruption thus being understood, the message embed in “… the America we believe in,” is 33.

Back to the question, is the America we believe in this fucking 33?

To understand how to begin to think about his question you need background information, but you don’t have it. You have to trust people like me to provide you with a quick explanation, but that too is problematic. The best medicine here is do some research on this number if you want to know what Obama is up to, and be prepared for some pretty shocking revelations.

33 is the 33rd degree craft of the UE mason. EU masons reorganized under Quatuor Coronati in 1886, 21 years after Lincoln’s assassination. Atramental Lodge 23 issued under this reorganization in 1888 and was celebrated on Whitechapel. Mary Ann Nichols was a shock and awe embed, and her fetus, never acknowledged during her inquest, was handed off to adoptive parents and raised TE Lawrence. When you do the research on this you will learn Lawrence’s alleged birth date was August 16, 1888. This is incorrect. He was renditioned from Nichols curbside August 31, the date of his adoptive mother’s birth date.

Whitechapel is state of the art occult rendition, issued in the US in the Benjamin Harrison administration and has been in practice in the US ever since. Obama is involved in this macabre tradition, and his current project involving occult rendition is the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U (DRAC). Is it of any consequence that his wife was preaching the gospel of the new tradition of HOPE this administration was promoting during his 2008 campaign?



Rearrange the letters in numerical order to produce a new word:


change the ph to the letter f for the letter sequence:


Ladies and gentlemen, EOF is an acronym for “end of file”. Obama’s HOPE rhetoric= EOF, or end of file for America. Now play stupid and tell yourself you have no idea what this means.

There is no end to this except your falling onto orbit around this sociopath to vote for him or any one of his buddies. Let’s clarify something else while we are on the subject of the Masons.

The Masons did in fact organize US government, but his is NOT the same entity as the EU masons. The EU Masons were reorganized under Quatuor Coronati what constitutional monarchy functions human rights and democratic process subordinated to the occult. In the US, the occult subordinates to the Bill of rights, hence the UK’s attack on the constitution. The founding fathers understood the danger of occult preeminence in the US, which is why they allowed the Bill of Rights in the first place. While it is not possible to completely separate occult practices from government, in the US this is the exception rather than the rule. In the UK occult government is the rule, period.

The only shot Britain has at repatriation is if YOU elect and tolerate her Atramental neos, and so far you are going along with this project with no clue about the nightmare you are bringing on yourself in your naive state of mind.. Remember Genesis, it was Eve’s gullibility which precipitated the fall of man, and I am afraid that is exactly what you are dealing with in these circumstances.

Also, those of you drawing close to your faith in Christianity for salvation, it’s not going to happen that way. Jesus is a myth created by Pliny the Elder and Cassius Dio to refocus diffused religion which was collapsing Rome. Suffice to say, it worked only in the regard that it survived the dark ages and diffusion throughout Europe with the occult that created it stepping back into a management role facilitated by British leadership, the Church of England, the Holy See and eventually the Mormon church.

Britain’s current project is Islam, which in reality this faith is naturally in competition with the British system due in part to it’s authenticity as a real and tangible connect with the divine, and Britain is going to attempt to destroy this via the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama is way in over his head trying to work an organization that will turn on him soon as they realize what he’s up to working their faith using Britain’s field asset directors, analysts, agents and assets. Allah doesn’t subordinate to a worldly God. Allah IS God, period, although Britain’s Lucifer will compete with virtually ANY comer for the title.

You can decide for yourself. What you DO know is “liberalism” IS Neoism AKA Atramental Lodge 23 AKA an engineered lifestyle free of the constraints of morality and ethics what philosophy proves itself on the American public every time we elect an Atramental politician. This is the source of the erosion of our core American values, your press to celebrate the good life having baited you to a domestic engineering project directed at preoccupying you with having fun all the while your elected Atramental lawmakers have been at work rewriting your constitution less the Bill of Rights.


The spirit of Atramental is confirmed in the immortal words of Ted Kennedy, “God I’d love to fuck that,” referring to a 14 year child who found her way into a political retreat looking for her father. Now act intelligent and use your imagination here. Were he to have been alone, she unsuspecting and trusting his invite to help her find her father, what do you think the outcome of this scenario would have been? The correct answer is a clear and resounding ABDUCTION, which this was what Kennedy was telling us was happening in congress. HELLO?

Here’s the Atramental of the Mormon Church’s philanthropic attitude toward the US:

Reid’s just one of the boys of DC’s Atramentals, and he’s not only telling you what he thinks about America, he’s doing it TO America backing neo legislation which is directed at circumventing the Bill of Rights and collapsing US domestic and economic infrastructures. For those of you unfamiliar with the alternative language of the BDSM community, Reid having lofted his left hand and bearing his wedding ring in this gesture is not only a manifestation of his core beliefs but his attitude toward his marriage as well. He’s bisexual. Worst still, he’s a bisexual Mormon, which the connect to ritual sacrifice and DRAC XI-U is a plaintiff shill acknowledgement in the high art of charm offensive screaming at America, “LOOK AT WHAT I DID AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! FUCK YOU AMERICA!”  Reality is what this monster is showing you in this photograph.  This is a sick SOB, and yet people WILL NOT recall him.

Reid was a Kennedy cohort, here’s how they get their “powers”. This is sociopath serial killing of young women, children and infants. Not possible is it? Yet you know in the back of your mind this is going on, because your are picking it up intuitively in their speech rhetoric. They are telling you they are doing this. When Obama embeds 911/333 in a campaign logo he is telling you, “I ADVOCATE FOR AND PRACTICE RITUAL SACRIFICE!” You don’t see the words, but you DO recognize the numbers, which is why you get a feeling something’s a miss in the language.

Now imagine any of the eight DRAC victims superimposed on the image of the infant in this picture and you have the correct understanding of what happened to Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer and Kate Markham. No forensic data was released on Karen Swift, but I imagine she’s covered with wounds commensurate with ritual sacrifice.

Druid sacrifice such as these are used to predict the future. They read the body movement of the victim undergoing evisceration the way psychics read the Tarot, and like Tarot readers they do this often. While the image is an artist’s rendering, it nonetheless depicts reality in the manner in which these monsters conduct business among their “brothers in the privacy of their temples and other sacred locations here these macabre events are carried out.

Indeed, Welcome to the America Atramental believes; Obama’s America of HOPE, your America of capitulation, and the EU’s America under UK charter of the British monarchy. And of course Obama’s immense happiness should provide you with the confidence you need to stay with this transformation another 4 years, because that’s a bout what Atramental needs to close the file on America.

The Atramental/Occult of BRING AMERICA BACK and YES WE CAN


The atramental of Mitt Romney’s BRING AMERICA BACK

6 syllables
6 vowels
6 GICA, secondary as in:



The words line up on the first four letters leaving GICA outstanding. Decode GICA secondary Pythagorean G/71, I/91, C/31 and A/11, hence 8142, or the third 6.

The Atramental of Barack Obama’s YES WE CAN

serial 6 (three column additive), hence 666, as in:

Y/7 xxxxx E/5 xxxxx S/1 xxxxx or xxxxx S(13)/4
W/5 xxxxx xxx xxxxx E/5 xxxxx or xxxxx E(51)/6
C/3 xxxxx A/1 xxxxx N/5 xxxxx > xxxxx N/5

x 6 xxxxx 6 xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx 6


753 xxxxx 51 xxxxxx 2 xxxxxxx xxxxxx465>………..11

Notice Obama’s got a 911/333 code embed in his campaign logo:

3 words
3 syllables
3 vowels
11 (4 column additive), hence:

911/333 AND 666


911/333 is also a the Delta Region Abduction Project XI-U (DRAC), an eight victim abduction cohort initiated on Obama’s inauguration which is being culminated March 2 on Schwarzenegger’s ASF project in Columbus. DRAC is a Bredesen SSO project engineered to celebrate Schwarzenegger’s 33rd degree craft on the kidnapping for torture of Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Karen Swift. Media blackout, but there remains some information online.

These abductions left a 580 mile wide cartographical image stretched out out across the Delta region where if you connect the locations in order of their occurrence you will see a huge XIU. The occult significance of this symbol is 911/333, the same code Obama and Romney are using in their campaign logos.

Another important feature of this cartography is the “X” wraps clockwise Markham/Swift over Bobo/Spierer, an feature attributable to Frederic Remington—Lieutenant Powhatan H. Clarke, Tenth Cavalry (1888) and 911 remembrance magnets and car bumper stickers.



McCarthy’s communists occupy Washington. LBJ’s great society rises on the assassination of JFK. A cadre of minor politicians engage Jesuit protested Fidel Castro. Reagan initiates a horrific eugenics project on US infants. The federal government steps up to direct engagement with the public promoted by agent provocateurs and handlers. Domestic terrorism lofts on Waco, ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City the WTC, Tucson, XI-U ANAI.

What? If you figure the Wicker Man is alive and doing well in the US you presume correct.

US gone to the dogs? Understatement. Americans have lost their moral compass to the engineering of consent AKA domestic engineering directed at what exactly? An institution in death? What the fuck was Johnson referring to?

For those for you who fail to think, your next life should and aught to be somewhere in Africa, the eventual target of a political movement that worships the Macdonald’s triad, genocide and the use of YOUR children in human sacrifice. That’s going to take you a while to figure out, I am sure. First clue: three letter word. Second clue, first letter, W.

While on the surface war is a noble pretext for all of this destruction, the underlying motivation is principled on something far more sinister. These bizarre circumstances are killing literally millions of innocents in a shock and awe carnival shielding the perpetrator from discovery that were people to understand this there would be no problem putting an end to it. No problem for you, though. Long as you get your Happy Meal manufactured from pureed human fetus you are good, well, er, ah… satiate.

As it were, the killing is mesmerizing to Americans too preoccupied with debt and a superficial spiritual identification with a fantasy savior CREATED and put to use to mollify and entertain you one willfully ignorant and blissful day to the next, which is how you are being managed in your transformation to acculturation and tolerance of human sacrifice, your #4 in the occult of Atramental.

A very dark minded organization is engineering your future a time and space where you will accommodate the macabre of occult rendition in it’s fullest and most glorious manifestation of the powers of Molech, the public execution of a child, daily. XI-U put this philosophy to use. Tucson conformed it. S.1867.1021 institutionalized it. YOU build a statuary memorial to celebrate it.

You think media is truth in these circumstances? Media is an agenda where morality has been lost to company policy having displaced your Bill of Rights by fraud contract between you and your employer. You, educated in journalism and possessing the ability to think albeit having had your wings clipped by a regular job, agree to lie to the public for a paycheck, your investigative talents laid waste by the international organization that hired you. You feel proud to see the company logo “FAUX” on the letterhead acknowledging your service. You’re a fucking soulless IC zombie. Rule in Hell, eh?

You stupid fucking piece of shit public. Every lie you generate, every alleged stupefaction makes you a Pied Piper, and you don’t fucking have a clue where the children are going. You don’t care. You have a life of your own to care for let alone children that disappear in the night unguarded by an army of parents who would gladly kill and stake a predator caught slithering into their homes under cover of some of the most notorious albeit government protected predators of our day. Predators like employees of federal organizations the US Marshal, DHS, TBI, Fusion Centers ANAI.

Here’s a thumbnail of problem for those of you who are looking for truth. For others, this is an opportunity to laugh, giggle and shit your way through another blissful moment of self aggrandizement where you can be thankful you don’t have the brain your Atramental for-bearers desire for use as a offering to their Molech. Although these monsters do prefer immature in innocent, the former is usually packaged as a young woman or child and the latter your average dupe put to use to fight a glorious war against terrorists who have been dead over a decade. Thank Molech you already don’t have a soul so they don’t come after YOU!

Okay, think fast! Don’t moralize or judge the issues you are about to read and be prepared to set this aside as a conspiracy theory and posture one of Atramentals drones. Stupid survives in these circumstances. Thinking will get you assassinated. And if you have children, you all the more of value to your neo political benefactors. Here’s why.

Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) AKA neopolitics is a single party parliamentary entity having superimposed upon our bicameral system neocons and neoliberals masking republican democrat respectively. There is occult history on this SSO in connection with ritual human sacrifice involving young women and children the most recent example of which is the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U AKA the BDSM/Weston kidnappings which was engineered by Molech worshiping Phil Bredesen.

This SSO was created under the UK’s umbrella organization, Quatuor Coronati (1886), and serves the legislative sedition agenda underwritten by the British monarchy. Atramental’s mission is circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures. Benjamin Harrison was Atramental’s first neopolitician in the US, and the FED and CFR were this designed to channel Britain’s economic and domestic agenda.

Now I will give you that Britain is a culture of geniuses, which the US is sorely lacking at this time, obviously. That, and the fact that US politician are being recruited ongoing to participate in this activity in exchange for unchecked access to money, drugs, sex and children, YOUR children, debauchery which Ted Kennedy fully disclosed before his death.

Neopoliticians are atramental clerics and subscribe to agenda principled on debauchery and which features the double bind, drama politics and legislative transformation of US policy to a charter of the UK. In a nutshell, neos promise you heaven and deliver hell. They are chosen for their charismatic appeal, and while elections have given their ascent the appearance of legitimacy, they are hardly authentically elected lawmakers.

Neos are criminals, chief among them the cohort that perped XI-U out of a desire to torture, rape and sacrifice the same way you get an appetite to eat a steak. Oh, did I offend you? I hope this fucking gives you nightmares.

Neos assure you of democratic process and human rights, but they do not tell you this subordinates to occult government. The British monarchy is an occult government. In the US, the occult subordinates to the Bill of Rights, a feature of our constitution most people are unaware of, and it is this lack of information that has precipitated the failure of Americans to rally supportive of the Bill of Rights rather than avoidance of it every time Atramental stages a Wicker Man event with increasingly deadly fallout.

I know this is falling of deaf minds, but when and IF you ever come around to the reality of the WTC you can imagine 3000 victims being having been cooked alive on orders from your president you will realize that YOUR contribution was a vote.

Brace yourself. In reality, you are being acculturated to ritual human sacrifice, and the PATRIOT Act and S.1867.1021 proves this out. S.1867.1021 issued on the heels of Team Obama having been caught involved in occult rendition of US citizens (a group of eight young women and on child) for use in ritual sacrifice in the UK (April, 2011). You’ll recall Bin Laden, Schwarzenegger’s alleged illegitimate son, George Sorros’ Strauss-Kahn, Murdoch, Oslo Utoya, the London Riots and OWS. All shock and awe (Oslo was collective discipline) and all directed at attempting to shield US lawmakers and Prince Charles from their involvement in ritual human sacrifice.

Is worth it to pretend you don’t understand? Or, maybe the big picture fades against the macros of your daily life. Too much responsibility to think politics, so you ignore it. Fuck you. Know what a mulch bin is? In our day, it’s FEMA casket liner, you DSLF herd animals.

People will typically complain when they’ve been atramental duped by a neo, but they will not take firm steps to prevent their exploitation. The reason for this is America generally has become an atramental culture, meaning people summarily have suspended morality and ethics characteristic of the self-mastery which was to have been the hallmark of our constitutional republic. Folks like liberty and freedom, but they DO NOT want the responsibility to sustain it. They are blissfully lazy and willfully ignorant beyond comprehension, which this is the fall described in Genesis. Your impunity? you got a paycheck coming in, so you don’t think about it.

Reason thus disposed of, wily atramental clerics easily coerce an otherwise docile audience in a magic show vehemently rooted in the Twilight Zone where one’s imagination is the OWS threshold over which the neo crosses at will, your mind entranced by the mystification of smoke and mirrors not much better than a K Mart blue light special, and your dignity thus imploded by process of default. You smell the food and herd in a feeding frenzy. You’re an easy fuck. You know it. Britain knows it.