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McCarthy’s communists occupy Washington. LBJ’s great society rises on the assassination of JFK. A cadre of minor politicians engage Jesuit protested Fidel Castro. Reagan initiates a horrific eugenics project on US infants. The federal government steps up to direct engagement with the public promoted by agent provocateurs and handlers. Domestic terrorism lofts on Waco, ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City the WTC, Tucson, XI-U ANAI.

What? If you figure the Wicker Man is alive and doing well in the US you presume correct.

US gone to the dogs? Understatement. Americans have lost their moral compass to the engineering of consent AKA domestic engineering directed at what exactly? An institution in death? What the fuck was Johnson referring to?

For those for you who fail to think, your next life should and aught to be somewhere in Africa, the eventual target of a political movement that worships the Macdonald’s triad, genocide and the use of YOUR children in human sacrifice. That’s going to take you a while to figure out, I am sure. First clue: three letter word. Second clue, first letter, W.

While on the surface war is a noble pretext for all of this destruction, the underlying motivation is principled on something far more sinister. These bizarre circumstances are killing literally millions of innocents in a shock and awe carnival shielding the perpetrator from discovery that were people to understand this there would be no problem putting an end to it. No problem for you, though. Long as you get your Happy Meal manufactured from pureed human fetus you are good, well, er, ah… satiate.

As it were, the killing is mesmerizing to Americans too preoccupied with debt and a superficial spiritual identification with a fantasy savior CREATED and put to use to mollify and entertain you one willfully ignorant and blissful day to the next, which is how you are being managed in your transformation to acculturation and tolerance of human sacrifice, your #4 in the occult of Atramental.

A very dark minded organization is engineering your future a time and space where you will accommodate the macabre of occult rendition in it’s fullest and most glorious manifestation of the powers of Molech, the public execution of a child, daily. XI-U put this philosophy to use. Tucson conformed it. S.1867.1021 institutionalized it. YOU build a statuary memorial to celebrate it.

You think media is truth in these circumstances? Media is an agenda where morality has been lost to company policy having displaced your Bill of Rights by fraud contract between you and your employer. You, educated in journalism and possessing the ability to think albeit having had your wings clipped by a regular job, agree to lie to the public for a paycheck, your investigative talents laid waste by the international organization that hired you. You feel proud to see the company logo “FAUX” on the letterhead acknowledging your service. You’re a fucking soulless IC zombie. Rule in Hell, eh?

You stupid fucking piece of shit public. Every lie you generate, every alleged stupefaction makes you a Pied Piper, and you don’t fucking have a clue where the children are going. You don’t care. You have a life of your own to care for let alone children that disappear in the night unguarded by an army of parents who would gladly kill and stake a predator caught slithering into their homes under cover of some of the most notorious albeit government protected predators of our day. Predators like employees of federal organizations the US Marshal, DHS, TBI, Fusion Centers ANAI.

Here’s a thumbnail of problem for those of you who are looking for truth. For others, this is an opportunity to laugh, giggle and shit your way through another blissful moment of self aggrandizement where you can be thankful you don’t have the brain your Atramental for-bearers desire for use as a offering to their Molech. Although these monsters do prefer immature in innocent, the former is usually packaged as a young woman or child and the latter your average dupe put to use to fight a glorious war against terrorists who have been dead over a decade. Thank Molech you already don’t have a soul so they don’t come after YOU!

Okay, think fast! Don’t moralize or judge the issues you are about to read and be prepared to set this aside as a conspiracy theory and posture one of Atramentals drones. Stupid survives in these circumstances. Thinking will get you assassinated. And if you have children, you all the more of value to your neo political benefactors. Here’s why.

Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) AKA neopolitics is a single party parliamentary entity having superimposed upon our bicameral system neocons and neoliberals masking republican democrat respectively. There is occult history on this SSO in connection with ritual human sacrifice involving young women and children the most recent example of which is the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U AKA the BDSM/Weston kidnappings which was engineered by Molech worshiping Phil Bredesen.

This SSO was created under the UK’s umbrella organization, Quatuor Coronati (1886), and serves the legislative sedition agenda underwritten by the British monarchy. Atramental’s mission is circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures. Benjamin Harrison was Atramental’s first neopolitician in the US, and the FED and CFR were this designed to channel Britain’s economic and domestic agenda.

Now I will give you that Britain is a culture of geniuses, which the US is sorely lacking at this time, obviously. That, and the fact that US politician are being recruited ongoing to participate in this activity in exchange for unchecked access to money, drugs, sex and children, YOUR children, debauchery which Ted Kennedy fully disclosed before his death.

Neopoliticians are atramental clerics and subscribe to agenda principled on debauchery and which features the double bind, drama politics and legislative transformation of US policy to a charter of the UK. In a nutshell, neos promise you heaven and deliver hell. They are chosen for their charismatic appeal, and while elections have given their ascent the appearance of legitimacy, they are hardly authentically elected lawmakers.

Neos are criminals, chief among them the cohort that perped XI-U out of a desire to torture, rape and sacrifice the same way you get an appetite to eat a steak. Oh, did I offend you? I hope this fucking gives you nightmares.

Neos assure you of democratic process and human rights, but they do not tell you this subordinates to occult government. The British monarchy is an occult government. In the US, the occult subordinates to the Bill of Rights, a feature of our constitution most people are unaware of, and it is this lack of information that has precipitated the failure of Americans to rally supportive of the Bill of Rights rather than avoidance of it every time Atramental stages a Wicker Man event with increasingly deadly fallout.

I know this is falling of deaf minds, but when and IF you ever come around to the reality of the WTC you can imagine 3000 victims being having been cooked alive on orders from your president you will realize that YOUR contribution was a vote.

Brace yourself. In reality, you are being acculturated to ritual human sacrifice, and the PATRIOT Act and S.1867.1021 proves this out. S.1867.1021 issued on the heels of Team Obama having been caught involved in occult rendition of US citizens (a group of eight young women and on child) for use in ritual sacrifice in the UK (April, 2011). You’ll recall Bin Laden, Schwarzenegger’s alleged illegitimate son, George Sorros’ Strauss-Kahn, Murdoch, Oslo Utoya, the London Riots and OWS. All shock and awe (Oslo was collective discipline) and all directed at attempting to shield US lawmakers and Prince Charles from their involvement in ritual human sacrifice.

Is worth it to pretend you don’t understand? Or, maybe the big picture fades against the macros of your daily life. Too much responsibility to think politics, so you ignore it. Fuck you. Know what a mulch bin is? In our day, it’s FEMA casket liner, you DSLF herd animals.

People will typically complain when they’ve been atramental duped by a neo, but they will not take firm steps to prevent their exploitation. The reason for this is America generally has become an atramental culture, meaning people summarily have suspended morality and ethics characteristic of the self-mastery which was to have been the hallmark of our constitutional republic. Folks like liberty and freedom, but they DO NOT want the responsibility to sustain it. They are blissfully lazy and willfully ignorant beyond comprehension, which this is the fall described in Genesis. Your impunity? you got a paycheck coming in, so you don’t think about it.

Reason thus disposed of, wily atramental clerics easily coerce an otherwise docile audience in a magic show vehemently rooted in the Twilight Zone where one’s imagination is the OWS threshold over which the neo crosses at will, your mind entranced by the mystification of smoke and mirrors not much better than a K Mart blue light special, and your dignity thus imploded by process of default. You smell the food and herd in a feeding frenzy. You’re an easy fuck. You know it. Britain knows it.


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