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WTF! The America we believe in is 33?


The Atramental of this logo is Obama is lofting nationalist rhetoric embedded with the fine print of his SSO mission to circumvent the Bill of Rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures.

On the surface, Obama is saying what you want to hear. He’s feeding your psychological need to restore a healthy government: however, below the surface he’s asserting the organization which brought us the nightmare in the first place. This is Britain’s notorious Atramental Lodge 23, sister organization to Quatuor Coronati, the former designed to repatriate the US via legislative sedition in subordination to the latter.

Atramental campaign logos are designed with two messages. The one addressing your desire to hear certain things to comfort and disarm you, while the other is the actual agenda. In this way, Atramental’s neo politicians can say they did in fact inform you about their political agenda, because it was embedded in their speech. It’s just you didn’t understand what they were telling you not recognizing the embed, which is why they dismiss much of your confusion as a mistake or misunderstanding and then move on. This beyond propaganda. It’s occult, and it’s bearing into US political infrastructure is being made possible by your gullibility on the double bind. Atramental issues the rhetoric, you start chasing your tail.

What makes Atramental rhetoric so easy to assimilate is the manner in which it presents on the mind. It’s agreeable and seemingly pleasurable appeal to the conscience absent of moral or ethical argument disarms even the most strident realists who usually take offense to being schmoozed. It’s dismissive of argument what command of language is actually pretext to introducing you to a dictatorship albeit via the gentle seductive nihilism of a lovely snake. Welcome to Genesis, again.

The double bind is a perversion of marketing and communication. It is designed to cull you into a stupor in which you will blindly vote for whomever is the Atramental favorite and will serve this organization’s best interest and then leaves YOU in an emotional funk, you having been duped into agreement with a social contract you have no idea what that is. That stupor is your indignation having been fucked out of your self-respect.

Again, Atramental Lodge 23 is a DC SSO affiliated with the British monarchy. Atramental recruits it’s traitor politicians via debauchery, and once pledged, these politicians transform neo. Neo is the Atramental label for their single party parliamentary entity which masks republican as neocon and democrat as neoliberal. Once pledged, they transform into proxy politicians for the British monarchy where they are walking talking signatures on UK legislation they often have no idea what it is. Such legislation serves three purposes.

Neo legislation is directed at: 1) developing EU policy in the US principled on a constitutional monarchy or a charter thereof, 2) circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures, and 3) setting an international precedence for occult rendition to resource ritual human sacrifice in the US, UK and Rome with products acquired in the US. Your children are those products, and you are getting a taste of this at this time via DHS, TSA and VIPR teams.

Let me tell you something about US policy. If it doesn’t follow constitutional law it isn’t legal, plain and simple. Regarding economics, with neos at the helm, no one knows for sure what is driving our economic system at this time, except the Fed is suspected of creating a subversive fiat system and issuing untold trillions of dollars to sustain the US and UK. Stop the flow of fiat cash into a broken economy and you are going to be chasing your tail to eat the thing. Also, ritual sacrifice, like it or not, is institutionalizing in the US under the PATRIOT Act, DHS, S.1867.1021 and Expatriation, regardless of your blissful denial of this and in continuation of what has been going on the US since 1888. The UK is a ritual sacrifice political culture, and YOU are being acculturated to this macabre institution with every neopolitician you elect in the US. The Wicker Man issued on such events as Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11.

US political corruption thus being understood, the message embed in “… the America we believe in,” is 33.

Back to the question, is the America we believe in this fucking 33?

To understand how to begin to think about his question you need background information, but you don’t have it. You have to trust people like me to provide you with a quick explanation, but that too is problematic. The best medicine here is do some research on this number if you want to know what Obama is up to, and be prepared for some pretty shocking revelations.

33 is the 33rd degree craft of the UE mason. EU masons reorganized under Quatuor Coronati in 1886, 21 years after Lincoln’s assassination. Atramental Lodge 23 issued under this reorganization in 1888 and was celebrated on Whitechapel. Mary Ann Nichols was a shock and awe embed, and her fetus, never acknowledged during her inquest, was handed off to adoptive parents and raised TE Lawrence. When you do the research on this you will learn Lawrence’s alleged birth date was August 16, 1888. This is incorrect. He was renditioned from Nichols curbside August 31, the date of his adoptive mother’s birth date.

Whitechapel is state of the art occult rendition, issued in the US in the Benjamin Harrison administration and has been in practice in the US ever since. Obama is involved in this macabre tradition, and his current project involving occult rendition is the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U (DRAC). Is it of any consequence that his wife was preaching the gospel of the new tradition of HOPE this administration was promoting during his 2008 campaign?



Rearrange the letters in numerical order to produce a new word:


change the ph to the letter f for the letter sequence:


Ladies and gentlemen, EOF is an acronym for “end of file”. Obama’s HOPE rhetoric= EOF, or end of file for America. Now play stupid and tell yourself you have no idea what this means.

There is no end to this except your falling onto orbit around this sociopath to vote for him or any one of his buddies. Let’s clarify something else while we are on the subject of the Masons.

The Masons did in fact organize US government, but his is NOT the same entity as the EU masons. The EU Masons were reorganized under Quatuor Coronati what constitutional monarchy functions human rights and democratic process subordinated to the occult. In the US, the occult subordinates to the Bill of rights, hence the UK’s attack on the constitution. The founding fathers understood the danger of occult preeminence in the US, which is why they allowed the Bill of Rights in the first place. While it is not possible to completely separate occult practices from government, in the US this is the exception rather than the rule. In the UK occult government is the rule, period.

The only shot Britain has at repatriation is if YOU elect and tolerate her Atramental neos, and so far you are going along with this project with no clue about the nightmare you are bringing on yourself in your naive state of mind.. Remember Genesis, it was Eve’s gullibility which precipitated the fall of man, and I am afraid that is exactly what you are dealing with in these circumstances.

Also, those of you drawing close to your faith in Christianity for salvation, it’s not going to happen that way. Jesus is a myth created by Pliny the Elder and Cassius Dio to refocus diffused religion which was collapsing Rome. Suffice to say, it worked only in the regard that it survived the dark ages and diffusion throughout Europe with the occult that created it stepping back into a management role facilitated by British leadership, the Church of England, the Holy See and eventually the Mormon church.

Britain’s current project is Islam, which in reality this faith is naturally in competition with the British system due in part to it’s authenticity as a real and tangible connect with the divine, and Britain is going to attempt to destroy this via the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama is way in over his head trying to work an organization that will turn on him soon as they realize what he’s up to working their faith using Britain’s field asset directors, analysts, agents and assets. Allah doesn’t subordinate to a worldly God. Allah IS God, period, although Britain’s Lucifer will compete with virtually ANY comer for the title.

You can decide for yourself. What you DO know is “liberalism” IS Neoism AKA Atramental Lodge 23 AKA an engineered lifestyle free of the constraints of morality and ethics what philosophy proves itself on the American public every time we elect an Atramental politician. This is the source of the erosion of our core American values, your press to celebrate the good life having baited you to a domestic engineering project directed at preoccupying you with having fun all the while your elected Atramental lawmakers have been at work rewriting your constitution less the Bill of Rights.


The spirit of Atramental is confirmed in the immortal words of Ted Kennedy, “God I’d love to fuck that,” referring to a 14 year child who found her way into a political retreat looking for her father. Now act intelligent and use your imagination here. Were he to have been alone, she unsuspecting and trusting his invite to help her find her father, what do you think the outcome of this scenario would have been? The correct answer is a clear and resounding ABDUCTION, which this was what Kennedy was telling us was happening in congress. HELLO?

Here’s the Atramental of the Mormon Church’s philanthropic attitude toward the US:

Reid’s just one of the boys of DC’s Atramentals, and he’s not only telling you what he thinks about America, he’s doing it TO America backing neo legislation which is directed at circumventing the Bill of Rights and collapsing US domestic and economic infrastructures. For those of you unfamiliar with the alternative language of the BDSM community, Reid having lofted his left hand and bearing his wedding ring in this gesture is not only a manifestation of his core beliefs but his attitude toward his marriage as well. He’s bisexual. Worst still, he’s a bisexual Mormon, which the connect to ritual sacrifice and DRAC XI-U is a plaintiff shill acknowledgement in the high art of charm offensive screaming at America, “LOOK AT WHAT I DID AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! FUCK YOU AMERICA!”  Reality is what this monster is showing you in this photograph.  This is a sick SOB, and yet people WILL NOT recall him.

Reid was a Kennedy cohort, here’s how they get their “powers”. This is sociopath serial killing of young women, children and infants. Not possible is it? Yet you know in the back of your mind this is going on, because your are picking it up intuitively in their speech rhetoric. They are telling you they are doing this. When Obama embeds 911/333 in a campaign logo he is telling you, “I ADVOCATE FOR AND PRACTICE RITUAL SACRIFICE!” You don’t see the words, but you DO recognize the numbers, which is why you get a feeling something’s a miss in the language.

Now imagine any of the eight DRAC victims superimposed on the image of the infant in this picture and you have the correct understanding of what happened to Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer and Kate Markham. No forensic data was released on Karen Swift, but I imagine she’s covered with wounds commensurate with ritual sacrifice.

Druid sacrifice such as these are used to predict the future. They read the body movement of the victim undergoing evisceration the way psychics read the Tarot, and like Tarot readers they do this often. While the image is an artist’s rendering, it nonetheless depicts reality in the manner in which these monsters conduct business among their “brothers in the privacy of their temples and other sacred locations here these macabre events are carried out.

Indeed, Welcome to the America Atramental believes; Obama’s America of HOPE, your America of capitulation, and the EU’s America under UK charter of the British monarchy. And of course Obama’s immense happiness should provide you with the confidence you need to stay with this transformation another 4 years, because that’s a bout what Atramental needs to close the file on America.


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