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RE 09:30 3 14 2 2012 Rush, Chicken Nuggets

DISCUSSION The neo mission that issues on Atramental Lodge 23 in DC is not world conquest for conquest’s sake. It is conquest directed at lofting a culture tolerant of the occult practice of ritual human sacrifice, which this involves acculturation to occult rendition for resourcing this activity with products acquired in the US. Your children are these resources, and the British monarchy figures it has the right to do this, because YOU are going along with this scheme.

This macabre project is 123 years in the making in connection with the British monarchy having reorganized the EU Masons under Quatuor Coronati, and Atramental is the UK’s EU Mason voice in the US. that’s not to say the US Masons are bad. They aren’t, but the EU Masons do subordinate to Quatuor Coronati, which is the British monarchy.

Part of this movement involves introducing the public to the practice of eating human flesh, which this scheme launched five years ago on Mac Donald’s fast foods research in the production of a food product manufactured from pureed human fetus. You will recall the US had purchased building products manufactured in China from decomposed human remains that had to be returned due to the stench this stuff gave off inside residential structures. They were dealing with the same problem with this alternative protein source and the issue of labeling it user friendly.

The entity behind this is the Sanhedrin culture melded with Cult of Isis and the occult Druid political infrastructure in the UK. This stuff is right out of Genesis. Neo politicians are pleasure seeking (neoliberal/neocon) clerics recruited and rewarded with debauchery for their participation and are likewise the agents of change in the US. People MIGHT fight this were they to be willing to become aware of these circumstances early enough to put the hammer down on the UK, but don’t count on it. there’s a very natural reason this won’t happen.

Unfortunately, Obama is a party to this movement as are a string of US Administrators since JFK’s assassination and a handful before. And of course there’s something wrong with people, too, because they WILL NOT perceive these circumstances in avoidance of the need to oppose this; they are psychologically vegetative on this issue.

In reality, Atramental is a subversive feature of human conscience which makes it possible for people to be manipulated in these circumstances. The problem is, like it or not, macabre is human nature. This problem issues on the limbic brain, and people DO NOT have enough control over this to curtail an inevitable cultural implosion into the abyss of occult rendition precipitated partly on willful ignorance. In other words, people have the ability to see thorough this. They choose not to.

Again, this is right out of Genesis where knowing the consequences for listening to the Satan, Eve nonetheless bit the apple. This is the same issue we are dealing with here. The apple is a child. Eve ate her own children in this macabre dance of seduction, one sociopath atramental entity having had the ability to seduce it’s lessers via suspension of conscience, and herein lies the problem with the people globally.

People are more sociopath than you imagine them to be, and when in the presence of an occult alpha, or con as it were, will acquiesce. This is the problem information media is having getting people informed on the issues. While people will bemoan circumstances that prevail against them they will nonetheless fall into orbit around these snakes for leadership as naturally as you breath, because they are like them. What we hoped for in the US was a self-mastery culture that could evolve itself into the Novus. It didn’t happen. People got fat and lazy fed on the debauchery perks introduced to them via domestic engineering, and they dismissed conscience out of mind so they could enjoy the party.

Regarding the nuggets issue, I think you can see where this is going. People tolerated the pharmaceutical exploitation of literally hundreds of thousands of their children in the US with fallout we are still reeling from, what project was initiated by Ronald Reagan. People still worship this monster although he was involved in the eugenics deaths of many of these children and the ruined lives of those who survived long after he died, which is Atramental perfection. Herein lies the lie. Rush, even YOU still talk highly about this sociopath, although he initiated infanticide via deregulation of the FDA. You didn’t know that, did you? See what I mean about atramental?

There’s a connect to the abortion mandate here that I think bears recognizing, and that is if the Federal government can force this mandate it can likewise force a woman to abort her infant and eat her child, which this is a game for the UK akin to Trading Places. Atramental is pushing American gullibility to the edge of comprehensible morality where the public is falling into a routine in adaptation to these expectations on a bet. You can take it from there.

The lack of conscious thought on the part of parents is pretty typical. Again, this is Genesis magnified, and these nuggets will become our own children in these macabre circumstances, but they will nothing to stop this. You and I both know people are stupid. this is incomprehensible to them, so they dismiss it out of mind and party on!

Also, our bicameral system was routed with the New Deal and eliminated in 1963 with Atramental’s neos having taking government by the reins and put it to use as Britain’s war council for conquest to this end, hence there is less concern for competition between nations for petroleum and mineral resources than for their HUMAN resources, quite literally.

The US has become a sociopath’s dream with occult rendition having set an international precedence for kidnapping for torture (The Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U) and Americans seemingly oblivious to the impact of the PATRIOT Act, DHS/TSA, S.1867.1021 and Expatriation. Again, not so much as a whimper of reaction from the public, and the ACLU has been such a weak voice in these affairs we can only assume the worst is yet to come. there’s no militia, and Soros’ OWS nearly pushed us over the edge with out even the knowledge about why people were protesting in the first place. This event lofted in free food. You know this.

It doesn’t take geniuses to turn this around. It takes meditation and focus on the issue, which as long as the media sells it’s function to Atramental for a debauchery paycheck our collapse is inevitable. I listen to broadcasters do the PCN dismissive of any discussion formulating questions, which this absence of this information is occult. It is the absence of morality and ethics, a sense of which is needed to think, and without this to guide public conscience is the basis of the collapse of American core values. All this on a lie.

Sociopaths typically DO NOT think. They perceive circumstances opportunistic and manage their surroundings to exploit game. In these circumstances people are game, plain and simple, and Atramental’s clerics are rewarded for their ability to push the window on YOUR gullibility.

ITB The US is being acculturated to the macabre of human sacrifice and eating human flesh as an alternative food source in connection with repatriation to the UK as a charter government of the British monarchy. Atramental has institutionalized in the US having set a cultural standard for the suspension of reason via the disuse of morality and ethics in human conduct the consequence of which is people have stopped thinking and responding to these issues. Alternatively, they have satiated on entertainment, sex and debt in the engineering of consent and are thus in default on their need and ability to respond correctly to these circumstances. It’s really that simple. Some of us are out early on this issue, but we are hours away from the public awakening to what will have been the militarization of their communities while they slept.


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