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SCAREBABY is Atramental driven occult rendition manifest in your face for more of their macabre sociopath entertainment.

Agenda driven. The absence of morality and ethics. The occult neo politics of Atramental Lodge 23.

c v
scare baby 3 6
3×6= 18= 9

9 letters

999 hence 666

DISCUSSION You should be able to get an Atramental connect on this screen name alone. People are missing it, as usual. Scarebaby is as proxy. No big deal. Milgram works on the half of society genetically predisposed sociopath, which is how Britain is getting away with is in the first place.

Scarebaby is also reference to ritual human sacrifice involving infants, children and young women. Does it matter? In most cases it doesn’t. People disappear, they are forgotten. End of story. Move on to the next sacred baby.

This is what Ted Kennedy was thinking when said, “God I’d love to fuck that,” referring to a 14 year old who had walked past him, she looking for her father. This is the Atramental of Scarebaby.

Holly Bobo, Schwarzenegger Artifact

Brittanee Drexel, Phil Bredesen Artifact

Lauren Spierer, George Soros Artifact

Megan Maxwell, Joe Biden Artifact

These young women are the BDSM cohort of the Delta Region Abduction Project, XI-U (DRAC) which was engineered by Phil Bredesen, matrixed by DHS and what victims were used to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger having earned his 33rd degree EU craft, and of course this is all too much for the parents of these occult rendition victims to take seriously, because they have been culled into silence by state and national police.

The second group of victims in these horrific circumstances are Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Kate Markham and Karen Swift, AKA Weston AKA LGBT.  As many as 60 abductions are featured in shock and awe surrounding these eight, and Drexel, Maxwell, Bobo and Spierer are the embedded occult targets celebratory on legislation (FEMA, The PATRIOT Act and S.1867.1021) which is principled on BDSM.

Aruba Victims Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner are also implicated in DRAC. Natalee’s mother wants me dead, because I can link her daughter’s abduction to the Mormon Church.

You’ll eventually understand what’s happening, but not quite yet. This will in time get close to you, then you’ll holler and scream victimization and awaken to an entirely different world than you were taught existed, because for the time being you’ve been engineered not to think.

The author of the post that alleged to have benefited from the Obama tax cut lied. But you aren’t paying attention to the lie, just the superficial message it is conveying.

The message issued form the White House in an attempt to propagandize Obama (and his neo cronies) in his savior role what actual Atramental mission is circumvention of the Bill of Rights and collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures, but again it doesn’t matter. What mater right now is you get to entertain yourself with the idea that Obama is doing something fun and gratuitous in lieu of real politics, which if the latter were the case there would be no Scarebaby.

Unless you are completely psychologically vegetative, or would like to be, you at least recognized that Scarebaby’s post issued on a lie, that lie being that self-employed individuals did not benefit from Obama’s tax cut. Accident?

NOT AT ALL, sleepyheads!

Atramental’s Scarebaby is pushing the limits on your gullibility presenting on your aptitude for perceiving reality, which this organization knows you are not paying attention and will believe whatever you are told regardless of the occult motivation of the politicians from which this crap issues.

Obama’s message to his occult buddies: Always smiling on the verge of full blown laughter. Typical sociopath smiling all the while fleecing you of your resources and in this case the lives of your children.

ITB DRAC is your gift to posterity and will be celebrated on Schwarzenegger erecting a statue to himself March 2 in Columbus, Ohio, to commemorate this project and his having earned his 33rd degree EU masonry status on Holly Bobo. I know… Conspiracy theory, which is why Obama, Schwarzenegger, Soros and a cadre of US/UK neopoliticians, including the British monarchy lofted a myriad of domestic crisis commencing May 1, 2011, following TBI having been alerted to public awareness of these circumstances April 18. TBI thus forwarded this “conspiracy” information to Obama putting him on alert all the while proceeding in it’s role as a function of the matrix abductions of yet three more victims, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Karen Swift, Swift’s abduction falling dead center on the location I predicted this would occur in June. Swift was subsequently abducted October 30. The only reason this is important is this confirms the hand of government in this kidnappings as state sponsored abductions, and this is flying right over your head you oblivious only because you aren’t willing to acknowledge it.


Go back and have a look at Scarebaby and tell yourself you have a life.


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