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The Abortion Mandate ANAI

RE 20:15 3 14 2 2012, Shawn Hannity, Ann Coulter/The Abortion Mandate

The abortion mandate is agenda driven lawmaking designed to set a legal precedence for government control of your reproductive behavior, fetus and to make prescriptive use of human infants for necromancy and their flesh as an alternative food source. This is Atramental policy making and issues on the convoluted precept that anything not explicitly prohibited by the constitution is eligible legislation.

Of course this line of anti-ethics determination is a convolution of the 10th amendment, but long as no one’s paying attention, and they are not, this macabre politics will continue to press itself into the future.

Atramental dismisses morality and ethics in it’s lawmaking scheme and therefore does not reflect on dilemmas principled on US policy. Thus sanitized and free of encumbrance of a US standard for oversight, Atramental legislation issues on the precept that proposed laws are legal and fair, albeit such sets a standard for unconstrained legislative sedition.

People are chasing their tails in argument in trying to figure out the motivation for this policy. The fact is it is illegal. Not only does it circumvent the constitution, it is vigilant to repatriation in transformation the US to a charter government of the UK, which is the Atramental prime directive.

Atramental policy making is a gestalt political build principled on the constitutional monarchy of the UK what ultimate task is macabre legislation masked philanthropic and well serving but what actual other purpose is the creation of institutional principles which set an international precedence for occult rendition and resourcing ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US. Your children are those products, and the connection to the abortion mandate is obvious.

Reread Genesis 3. Eve is thus persuaded by the Satan to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. The forbidden tree is the family of man. It’s fruit are it’s children.

Atramental is a UK SSO formulated on Sanhedrin, the cult of Satan AKA cult of Isis and Druidism. Anticipating the Masonic question in these affairs, yes the Mason founded the US, but they also subordinated the occult to the Bill of Rights. In the UK, human rights and democratic process subordinate to the occult, hence the EU masons and their US SSO Atramental Lodge 23 in competition with US political infrastructure leveled at such organizations as Weston Lodge #53 and celebrated on the occult renditions of LGBT abduction victims, Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Kate Markham and Karen Swift.

Back to the abortion mandate problem, the point of Obama provoking outrage over this policy is to disrupt and agitate on the double bind thus diverting attention from core legislation which gets overlooked in the process of establishing a workable guideline, hence people are chasing their tails while Obama postures paradoxically non-circumspect and this legislation finds it’s target. The process is occult militancy misunderstood as propaganda and is naturally affiliated with prejudice and sabotage. Sound familiar?

Allow me to put this into simpler terms for you. Not only is the US being repatriated, we are currently occupied, the invading country, Britain, is posturing conquest. Preeminence will occur when you wake up to find your streets have been militarized and your homes put to use to house the invading army.

Hopefully you are beginning to understand that the Obama administration has been one glorious ride through four years of service on British politics having superimposed upon US political infrastructure to work out the bugs in this massive forced constitutional exodus, your role in these affairs to have been too preoccupied with your recreational agenda to pay attention to who or what you were voting for, if you even voted.

You are dealing with a political organization whose alliance with Quatuor Coronati is 123 years embedded in US political infrastructure and what philosophical bent is US repatriation. Atramental’s neopoliticians are soft Nazis, and they are serving up the same political agenda Britain used stage managing proxy dictators, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler in their British mitigated conquests.

The other problem here is Americans are just plan fucking stupid.


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