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THE ORGANIZATION  Atramental Lodge 23 (1888), formerly DC, is a satellite of UK SSO Quatuor Coronati (1886).  This organization was used to covertly penetrate US political infrastructure and institutionalized on the Administration of Benjamin Harrison via the US masons.

HOW ATRAMENTAL FUNCTIONS  Atramental recruits politicians to alternative agenda what mission in reorganization of policy on legislation authored in the UK, voted upon by congress and signatured by Atramental lawmakers in the US.

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS  Atramental politicians are recruited via debauchery where they are stage managed slowly acculturated to a political culture which grants them unchecked access to money, drugs, sex, eventually sex with children and ritual human sacrifice.  In fact, this political entity – more commonly known as neos – is responsible for Gold Bar, Gilgo Beach and the Delta Region Abduction Project XI-U, and Aruba, among other territorial hunting sites throughout the US.

RETENTION  Atramental politicians ascend a brotherhood akin to any other SSO and pledge death for retraction.  Once pledged to membership, not one of them will withdraw their support for a couple of reasons.  They are initiated on the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, and the standing threat of death in perpetuity includes family.   

ATRAMENTAL EXPOSURE  To date, only four individuals have withdrawn from this organization, and of these only one has kept his reputation in tact.  One is dead with his daughter’s death shortly after, two others remain solvent with the third currently diagnosed with some form of exotic cancer.  The other is licking his wounds in seclusion.  

Col. Russell Williams successfully withdrew from Quatour Coronati in the UK via having laid a trail for police to arrest and imprison him.  This placed him out of range of assassins and gave his wife some immunity from retaliation while he spends the rest of his life safely tucked away in jail.  This ruined his Air Force Career, but it preserved his life.  While he willingly perped several female abduction/murders in Canada, he drew the line on the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and at will abductions of children for use in ritual sacrifice in the UK.  Russell piloted the Queen of England between the UK and Canada.

John Edwards sacrificed his career on a relationship matter he made absolutely no effort to hide.  The issue presented in a need to prosecute him thus displacing him from politics, to his salvation.  Although he was seduced by Atramental with the typical debauchery scheme, he opted out by placing himself in circumstances where he would be a liability to this organization so he could avoid involvement in abduction of children for use in ritual sacrifice.

Ted Kennedy revealed Atramental debauchery to a colleague with the remark, “God I’d love to fuck that.”  He was referring to this fellows 14 year old daughter, in her presence.  Ted Kennedy’s own daughter died shortly after his death, which the message here is Atramental does not tolerate a snitch.

Anthony Wiener having cleverly portrayed himself as on online exhibitionist was so borderline it made it impossible to both separate him from politics AND destroy his career as an attorney.  Not surprising, he stayed out of prison, and he can pursue his life unimpeded by having actually redacted his Atramental pledge.  He’s smart to a fault, which it is too bad we lost him to Atramental: however, more importantly, he smartly decloaked in the midst of horrific circumstances thus denying his support for abduction of young women and children for use in ritual sacrifice.

ATRAMENTAL PHILOSOPHY  Atramental is a legislative SSO principled on the soft dictatorship of the UK’s constitutional monarchy. It serves the Crown, and it’s politicians, both native and foreign born, work in concert to circumvent the Bill of rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures.

People can’t get a handle on this through deductive reasoning and have to use a top down inductive process to see the big picture from which it is possible to discriminate the various components of this organization in order to understand how it is working in production.  Ordinarily you could look at any single feature of this organization’s legislative history and follow a trail to the top, but that doesn’t work in this case, because it’s prolific output overwhelms your sensibilities and is too dramatic a flow of corruption to get a handle on it at that level.

Atramental press is lawmaking absent of morality or ethics, which means there is typically no reflection upon existing policy in the process of creating a new law, which in most cases such laws are white elephant legislation loaded with riders that effectively circumvent the Bill of rights upon maturity and ultimately redirect to UK policymaking.  Atramental’s neo practitioners will pass such a law in congress not having read it although knowing full well what it is designed to do and then turn around and tell their constituency their support was a mistake or misunderstanding having been misled by the cohort that sponsored the bill in the first place.  The net effect is they get on with this legislation nonetheless, and Americans chase their collective tail in sustained frustration.

In a nutshell, Atramental’s so convolutes the legislative process that ordinary people fade from the confusion this evokes.  It becomes impossible to follow their trail, and we end up in this future most people willfully and blissfully mystified.

ATRAMENTAL V THE US BILL OF RIGHTS  In reality, our bicameral system no longer exists.  It’s been displaced by Atramental what having masked republican and democrat effectively faded traditional politics to a single party parliamentary system which redirects to the UK for it’s legislative agenda.  The two party system was replaced with the neopolitician which, regardless of this monster cleric’s identification republican or democrat, serves the parliament.

People admire Britain for it’s prowess in manipulating other governments and then collapsing them.  She does this on the double bind.  She’s highly organized and has no trepidation about how to deal with Her adversaries, and the US is one of these insofar as we remain a sovereign nation.

What people do not understand is, and I doubt even saying it here will penetrate the haze, the UK is a soft dictatorship where democratic process and human rights subordinate to the occult.  The problem with this is regardless of how things may appear on the surface, control ultimately falls to SSO organizations that exist below the radar and which influence much of the public’s conscience via a complex system of assets, agents field aspect directors and handlers, over which the public has no control.

The game plan in a soft dictatorship is control with little or no authentic input from it’s subjects, so while it may have the appearance of benevolence it is quite vehemently opposed to liberty and freedom.  Also, the peaceful demeanor the monarchy presents in public in unnatural, since you need diversity and challenge to develop.  Again, this is a pretense by which the monarchy is attempting to convince it’s public it is a benevolent governmental entity all the while it’s philanthropic dark side is an immensely active child abduction and ritual sacrifice cohort.

I am sorry, but another feature of the UK’s constitutional monarchy is this political organization’s preoccupation with occult ritual sacrifice. This is just blatantly a part of European culture in this region, and although people are aware of this, they are also constrained from talking about it suppressed by Britain’s charter government and the consequences of speaking against the crown.  When they do get caught they loft collective discipline events like Oslo/Utoya and the London Riots to shield themselves from public outrage.

On the other hand, in the US the occult subordinates to the Bill of Rights, which is why Atramental has been so busy with legislation which undermines this feature of our constitution.  In fact, this is one very important project for Atramental’s neos, since having this particular Bill of Rights empowers a government of, for and by the people, and without it we are property of a federal government under occupation by the UK.  The former is favorable to us.  The latter is favorable to the monarchy.

The other problem with occult government is a proclivity of the elite to become bored with daily life manifesting in a preoccupation with BDSM, pedophilia and ritual human sacrifice for entertainment.  Much as this idea is rejected by the status quo caught up in a ecstasy of a Mac Donald’s Happy Meal and Reagan era political philanthropy against a backdrop of pharmaceutical eugenics conducted on US children, it is nonetheless a reality of ANY dictatorship.  Contravening public reticence on this issue, reality is occult rendition has been written into law via the PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021, and indeed this is more characteristic of a DRAC legislated constitutional monarchy, which has been the plan al along.  In other words, Atramental has not only promoted itself successfully in the US, it is a function of government so rooted in the administration that it’s excise will be next to impossible without an organized confrontation.

OCCULT POLITICIANS  When politicians identify Atramental they are occult, and the connect to the Bill of Rights is thus destruction of your natural rights.  Reread RETENTION above if this does not make sense to you.  These monster politicians are prohibited from retraction under threat of death, so any promise they make to correct their political character is yet another lie superimposed upon the one previous.  They aren’t going to back off. You have to run them off, and it’s people’s failure to recognize this that we’re finding ourselves being slowly transformed to a soft dictatorship by a string of charismatic sociopaths who have been promising us heaven and delivering hell.

When Ruth Ginsberg talked about the US constitution not being a viable model for building a democratic government, she was identifying herself Atramental.  One can argue she was thinking outside the box giving consideration to a wider spectrum of resources than what the US has to offer, but the message is nonetheless a loud and resounding judicial belligerent attempting to persuade the public on the idea that our constitution is not compatible with charter government under control of the UK, and she dismissed it for this reason.

SUMMARY  There are five perfectly aligned angles in Atramental Pandora’s box of legislative sedition which have made this SSO preeminent in the US:  the loss of eminent domain, the PATRIOT Act, S.1867.1021, DHS and Expatriation.  Add to this white elephant legislation Obamacare and it’s slowly maturing riders and you have a fairly lethal mix of policy which transforms the Bill of Rights to a Wicker Man.

Another way to look at these macabre legislations is according to occult protocol and their numerological sums.

The right of eminent domains is a stand alone tortured 666.  The PATRIOT Act, S.1867.1021, DHS collectively are 666.  Expatriation is an 8, or City of London, which gives you some idea about where this is headed.     

THE CONSEQUENCE OF DIFFIDENCE  While it remains a disguised event in the Media, the Delta Region Abduction Project DRACO/XI-U also presents with profound concern for consideration about how far Atramental is going to fairly rapidly acculturate the US to ritual human sacrifice.  While this may seem a far reach in a discussion which is largely hypothetical, it bears discovery at least on the surface so the victims of this horrific project, if any of them are still alive, do not give up hope.  While two are known to be dead, six remain unknown and only superficially judicially a statistic having no basis in reality except for disappearance without explanation, which is Atramental’s way of sustaining shock and awe and lofting the backhanded “V” to America.


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