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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Myth of The Cherubim

In keeping with the view that the new testament was authored in it’s beginning by Pliny the Elder and Cassius Dio and bears record favorable of Roman view culminating the war between the Jews and Rome, Genesis was written as an invocation to forewarn the public about the rising practice of Druid necromancy in Britain, a modern custom having sprung from Persia and originating during the Rein of Darius the Great in 600 BC, although the ancient roots of ritual human sacrifice are Egypt.

Spiritual entities bearing wings are sacrifice victims; particularly infants and children were used in ritual sacrifice where the victims were renditioned live and observed dying, their writhing movements made record of to predict the future. Britain is literally a Druid government and practices ritual child sacrifice to this day with collaborative satellite organizations throughout the US, among them Bohemian Grove, Jesuits, Shriners, Kiwanis, Atramental Lodge 23 in DC and TBI in Tennessee.

Cherubs are believed to be the wing spirits of children renditioned via sacrifice, and the sword both the sacrificial knife and the unconscionable fear evoked through sacrifice. The wings are attributable to their abduction by stealth flight predators who hand them off to their killers. Notwithstanding, the placement of these occult artifacts at the east end of Eden redirects to Persia (present day Iran) as the gateway origin of this macabre activity and serves as a reminder that ritual human sacrifice will set a precedence for the future if you do not put a stop to it. As Genesis describes, just saying no is not enough, because certain people believe they have been empowered by God to sacrifice your children at their will. I am not talking about the current government of Iran. I am talking about it’s hybrid culture in the UK.

Pliny made particular issue with the tree in the Garden of Eden to make the point that man has the ability to both perceive and put an end to this practice and the consequences for his diffidence if he does not, hence enmity between the snake and subsequent generations arising from Adam. Necromancy is an institution in the occult, and where melded with Pythagoras and cartography is the basis for modern occult practices making their way into legislation at this time.

Acculturation to necromancy has been project in the works in Europe and North America as recently as the middle ages and is a function of the Holy See, the Church of England and the Mormon Church. People remain unwilling to understand this much as was the case when Moses wrote Genesis 1200 BC. At that time child sacrifice was a feature of the Cult of Isis. That was 3200 years ago; we are still having a problem with this today.

In fact, the war on terror and all the hustle in the Middle east is shock and awe directed at embedding acculturation to occult rendition via laws that although they have the appearance of increasing national security are actually directed at making your children available for use in ritual sacrifice. People don’t believe this, but this is what the Delta Region Abduction Project was all about.

In reality, ritual child sacrifice has it’s roots in Egyptian mythology, has developmentally institutionalized throughout history and has made a presence in the US via the Mormon Church in connection with the Catholic Church and Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) in the US, the Church of England and Quatuor Coronati in the UK, and the Holy See in Rome.

To date, occult rendition has been legislated in the US via the PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021 thus setting an international precedence to resource ritual human sacrifice with products acquired from virtually any location in the world. Obama criminals wrote S.1867.1021 after becoming directly implicated in the abduction for torture of Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift (DRAC). This legislation was both self-protective and served to facilitate their continuing effort to acculturate you to human sacrifice, so don’t let his attack on the Catholic church regarding birth control fool you. This is a very carefully stage managed affair to make it appear as though the US administration is setting boundaries on the Holy See, which it is not.

In the macabre mind of the sacrifice perp, the soul of the sacrifice victim flees to another body thus increasing the power of whomever may be present at the sacrifice. I spoke to this issue before in addressing the likelihood that the DRAC victims were in fact used in part to increase the feminine influence of Princess Kate over her husband, Prince William who is gay. Four of these victims were also used to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 33rd degree craft as an EU Mason and Shriner.

People don’t believe this, and yet events such as the Delta Region Project stare back at them daily no one knowing for the better what an occult artifact is, nor do they seem to care. Show them an image of XI-U and they stand there and scratch their ass, sniff the air and walk off like it’s a foreign language.

Likewise, Eve initially denied she had eaten the forbidden fruit. She lied. She was want for normalcy in circumstances where she knew damn good and well she had committed a horrific act against her own children. I think this is the case for those surviving families of the DRAC victims. They’ve given up. Adam was just plain dumb fucking stupid. Together they represent the apex of modern man. We have not actually evolved beyond our primitive roots as apes and have to push very hard to transform the Novus from it’s preoccupation with ritual sacrifice, but then again, denial of it is sustaining it and making it a part of the mainstream.

As it stands, and given our propensity to adapt to corruption rather than fight it, we are the primitive archetype which the elite refers to as a lesser species, and our tolerance of their fixation with the sacrifice of our children proves this out.

The focus of occult sacrifice is the virgin or female child what attitude toward adult females is personified by the Virgin Mary. All natural men are produced via childbirth. There are no exceptions. Auto-genesis is a myth as are the circumstances surrounding the conception of Jesus, therefore this character has to represent more than an ideal of the manifestation of God in man, which I assure you he is not any more than you or I. Jesus is symbolic of the sacrifice of man through the sin of ritual sacrifice of his mother. In this regard, Jesus proxy’s who would have been his mother had she not been sacrificed as a child. In reality, Mary represents the female sacrifice victim globally. Neither Mary nor Jesus ever existed, but our tolerance of male sacrifice softens our attitude vis-à-vis female sacrifice. We allow this by proxy, the idea of it softened in the complexity of a relationship dynamic that is a psychological calculus to the average mind.

Thus Mary subconsciously acculturates tolerance of ritual human sacrifice, and same is carried out with impunity by church officials. We see evidence of this in priests who molest children, and the Pope has long been suspect of ritual sacrifice of children kidnapped from around the world. The same is true for the Mormon Church and Church of England. They are the same entity.

The elite reckon the rest of the world populated with monsters an unintelligent because they have not been educated on the motivation of SSOs that are engineered to fool them into compliance, examples of which have been given and include others Ted Turner, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, George Soros and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few. You are stupid because you never learned to read Pythagorean code these monsters use under your nose, a code that in one language tells you the daily news and in another the date, time and location of their next rendition project. That’s not so difficult since if you worship in the Catholic or Mormon Church you are already there anyway.

The point of a virgin birth in not auto-genesis. It is symbolic of a purification process which stages dehumanization of both the adult female and her offspring by reclassifying them as something other than human, which to make either a spiritual entity of significance is the connection to human sacrifice. The fact is Jesus was a myth, and his origin proves this out. He never existed, because Mary never carried him. Mary was object of Jesus myth she rising to spiritual preeminence as the prototypical sacrifice victim. Mary Magdalene was her antithesis, hence two women used in ritual human sacrifice what polarity has significance to Druid mythology. Druids typically use two victims during one sacrifice project. In DRAC, they used four victims each in each of two events and one each of three victims in three separate events, which the latter is unusual circumstances in this organization.

Likewise, Judas was the antithesis of Jesus. Both were killed by the tree, which is Druid; both suffered injury to the abdomen in death, also Druid. Jesus bridged Druid fixation on female sacrifice victims to males, although the latter is currently more directed at male children rather than adult males. Jesus builds a psychological tolerance of this, while Mary is the actual victim of occult rendition.

As long as we permit this there will be no improvement in domestic infrastructure in this generation of Earth. Man does not currently not have a conscience to prevent it, and even if he did he would be unable to sustain a confrontation with the organizations which are promoting it. that is promoting it (Gavi, Agra, Monsanto Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, Svaldard Global Seed Vault, Sargill ANAI). these organizations are very powerful.

Regardless, know that ritual human sacrifice is a sociopath lust. People who do this are antisocial, and they have built up an organizations which permits them to pledge their lessers to participation in the occult in exchange for their cooperation in domestic and economic enterprise which makes the elite very wealthy at the expense of their lessers.

The myth of the cherubim is this is symbolism made spiritually relevant to occupy a place in the Bible so it would reach this future that with careful analysis you will understand that you have a problem of immense proportions on your hands if this practice has penetrated the ages, and it has.