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Einstein Middle School, Jessica Haslam, Occult Rendition

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Those who will not use their own intellect to think for themselves are therefore meat on the table and beast of burden by choice and consent.” Albert Pike, The Freemasonry Bible.

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April 17, 2012


Jessica Haslam, FNCS; Sheriff Scott Jones Frame Bridging Alleged Student Perp to Haslam Murder via Shock and Awe False Flag Suicide; Jessica /Fu/ Haslam


The following is a forensic numerology case study (FNCS) on Jessica Haslam. Haslam is believed by this researcher to be one of two occult rendition victims having been perped by county and state authorities in connection with DHS under cover of darkness (stealth flight predator/BC), although rendition of this nature is actually legal under Drac legislation FEMA, The PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021, the latter of which is protective of Barack Obama for his role in the kidnapping for torture of eight victims from the Delta region.

This analysis provides information which duplicates that used by DHS occult engineers to calendar abductions for ritual sacrifice with very clear correlation with Sierra Lamar and Dick Cheney. Haslam was perped by a BC controlled entity. Lamar was perped by the Mormon Church. Cheney, a #3 beneficiary, received Sierra Lamar’s heart in his recent heart transplant.

FNCS Jessica (Funk) Haslam

Jessica (Funk) Haslam, letters fn/ln 76= 13

12 51 13 13 91 31 11 61 32 52 22 81 11 13 32 11 42

1st derivative additive sums
1511931 6352 811314
379/1; 39/3

2nd derivative additive sums
3644142 7574 924526
651/3; 61/7

2nd derivative #7

KFBK, APRIL 17, 2012

April 17, 2012, KFBK broadcast the story regarding the sheriff’s investigation having taken DNA samples at AEMS. Approximately 4:55 PM, the radio host, who himself is a 30 year veteran of the Highway Patrol, stated Haslam’s name thus, Jessica /Fu/ Haslam, only partially stating the middle name.

Occult entities communicate in the open above the perception of ordinary people in double speak where the words spoken may seem unnatural in some way, and they may even construct sentences which make no sense at all, while the hidden meaning of their speech is actually directed at third parties which the listener is thus unaware of.

KBFK’s Host’s partial pronunciation of Haslam’s middle name was signal language that when you decode the message you will know who he was talking to. In this case, and in the manner presented, the host was addressing entity #13 (see below), which is Thomas Monson.

In fact, Jessica Haslam was a Bohemian Grove rendition (7). Sierra Lamar was perped by the Mormon Church (5). I have addressed this issue with Sheriff Scott Jones, which his response to my previous communication with him, which duplicates with SacBee, is he does not want to be informed on this issue, for obvious reasons.

The occult ensconces with it’s myriad networking through a brotherhood which is impenetrable by ordinary people. SSOs are politically networked, and they entrench and will do war with anyone who exposes them, even when they can be SSO linked with entities whose activities involve child sacrifice, which this is the case with Scott Jones as well.  In this case, Jones was a local asset in Haslam’s abduction.

By directing occult language at Monson (e.g Jessics /Fu/ Haslam), the radio talk show host was linking these two confirming occult preeminence in these horrific crimes. Ironically, at this moment during the broadcast the host was interviewing an individual who was describing how the US was becoming more sociopath. This show abruptly ended shortly afterward.

Albert Einstein Middle School, or AEMS#, is 911, which this is a UK inspired call number for Washington DC. This means this location and this particular victim were perped by DC occult cohort Bohemian Grove in keeping with Druid protocol. Haslam was a 7. The druid sacred numbers are 5, 7 and 3.

Jessica /Fu/ Haslam/r

Jessica “Fu” Haslam/r
12 51 13 13 91 31 11 61 32 81 11 13 32 11 42

1st Derivative Additive Aums
1511931 63 811314
399 (3)

2nd Derivative Additive Sums
3644142 75 924526
631 (1)

Recombinant 1st and 2nd Derivative Additive Sums
36 93 91
931 (13)


There are a couple of ways to get at the numbers these monsters use to conceal their crimes. In reality, this system is highly effective in hiding their activities and making it possible to follow a crime agenda without actually having any written documentation to confirm felony involvement in kidnapping for torture, except they do use felons to perp their abductions, which means they have to reveal at least to their affiliates, which in this case is the sheriff’s department. This researcher can prove a link between the Polly Klass abduction and the sheriff’s department that was otherwise buried in this child’s coerced participation in a BC inspired occult rendition. These monsters always leave an occult calling card in the form of cartography, calendar dates, the Pythagorean alphabet and by otherwise directly linking to the crime itself. The crime scene is laid out very thoroughly to this end; they pride themselves in their occult precision.  They carry out their renditions with theatrical precision.

KFBK’s seeming faux pas was no mistake as Haslam’s recombinant derivative 13 duplicates in connection with her FNCS overwhelmingly embedded with 13, a feature of her rendition that no child is capable of engineering. The current FNCS confirms April 17, 2012, is a 13 in occult language, the second such confirmation linking Haslam to Lamar in the same radio program and by the same radio host. FYI, the acronym NCLB, is a 1st derivative additive sum, 13.

April 17, 2012

11 72 92 91 32



Recombinant Derivative

April/r 17, 2012= 13

KFPK show hosts are dismissing this as made up to attempt to discredit Faux News in connection with child sacrifice, albeit this organization is linked to BC via Ted Turner. They’ll react indifferent and calm all the while carefully planning the elimination of everyone they attribute to revealing their SSO activities, including children, and even those who are casually involved in these horrific circumstances.


Unfortunately, the sheriff’s department press for student DNA samples follows my letter to Sheriff Scott alleging his involvement in Haslam’s murder and the occult rendition of Sierra Lamar.

The sheriff’s request for DNA are auspicious circumstances; one way to frame bridge this murder to an AEMS child is to panic the student body in such a way to make it appear one individual in particular is fleeing justice and then suicide the child. Even worse, this would implicate district staff in occult rendition, a feature of occult protocol in what affiliates perform certain intelligence tasks which stage a given murder or abduction for a price.

Not all police are corrupt, but in this case you have to consider all possibilities to prevent this from cascading out of control. Their game will be to protect the adults whose sociopath affiliation with two virulent BDSM/pedophile entities functioning in full view of the public in California are now openly drawing their sacrifice victims from the public schools. Putting the school on alert in shock and awe is a sure bet a false flag punishment is about to be exacted on a child scapegoat who in all likelihood has absolutely nothing to do with Haslam’s occult murder/sacrifice, hence a reactive parent who was condemned for her advocacy of her son protecting him form what appears to her to have been a set up.

I predicted a second victim would follow Haslam (March 6), which this turned out to be Sierra Lamar (March 16). I am telling you they are going to attempt to suicide a child at AEMS to frame bridge Haslam to a peer, and I think you are already aware of this and are sitting on this information self- protective.

You are dealing with some very sick minded individuals who will stop at nothing to institutionalize their sociopath organization’s press into domestic infrastructure to lawfully take whatever child they like, when they like and on their own terms. Again, you a re dealing with the Mormon Church and Bohemian Grove in these murder/abductions, and your diffidence to interact with these crimes will precipitate and magnify their activities subsequently claiming the lives of a total of 11 victims if you do not redress this issue with the source.


What’s tough here is much as people will try and disconnect neo nationalist politics from these macabre issues it can’t be done. Neos are notorious pseudo moralists (Mormon Church) and well practiced thespians (BC) and throw argument at one another in a theater designed to entertain and confuse you making it difficult if not impossible to perceive reality in their occult policy making, hence they get away with such macabre legislation as S.1867.1021 and health care reform. Worse still, Obama frame bridged dietary consumption of dog meat and has discussed being told that eating the meat of a tiger will engender you with that animal’s power. This is occult preoccupation with necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and eating the remains of a child thus thought to possess special gifts which are desirable to the sociopath perp that engineered the child’s rendition in the first place, and in the latter example the perp cohort tortures and rapes the child before the sacrifice in which this individual’s heart is cut out while still alive. This, my friends, is the culture to which you are being introduced by our beloved neo nationalist politicians, and they are not going to back down.

It is possible that BDSM victims, less Maxwell and Schwarzenegger having earned his 33rd degree craft on Bobo, were used to magnify Prince William’s interest in his wife, since he’s gay and otherwise has very little interest in the relationship other than to satisfy his grandmother’s need for a normal appearance among the monarchy elite. William demonstrates an independent nature in the venue of TE Lawrence, the consequence of which is understood to be a threat to the security of this soft dictatorship and disruption of Her 200 year project to repatriate the US, including transformation to tolerance of necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and outright ritual human sacrifice.  Do people care?  Not really.

This missive puts you at the negative core of neo politics what response from entities who are protective of these activities will redirect to a million other such events which are designed to distract you. You will eventually understand this to be true, but not until after you have awakened from this nightmare.

Haslam is overwhelmingly a 13 rendition/murder reciprocating her identification as a 7 Druid sacrifice. Although 13 is signal language hailing Thomas Monson, she is a BC victim with parallel occult engineering with Sierra Lamar, a number 7.

Occult rendition is tightening up to the Sheriff’s department functioning as an Atramental asset providing rendition services based on occult engineering performed by DHS. In this hypothesis, Janet Napolitano is operating as a consultant to Monson and Obama and is matrixing occult renditions with a field aspect director (in this case governor Brown) whose handler is a businessman having connections throughout the state. Sheriff subordinate to this business entity and field felon perps who are paid a small amount of money to either murder or kidnap the individual targeted for occult rendition.  Brown’s response to this is a contract on me and collective discipline on the state in the form of an austerity budget which is coming under scrutiny for this being motivated to attempt to shield himself from involvement in occult rendition if California citizens for use in ritual human sacrifice in the UK.  Fuck him.

KFBK’s April 17 broadcast recasts Haslam’s role as a 7 victim.

April 17 falls on the 16th week of the year, hence 7

April 17 is the 107th day or 15th week 2nd day of the year, hence 88= 16= 7

March 5 to April 17, 2012= 43 days (7) or 6weeks 1 day (7)

March 6 (6) to April 17, 2102= 42 days (6), 6 weeks (6), hence the serial 6 connect with KFBK’s April 17 broadcast and the day Haslam’s body was discovered

March 7 to April 17, 2012= 41 days or 5 weeks 6 days (7)

NOTES II (footnotes from original letter)

Obama is linked to the Delta Region Abduction Project/XIU via his inauguration and the fact that victims Holly Bobo, Brittanee Drexel, Lauren Spierer and Megan Maxwell fall on an occult calendar from this date. There were two groups in this occult enterprise, BDSM (named) and LGBT/Weston, the second group composed of victims Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift. XIU was engineered by Phil Bredesen and involved BC cohorts Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tennessee economic advisor George Soros, Bobo’s disappearance linked to Schwarzenegger having earned his 33rd degree craft in the EU Masonic power structure. TBI/Fusion Center was notified of Obama, Soros and Schwarzenegger having been involved in these affairs mid April 2011 what protective shields lofted commencing May 1 , 2011, in an attempt to circumvent lawful process in avoidance of being held accountable for these crimes.

subsequently, OWS was a Soros funded project in an attempt to further bury these circumstances in the US, he attempting to launch a 2nd amendment insurgency on a 1st amendment protest, which is a false flag embedded shock and awe enterprise. This issue penetrated the UK with Ariana Huffington having code published information on the BDSM abductions via her online journal DURING THE ABDUCTION EVENTS, information that in the US police were denying any connection between them.

Collective discipline issued in the UK with Oslo/Utoya and the London Riots as Huffington was easily linked to DRACS Rupert Murdoch, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and the British monarchy, all involved in child sacrifice, and these circumstances settling into one issue involving Milly Dowler, one of 200 such victims what circumstances, Like Whitechapel, have been swept aside in preservation of the individuals who are perping these crimes. These individuals are protected from prosecution due to their political and media status.

For your information, XIU is a 580 mile cartographic message left upon the landscape which decoded is the number 911/33 (victims 1 through 8= additive sum 9; XI= 11; U= Pythagorean 33). XIU plot points on a map. 911 is DC under the control of UK inspired SSO Atramental Lodge 23. 33 is the Illuminized EU masons under the direct control of the British monarchy.

Atramental Lodge 23 is the cohort Mormon Church and Bohemian Grove lofted in the US on the Whitechapel protocol. Whitechapel was perpetrated by John (Jack) and Thomas Chapman, and Mary Ann Nichols fetus was renditioned curbside, handed off to adoptive parents and raised TE Lawrence.

Megan Maxwell was Whitechapel occult protocol, and her child is believed to have been adopted out in the Mormon church. Linking these macabre circumstances to Haslam and Lamar, Lamar’s heart is believed to have been used in Dick Cheney’s recent heart transplant, she and Haslam a Druid match pair used as a ritual sacrifice cohort to rationalize extreme sociopath crimes as a noble enterprise.

AEMS= 11, 51, 42, 13; 1st derivative 1541= 11; 2nd derivative 2664= 9; hence 911; 911 is DC and was used as a calendar mark in Maxwell’s abduction inverted, hence 116 which Bredesen made his initial appearance in Maxwell’s hometown 116 years to the day of the occult rendition of Mary Ann Nichols, Maxwell then abducted on the 116th day of the year April 26, 2009, with 1,826 days (8) or 260 weeks and 6 days (5), the additive sum of which is 13. 13 identifies Thomas Monson who was then President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. Monson celebrated his ascent to the first presidency on the occult rendition Natalee Holloway.

# 911 is a DC designation occurring in connection with the presidency of Benjamin Harrison, the first seated administrator representing Atramental Lodge 23 in the US. Atramental Lofted on Whitechapel, and it’s commemorative occult rendition was TE Lawrence, the individual who would have been the natural son of Mary Ann Nichols. Atramental Lodge 23 is also popularly known as neo politics AKA fiscally liberal or conservative social nationalist Nazism.


The Druid sacred numbers are 5, 7 and 3. 5 and 7 are the 5 and 7 lobed oak leafs, the Pythagorean additive sum of which is 3. For the record, Ronald Reagan, Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger were all Druid, and Wilson and Schwarzenegger are implicated in kidnapping for torture which authorities are shielding them from at this time. Jerry Brown is completely aware of these circumstances functioning as a field aspect director for Bohemian Grove, which means he also a hand in Haslam’s rendition/murder.  He’s a DRAC.  This is what DRACS do.

G/G Bush are staunch BC cohorts what inclusion of NCLB as a manifestation of their occult protocol is undeniably pointing to whom they have in mind for use in their child sacrifice activities in the future under process of law made prevalent via FEMA, The PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021, the latter of which issued December 31, 2012, retroactively protective of Obama/cohorts for their involvement in the Delta Region Project and elimination of one child and seven women from the Delta Region.

DHS made it’s first appearance under these protections in Hoke County in February, 2012 (preschool child forced to eat a government provided food sample allegedly under authority of the FDA concurrent with escalating concern over Mac Donald’s Fast foods having been developing a value meal product manufactured from pureed human fetus in China and the inclusion of human remains acquired from India and China and mechanically mixed with entrails of slaughter animals what product is otherwise known as pink slime)

The Mormon Church was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US and is a Druid necromancy entity in keeping with macabre practice of ritual human sacrifice what actively is currently practiced in the UK. The LDS perform these sacrifices in the US highly secretive, and Thomas Monson is thus involved in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

BC is an improvement on the Mormon Church although primarily invested in occult activities in connection with the entertainment industry and international politics. It is not clear who is actually running this US syndicate at this time, but it is believed US administrators subordinate to the president of the Mormon Church. Further, DRAC legislation FEMA, The PATRIOT Act, DHS and S.1867.1021 institutionalize occult rendition making it appear as though this is legal.

FNCS forwarded to SacBee March 13, 2012

rev. May 27, 2012