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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dick Cheney Says THANK YOU to Sierra Lamar!

Dick Cheney Discusses Successful Heart Transplant, Obama Presidency, Huffington Post, July 30,  2012

What better macabre media than HPSN to reflect upon the use of occult rendition to secure life saving body parts from the living to prolong the lives of soul vacant politicians whose primary contribution to life was death and whose longevity is NOW due in part to the product contribution of one Sierra Lamar who, renditioned March 16, gave up her heart so that Dick Drac Cheney could live another decade of child rape, torture and sacrifice debauchery!  He has got to be fighting off a very powerful urge to constantly say chulo’, eh?

WHY Lamar?

AMERICA’S RESPONSE: Prayer vigils.



It’s bungle in the jungle as Anton Scalia ma ma makes a mess of the Bill of Rights hinting at some arcane colonial law which allegedly permits the supreme court to modify 2nd Amendment language, according to him.

Shall not be infringed apparently was a mistake and misunderstanding now falling under scrutiny from frightting.  Right.  I know what you are thinking.  This word is spelled correctly.  It’s also British.

Scalia drinks fluoridated water which, judging from his appearance, he may subsequently suffer from anolase deficiency and co-occurring cognitive degenerative cascade.  If correct, hopefully he will have recovered BEFORE he makes a decision on the 2nd Amendment issue.  I’d hate to think we lost 200 years of progress on pharmaceutically induced developmental issue, Britain in the wings laughing hysterically in Her last sprint to repatriation while Americans are preoccupied with their recreational interests.

He’s frame bridging to Heller.  Fucking monster.

Scalia: ‘Handheld Rocket Launchers’ could be Constitutional –IDIOT


Genesis Communication Network, Marketing Fantasy as Reality

Here’s one that’s so over the top it could be rated as a futures commodity with investors in the wings knowing as far ahead as 100 years what products are going to earn the highest return on investments, and the mechanism for this little enterprise is fluoride.

People are stupid and like complicated so they don’t have to think for themselves, so start here:

Breaking: Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Government Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ

Anthony Gucciardi
July 27, 2012


On the other hand, for those of you that like to cut to the chase and have your sensibilities in tact, the simpler and more correct information on this issue is fluoride introduced to the diet via the food supply and water induces enloase deficiency precipitating unnatural production of creatine phosphokinase and interference in cognition.

The point of this macabre pharmacology is to be able to control intelligence, population and subsequently subordinate our maker to the British monarchy, the Knights of Malta and MK/ULTRA.

Alex Jones is a con artist.  Andrew Wakefield is a con Artist.  David Icke is a con artist.  Pastor Steven Anderson is not only a con artist, he’s a matrix perp for the State Department.

Alex Jones is MK/ULTRA

Are you getting the picture?

Images of God

This post is dedicated to an individual who in the midst of a domestic crisis failed to recognize the hand of our maker, the miracle this entity performed on war casualties and His ever present hand in the affairs of human events.

Re: GCN/Obama’s New Campaign  Poster

Super Duper Man 1776 Reply:
June 20th, 2012 at 10:10 am


@SDM  Your determination to help those soldiers was God inspired.  In fact, God was present in the very services you performed for them, so God WAS there.  He was also there in the hand of the individual that fired a weapon at your patient.  God practiced destruction through the perp.  He administered salvation through your work with war casualties.  God is both these of these forces.

The externalization of God is satanic and a pretext for destruction.  In this regard, when we perceive God to be alien (outside ourselves) we are ourselves in a satanic state of mind, but it is God nonetheless.

Alex Jones knows this all to well, and his evangelical posturing promotes this with the public mostly unaware that he is redirecting to this Satan entity, which is the dark side of the human conscience.  It’s correct identification is the limbic brain, and it is easily programmed on panic, which is an adjunct  feature of MK/ULTRA programming.  It doesn’t think.  It reacts.

On the other hand, we sometimes confuse automatic behavior with impulsivity, which it is not.  If you automatically knew what to do to help these men, you were God inspired to do this in the same way Viet Nam was God inspired to hold you off.

We are this God, and He becomes whatever we determine to be His correct manifestation through our behavior.  The OTHER God is internalized, and it is THIS God most people identify with, albeit they will invariably deny His presence in circumstance where they believe they have no control.  IF they believe they are helpless, this God seems to flee from them.  In reality, THIS god is the higher mind, and it is not running away but rather is being run off by doubt.

When you make decisions principled on morality and ethics, you are internalizing God.  You believe in Him and have a sense of well being precipitated by reason.

Since we look for God in a crisis, in fact what we are doing is manifesting a satanic state of mind where it will seem as though God has abandon us. This sensory God is created in the mind.  Satanist use this to an extreme, because it lofts them pre-eminent all the while you are chasing your tail in a state of confusion.  Think and this changes.

In reality, man is God, and everything God hopes to attain through man is a manifestation of behavior which takes two forms: atramental and ratiomental.  The difficult part of understanding this is most people believing they are worshipping the higher minded God are in fact identified with the Satanic one, because they are looking for this outside themselves.

God in abandonment then is a state of mind where an individual perceives himself or others to have been forgotten, when in fact what has been forgotten is the need to reason.  Most people will argue with this, but they will likewise turn around in an almost pathological state of mind and deny they have any control over their circumstances.  They posture helpless and await salvation.  This is God taken off line.  This is God denial.  This is a mistake.

The God you needed was the one that was reaching out through you to help your wounded  troops.  The one you are claiming abandon you was in fact right there all the time,  just you were unwilling to notice him.  The God you serve is satanic so long as you are unable to perceive this, and the consequence of this is you will feel His absence until you understand he’s been there with you even in your memory of this event.

This imaginative God is the one the founders introduced us to with the Bill of Rights, by the way, and if you can understand this you will immediately know why the 2nd amendment is under siege.

It’s not in giving up our ability to defend ourselves that going to increase reason.  In fact, once we’re vulnerable we’re toast.  The higher mind knows this, yet we push it away thinking God has abandon us, because in this way we externalize God thus identified with the Satan which is destruction, and which is why God was a no show in your mind at the time.

Fear alienates creating monsters which populate the world with sociopaths, which is antithesis, since the NATURE of God is creation and imagination (thesis), which why we are here.  Destruction wouldn’t permit this, hence this Satan unconstrained is not a viable option for humanity except we cannot survive without it.

Synthesis was to have been the Bill of Rights under the influence of the higher minded God.  In this paradigm people were to have learned to think for themselves.  They failed to do this, and we’ve capitulated to your Satan.  Helplessness will sustain this.  Thinking consciously about our circumstances will curtail it.

Now rethink your circumstances with those soldiers.  Do you still believe god was a no show?

Here’s an example of the limbic God in action.  Please notice the fully conscious and sober appearance of this individual.  His remark was, “Words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations.”  Easy enough to interpret, eh?  You infer a benevolent message, until you connect with the message he is signing with his right hand.

This individual is signing the Chinese #7 and happiness prime with his right hand, and touching his neck provides us with another interpretation of what he is saying thus:

Words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations.  I feel happy about this.

Touching his neck is a sign of incompatibility between what he is saying in words and thinking.  He’s lying, the subtler message our alternative perception that he’s flipping America off, again.

Which God do see here?

I am asking you again to reconsider your circumstances with those soldiers.  Do you still believe god was a no show?