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coastx says: Hello Alex.  Big opportunity here.  My reality v your truth.  I say you’re MK/ULTRA and Knights of Malta.  You say… what?

GCN/PPAJ, Aidan Monaghan:
July 21st, 2012 at 3:14 am

Sirhan Sirhan (a seeming “Manchurian Candidate”) was receiving mental health services just prior to firing his pistol at the RFK assassination scene (following a concussion received during a fall from a horse).  The Fort Hood shooter (a psychiatrist), was obviously tied to the mental health field.  And the latest “Batman” shooter being a neuroscientist?  MKULTRA anyone?

GCN/PPAJ, Alex Jones:
July 22nd, 2012 at NTG

Our so-called government has admitted to carrying out the murder of thousands of people in covert false flag operations. They are the number one suspect.

R> Sirhan Sirhan was government?  Do you mean our government uses people to commit these crimes?  Do you know what people can do to end this?  THINK!  Right now they don’t.  YOU aren’t even doing it, Alex.  You don’t model it.  You don’t even know what this is.  You’re a satanic lackey for QC.

GCN/PPAJ, Alex Jones:
July 24th, 2012 at NTG

Lawrence of Arabia was a true story.

R> TE Lawrence was renditioned from Mary Ann Nichols at birth. Same thing they did with Megan Maxwell.  Watch, the US presidential candidate in 2033 will be a a 21 year old. Also, vet fluoride induced enolase deficiency in connection with Sorbitol to understand your programming.  Fuck your goblins.  I don’t attack people without a reason, and in that case it would be self-defense.  Read your fucking mail, eh?

GCN/PPAJ, Nebuchadnezza:
July 26th, 2012 at 8:24 am

Sodomites are the most dangerous devils on the face of earth.  Someone who commits sodomy will commit any other sin and crime.

R> Sodomite= BDSM/pedpophilia.  You just described SSO debauchery pledging.  This is why they use child rape and sacrifice to recruit their clerics/neopoliticians.  Once pledged they are among the most reprehensible ax murders and serial child killers of our day, and this has been institutionalized via FEMA, The PATRIOT Act/DHS and S.1867.1023.


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