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It’s bungle in the jungle as Anton Scalia ma ma makes a mess of the Bill of Rights hinting at some arcane colonial law which allegedly permits the supreme court to modify 2nd Amendment language, according to him.

Shall not be infringed apparently was a mistake and misunderstanding now falling under scrutiny from frightting.  Right.  I know what you are thinking.  This word is spelled correctly.  It’s also British.

Scalia drinks fluoridated water which, judging from his appearance, he may subsequently suffer from anolase deficiency and co-occurring cognitive degenerative cascade.  If correct, hopefully he will have recovered BEFORE he makes a decision on the 2nd Amendment issue.  I’d hate to think we lost 200 years of progress on pharmaceutically induced developmental issue, Britain in the wings laughing hysterically in Her last sprint to repatriation while Americans are preoccupied with their recreational interests.

He’s frame bridging to Heller.  Fucking monster.

Scalia: ‘Handheld Rocket Launchers’ could be Constitutional –IDIOT



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