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Pentagon Can’t Find Records of Capturing Osama Bin Laden… OMG!

GNC, Knights of Malta cousin to UK SSO Quatuor Coronati, is absolutely livid about having been linked publicly to the occult, it’s primary mission once portrayed a noble cause which in reality was one of extension of the craft and heart rendering ax murder of children.

Jones marketing is truth embedded product hawking, one day to the next opportunistic to sell you something you don’t need on sensational information that were he to go full on with investigative journalism he’d collapse under the weight of reality, because he doesn’t deal reality.  He publishes NON-REALITY to motivate you to buy his crap, hence he’ll keep Bin Laden going for eternity long as he can use it to hold your interest, particularly in gold.  Sycophants are addicted to non-reality, by he way, which is why this is working for GNC.

The reality surrounding Bin Laden’s alleged capture is he was dead a full decade before Obama came up with this hair brained scheme, which it wasn’t even him that dreamed it up in the first place.  Hell, he doesn’t even have an accurate dream about his father let alone THIS fiasco.

Bin Laden was scripted in Hollywood underwritten by the state department and released to the public on short notice after it was reported April 23, 2011, that the state department was involved in the abductions of Megan Maxwell and Holly Bobo.

These macabre circumstances involve such notorious politicians as Daniel J. Evans (Partridge/December 4, 1974), Pete Wilson (Klass/October 1, 1993), Phil Bredesen (Drexel and Maxwell/April 25 and 26, 2009), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Bobo/April 13, 2011), George Soros (Spierer/June 3, 2011), Mitt Romney and Donald Trump (Swift/October 30, 2011) to name a handful of Dracs from the NGA, and Spencer Kimball (also Partridge/December 4, 1974) and Thomas Monson (Holloway/May 30, 2005; Gardner/August 2, 2011), with Barack Obama presiding over XI-U.

It was exposure of XI-U that precipitated national crisis commencing May 1, 2011, in the US, followed by Oslo/Utoya and the London Riots in the UK (Murdoch, McCann/Dowler) and back to the US for OWS, the latter a Soros sponsored attempt to loft a 2nd amendment insurgency in retaliation for having been accused of sponsoring Lauren Spierer’s abduction.  This was all directed at shock and awe to divert attention from XI-U and our own government’s involvement in kidnapping for torture of innocent US citizens, and what focal point was the abduction of Holly Bobo.  Notwithstanding, Bobo has since been linked to Laurie Partridge (1974) presenting in an 11th victim in an abduction cohort spanning 31/2005, 35/2009 and 37/2011 years respectively.

The numbers fall thus as additive sums: 4/7, 8/2 and 1/4, or 481/724, hence 13/13.  The double 13 is UK SSO Quatuor Coronati.  GNC knows all about this.  Mr. Alex (Enolase/eugenics) Jones is a part of it.

Can Alex Jones be accurately frame bridged to occult SSO Quatuor Coronati and the Knights of Malta  given what very little information we have about his background?  Yes, definitely.  We know what his birth date is, and this is huge to Forensic SSO Case Study

Jones was born February 11, 1974.  If his conception was April 13, 1973, he would have been a 43week, 3 day gestation, and of course this is being reverse engineered from December 4, 1974, the latter being date of the abduction of Laurie Partridge who has been linked to XI-U 37 years hence.

The numbers fall thus: April 13, 1973 to December 4, 1974= 19 months 21 days or additive sum 13.  April 13 and additive sum 13= double 13, which is once again Quatuor Coronati/2076.

Jones conception of Friday, April 13, 1973 and Partridge’s abduction of Wednesday, December 4, 1974, are additive sums 7 and 5, respectively.  7 and 5 are Druid sacred numbers and redirect to human sacrifice.

7 and 5 are also additive sum 3, which this is the tree of life in Druid mysticism and the very same tree referred to in Genesis 3.  Eve ate her own children, which is the fall of man and our current problem with UK inspired SSOs.  For the record, Jones wasn’t motivating protest groups at BC and Marriott, Chantilly.  He was astroturfing audiences for human sacrifice which he acknowledged was featured at each site.  Jones hawks products AND propaganda for GNC.

Since the bible was a Druid mystery works written by the Council of Nicaea, Druid practice taught by the bible is a forgone conclusion, of which Jesus and Judas are examples and the combination of which is the number 1, transformation through destruction and the basis for human ritual sacrifice taught through affiliation with UK SSOs which subordinate to the Vatican.  This includes the Baptist and Mormon churches.

Further, Alex Jones and Laurie Partridge are both 3rd derivative additive sum 1.

To make this even more complicated, Jones affiliation with Pastor Steven Anderson links Partridge directly back to Quatuor Coronati via GNC.  As you are hopefully aware, Partridge was abducted and never heard from again until having recently been linked to Anderson by cartography and a photograph which identifies them somehow related, he possibly her son, Spencer Kimball allegedly this man’s  father, which would make Partridge a Mormon sex slave.  They think you want them to do this, because you never told them not to.  I’ve told them they are out of their fucking collective mind and been laughed at.  At least I’m on the record!

How is all of this madness possible?  UK eugenics, and of course one of Alex Jones favorite sociopath eugenics monsters is Andrew Wakefield who co engineered the Sorbitol laced MMR vaccination and claims to know nothing about it. Ask him.  He’ll divert the conversation, and he will NOT talk about Sorbitol which is the causative agent in this monstrous eugenics product.  Alex Jones absolutely admires this fuck.

Vatican, also… US gullibility and willingness to go along with this in abandonment of the founder’s gifts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Much as Jones has shredded the Illuminati for it’s alleged involvement in these macabre circumstances, in reality it was this organization that pulled away from the occult in connection with the Jesuits masterfully decloaking with the inception of US government.  The Illuminati is not the enemy.  We’re dealing with a Masonic union hybrid organization (neopolitics) that in one generation can can erase our culture replacing it with it’s own in a Cuckoo bird scenario that’s swept through Europe and the middle east and is currently threatening to collapse the US.

And Alex Jones wants to talk more about Bin Laden… and sell you more gold!


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