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Alex Jones Meets Christopher Walken

scattershot: What’s your take on Jones’ interview with Christopher Walken?

bulls eye: I don’t watch GNC sponsored media.  There’s as much corruption there as there is in MSM.

scattershot: Take a look.

bulls eye: Moment… He’s got a pretty long list of movies here.  Looks okay to me!

scattershot: The interview?

bulls eye: I’m not wasting my time.  Nothing worth going there.  Just  sensational journalism to sell stuff, and Jones’ most successful products are gold and silver.

scattershot: Look, I understand your determination, but I am asking you as a friend to have a look at this interview.  Just read it.  Tell me what you think.  No big deal.

bulls eye: WHAT!  OKAY! Damn!  Link me.

scattershot: Walken.

bulls eye: Whoa!  THAT Christopher Walken.  Er, ah, funny guy.  Dark humor.  Natalie Wood.

scattershot: Yes, correct.  You know about his involvement in her death?

bulls eye: Absolutely.  I researched it as an occult crime.  Very challenging circumstances.

scattershot:  Explain.

bulls eye: KISS MY ASS!

scattershot:  WTF?

bulls eye: You don’t talk about this guy least someone’s going to get whacked.  That’s his reputation.

scattershot:  Look, you’re talking in circles here.  Give me something straight.

bulls eye: Walken’s no fool, yet he’s coming across like he’s been baited into this interview.  I’m not buying it.

scattershot: So what was the significance of the meeting, in your opinion?

bulls eye: Well, you’ll notice most syndicate talk like your Dutch uncle.  I know you don’t have one of those, but if you did, Walkens would be a soft version of one of these.

scattershot: Syndicate?

bulls eye: You’re a fucking fool!

scattershot: Is he?

bulls eye: Go to hell!

scattershot: What’s in the interview?

bulls eye: Well, everything up to Orange Seafood Mélange is 6 at the single word descriptions, 7 at the double word descriptions and 9 at the three word descriptions.  I stopped at OSM, BTW.

scattershot: Okay, so what does all that mean?

bulls eye: You know what your problem is, S?  You want the answers without the work.

scattershot: Talking to YOU is work, so that’s wrong.

bulls eye: You know what I mean.

scattershot: Look, you bristled on my question regarding Walken’s syndi…

bulls eye: SHUT UP!  OMG!

scattershot: Okay, this bothers you for some reason.  Explain the numbers.

bulls eye: Oh you are fucking stupid beyond the imagination, here, S.  67= additive sum 13 which is also 4.  49= additive sum 13, again.

scattershot: 13 13, like THAT?

bulls eye: Kind of.

scattershot: Kind of?

bulls eye: KIND OF!

scattershot: Kind of what?

bulls eye: Whew!  Heating up in here all of a sudden.  You can’t do this stuff without risking heart failure or drowning.

scattershot: Hahaha.  You’re talking about Natalie Wo…

bulls eye: GOD!  SHUT HIM UP! Oh God, PLEASE shut him UP!

scattershot: 13 13, ‘splain.

bulls eye: 2076, and THAT’S all I’m saying, fuck-er!

scattershot: Tell me about NW.

bulls eye: No.

scattershot: Please?

bulls eye: FUCK no!

scattershot: I thought you do reality?

bulls eye: What, I’m not showing you reality?  Do you not sense my fear?

scattershot: What are you afraid of?

bulls eye: ’83.

scattershot: That doesn’t mean anything to me.

bulls eye: Good!  Better you’re stupid and I’m too fucking tired to care.

scattershot: Why do you do this.  Why can’t you just answer the question?

bulls eye: Walken speaks the code.  He’s occult.

scattershot: 2076 is code…for?

bulls eye:  Oh, man, you do not know where you are going here.  You’re hopeless.

scattershot: Let me decide that.  What is 2076?

bulls eye: ’83!

scattershot: You lost me.

bulls eye: That’s better than dead!

scattershot: How are those codes a threat to me?

bulls eye: Stupid, stupid, stupid…

scattershot: Try me.

bulls eye: 2076 is Quatuor Coronati, and THAT’s all I’m saying.

scattershot: Okay, and ’83?

bulls eye: Ra.

scattershot: ?

bulls eye: FUUCCKKK!

scattershot: What?

bulls eye: TMI! God!

scattershot: Okay, relax.  We can talk later.

bulls eye: If you have a tongue, later.

scattershot: Hahaha.  You’re superstitious.

bulls eye: Yeah well, Natalie Wood was a Ra/Genesis sacrifice.

scattershot: Say what?

bulls eye: You heard me.  The Ankh, coveted symbol of Christianity, is Druid for shepherding and ritual.  The all seeing eye is human sacrifice, ALSO Druid.  The Masonic letter G redirects to both.  See for yourself in this image:

scattershot: Sacrifice?  Quatuor Coronati?  Ra/Genesis?  All  that?

bulls eye: All that.  Notice how the cartographic image superimposes itself on the numbers.  Each number is a set of letters.  The letters are mixed up so you can’t readily see the words they are spelling.  Using the Pythagorean alphabet, 8, 9 and 6 are HQZ, IR AND FOX.  These letters produce two words, Fritz and zori.  Fritz= peace, and the zori redirects to the Ankh.  The message in the first set of numbers/symbol is peace through human sacrifice.  The second group, 817= spicula/obelisk, which also means ear of corn.  Same meaning as the forbidden fruit in Genesis 3.  The Masons are a human sacrifice culture more powerful than the Vatican.  NWS, the Mormon church is one of it’s projects in the US.  Listen to the Eagles, “Learn to be Still”.  This song eulogizes the Mason invocation for ritual human sacrifice.  People are stupid.  They hear this, buy it, enjoy it.  They are celebrating ritual sacrifice, and they don’t even know it.  Angie, Butterfly Sting, same.

scattershot: This feels kind of off course, but what are they up to?  What is the objective of the Masonic union, in your opinion?

bullseye: The negative core of the Masonic Union is herding, rituals and child sacrifice.  This SSO has thus far been highly successful in these enterprises, because it’s members are motivated to do this people largely held in abeyance by the debauchery pledge.  Were they to disclose SSO secrecy their retraction would earn them condemnation by the public and threat of death in perpetuity by the organization, so they alienate, permanently, from the mainstream culture and work subversively toward the goals of the organization, one of which at this time is MK/ULTRA.

scattershot: GNC connect?

bulls eye: Fool, the play on words is their GAME.  GNC is Knights of Malta. GNC= KM.  Index using Pythagoras.  They are third derivative additive sums.  Again, the Masons are a sacrifice culture, a Templar/Druid meld more powerful than the Vatican.  Same end game though, which is acculturation to ritual human sacrifice.  DO YOU GET IT?  You think GNC draws such a correlation by mistake and misunderstanding?  You fucking idiot!

scattershot: So, how does this relate to the global crisis?

bulls eye: The Global crisis is shock and awe.  No Moral compass.  No ethics.  Cult of force rules.  You’ll subordinate or be eliminated.  Ra is your God.  You buy into this paradigm with every product you buy manufactured by an entity which is controlled by this SSO, and you are a product yourself on THEIR terms, for THEIR purposes and on their agenda.  I ALREADY TOLD YOU, Their agenda is to institutionalize a process which herds, ritualizes and is tolerant of child sacrifice.  This is a BDSM/pedophilia enterprise, and reason is falling on deaf ears with these monsters.  Welcome to the Atramental Twilight Zone!

scattershot: How did we get here?

bulls eye: Charm offense.  Double bind.  Seduction surrounded by shock and awe.  Cult of force.  Gullibility.  People are unwilling to think.

scattershot: Elaborate on the Knights of Malta.

bullseye: Simple, KM (~1120AD) issued on the Bible which was written by the Council of Nicaea approximately (~325AD).  The Bible is a fraud text much ad the Book of Mormon is, BTW.  KM went through an approximate 100 year gestation beginning with the Knights Hospitaller and was militarized.  It’s the Alpha SSO and the model for the Templars, Jesuits and Masons.  The masons began to organize approximately 1530 with the emergence of the Jesuits and concurrent Church of England secession from the Vatican.  In a nut shell, the Masonic union was a British inspired SSO with a plan to free itself from the Vatican and rule the world via transformation through Mason Lodges what pyramid scheme promoted ritual human sacrifice.  And it’s through BDSM/pedophilia sacrifice for entertainment that they recruit to their organization.  This is the organization that inspired the Baptist movement in Amsterdam about 1605.  The Baptist would theoretically embed with Protestant faiths that were battling the Vatican, subdue this and transform Europe to this new scheme.  Same model Britain used to promote the Mormon church in the US.  It’s modern presentation is neopolitics.  Neopoliticians are Masons.  On the other hand, the founders were Illuminated Masons, which this latter group pulled away form it’s Druid roots in protection of liberty, freedom and self-mastery.  Ask me later about that.

scattershot: Ah, Pythagorean indexing, THAT’S what your using here.

bulls eye: Leastwise, yes.

scattershot: Yep.

bulls eye: I already said that.

scattershot: Did you see Belzer’s little message embedded in his Reagan remark, “DEAD WRONG”?

bulls eye: No, I stopped watching pretty quick.  Walkens’ spooks me, although he’s a great actor!  He’s all over the map with his occult presence, and he’s very good at it!

scattershot: What’s your take on the Reagan message?

bulls eye: Looking… BUT YOU OWE ME!  Well, information’s been leaked to Hollywood re Daniel J. Evans alleged involvement in the Laurie Partridge abduction, which this has drawn Ronald Reagan into the mix.

scattershot:  Explain /mix/.

bulls eye: Daniel J. Evans, Ted Bundy, Ronald Reagan, like that.  Later Pete Wilson, Richard Allen Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Bredesen ANAI.  The list is very long.

scattershot: And Walken’s a part of this?

bulls eye: Walken was Ra/Genesis on Natalee Wood.

scattershot: Can you explain that?

bulls eye: I can, but I won’t. I know what happened and WHY it happened.  Beltgzer can kiss my ass. He’s resourced to kill.  Fuck him.  The earth doesn’t belong to Drac.  I always give this warning to my adversaries.  ALL sociopaths have an Achilles heel.  I don’t care how fucking strong you are or trained in martial arts, they can go down just like the rest of us.  One of their bozos threatened me in a parking lot a few month ago.  There were two, but only one did the talking.  He said, “You’re here one minute, and BLAM, the next you’re not.”

scattershot: And…

bulls eye: And…Hahaha.  THAT goes two ways!

scattershot: Okay…

bulls eye: What?

scattershot: And…

bulls eye: And…Hahaha.

scattershot: I want you to tell more about Natalie wood.

bulls eye: Jones follows a GNC script.  He’s a lackey, although he will never admit this.  I’ve implicated GNC in kidnapping for torture via Monica Caison, Rod Koozimen and Pastor Steven Anderson, which GNC is responding by threatening me with Beltzer and Walken.  Jones if a fucking criminal.

scattershot: Natalie Wood?

bulls eye: Christopher Walkin, Robert Wagoner, Natalie Wood.  CW, RW and NW.  Index the initials.  Produces two columns.  Second column additive sums are 777.  First column additive sums are 8.  I’m not going to explain the symbols other than to say 777= 3 or the tree of life, which is Genesis, and 8= Ra, which is human sacrifice.  This was an engineered meeting.  Double 13, which is Quatuor Coronati; 1 female and 3 males; 1 boat operator and 3 actors, for starters.

scattershot: OMG!

bulls eye: YOU WANTED TO FUCKING KNOW, DUMB ASS!  NOW YOU KNOW!  And Beltzer, you can kiss my ass, you fucking child ax murdering Drac!

scattershot: You’re talking to Bletzer?

bulls eye: He’s the third person reader and looking this over as we talk (<nlm).

scattershot: That image on the right, it’s not Alex Jones.  That’s David Icke.

bulls eye: There’s a fucking difference?

scattershot: Jones is a story teller, that it?

bulls eye: Hollywood.  GNC is the same entertainment profile.  Also, and folks DO NOT already know this, but HollyWOOD is Druid enterprise, and Natalie WOOD was groomed for her death from childhood. They are THAT thorough.  Beltzer’s occult Drac culture, and the US is bred to it.  My advice, get out of the fucking forest, but no one’s listening.  These monsters are in the Twilight Zone with their theatre business, INCLUDING GNC.

scattershot: OMG!

bulls eye: Understatement.  This is all going down with people EVERYWHERE watching and absolutely no clue this is penetrating their communities across the US.  Occult rendition is coming right out of Hollywood with collaboration from the state department, and freakish organizations like GNC are greasing the chute.

scattershot: I get it.  This is why you’re attacking GCN/Jones.  You’re trying to alert the public.

bulls eye: Alex Jones is a criminal.  He’s occult.  People are stupid.  They’re not getting it, which is why they are being preyed on, AND which is how Beltzer and Walken can literally get away with murder.  It’s entertainment!  Notice Beltzer’s chimerical laughter.  Charm offensive.  He can make himself laugh convincingly at anything, but there’s nothing behind it.  Walken can do this with depth.  Jones was doing the same thing.  It’s signal language for their child ax murder “brotherhood”.

scatter shot: CHILD AX MURDERERS?

bulls eye: WTF DO YOU THINK CHILD SACRIFICE IS, IDIOT!  People are all like, “Drac! har har har…Take your meds! har har har…”  How about WAKE THE FUCK UP… HAR HAR HAR!

scattershot: SOCIOPATHS!

bulls eye: NOW you’re getting the picture.

scattershot: I’m calling the Sheriff!

bulls eye: Dumb fuck, they OWN the sheriff.  The Sheriff functions as an asset for the state department.  If there’s a missing child in the neighborhood that individual has probably been stuffed in in the trunk of a patrol car and is parked right outside the victims home.

scattershot: Police?

bulls eye: Less a problem with abduction.  More an issue with curbside summary execution.  Sheriff are bright.  Police are dumb.

scattershot: Got to go.  Working on my Hillsdale constitution class.  Got to see how all this fits together.  Now I understand why there was such a fight over writing the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The 2nd Amendment was a gift form the Illuminated Masons, a cousin of the EU Masons who are currently attempting to reorganize the US on THEIR model of government, which involves acculturation to human ritual sacrifice.  I sensed something was off in Jones interview with Walken.  They are all over the map in the US.  This is frightening, because people don’t see what’s happening.  They are actually enjoying it, which I think I see the problem here.  The Mason are frame bridging human sacrifice to the entertainment industry.  I read an article where some actors are actually killing their own family in these macabre circumstances.

bullseye: It’s a kaleidoscope.  You’ll never get the pieces to fit perfectly, but you CAN get rid of the damn thing by throwing it in the trash.  Also, the negative press on the Illuminati is disinformation.  The Illuminati pulled away from the occult.  The founders were Illuminated Masons.  Go here for more info on Adam Weishaupt.  There has been a resurgence of pre Weishaupt masonry, which is the driving force behind Hollywood macabre, so you are correct in that regard.

scattershot: Good ITB on the Walken interview, BTW.

bullseye: Lock and load!

scattershot: Ah, one more thing.  You’ve obviously made a connection here between Laurie Partridge and Natalie Wood, am I correct?

bullseye: Yes.

scattershot: How would Jones be involved in this if he was only conceived the year before Partridge was born and only 7 when Wood drown?

bullseye: GNC/Pastor Steven Andrews.  It’s a breeder paradigm.  Partridge was ritual.  Wood was a sacrifice.  Also, Partridge to Wood is a Double 13, which is the EU masons.

AUGUST 24, 2011

scattershot: Did you hear about…

bullseye: I already know, yes.  This is what they do when they start getting nervous.  Here’s what a cartographic threat looks like:

scattershot: This doesn’t bother you?

bullseye: We’re all here for a reason.  There was this National Geographic image two decades ago of a child who lay dead having played too close to a herd of elephants.  The child’s parent had warned him to stay away from these animals, but he wouldn’t listen.  An elephant crushed him, and dad let him lay there to set an example.

scattershot: Did this work?

bullseye: I have no idea, but I taught my children this lesson for posterity.


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