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Brandon Raub v. Pike’s Patsies

Brandon Raub took a bold move posting 911 material providing detailed information describing firemen openly discussing that explosives were used in the destruction of the World Trade Center. He’s lucky he is still alive but probably won’t be for long.  Here’s why.

Many people do not understand, nor do they believe, the Mormon church is the forbearer of domestic terrorism in the US.  In fact, it was this organization that was involved in 911 via it’s myriad of networking with corporate entities founded on – and currently making use of – Mason prime directives, Amen-Ra Toth.

Translated, this Egyptian terminology means philanthropy, sacrifice and propaganda.  The Mormon church has poured billions of dollars into it’s philanthropic enterprise lofting it’s image as one of the most resourced domestic support systems in the world.  There is no questioning this organization’s aptitude for providing for the needy and making use of tangible resources to bait membership.  I’ll explain baiting in a moment.

This SSO does philanthropy well having been a product of the early 19th century European socialist movement.  You’ve been taught to believe this church originated in the US; this information is incorrect.  This SSO has roots in the UK, and it’s price for it’s philanthropic gifts to society is human sacrifice which it pursues with as much determination and skill as it does it’s philanthropic interests.

The LDS occult model is a three point system.  I just described philanthropy.  Sacrifice, next, is code embedded in the Brief Analysis of the Book of Mormon.  I’ve brought this up to Mormons who have walked away without an argument.  They will not discuss this for a reason, although they allege this information is satanic thus circumventing discovery.  In reality, live human ritual sacrifice is a function of this Masonic organization’s roots in Druid/Egyptian mysticism, which is the mystery religions connect to the Masonic union.

Many LDS are only intuitively aware of the issue involving ritual sacrifice programmed on their coveted Book of Mormon, although this organization has been practicing this dark art since it’s inception in 1830.  Human sacrifice institutionalized as domestic terrorism (1857) evoking less public outrage, albeit Mormon temples are nonetheless designed for private necromancy, child sacrifice debauchery rituals and female ritual sacrifice.

In reality, the Mormon church was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US, enter Raub, human sacrifice for entertainment and a reality check provided by firemen who correctly pointed to 911 as domestic terrorism.  Link to 1857 and you understand why this is a problem.

Public scrutiny of 911 is lofting meta analysis of this horrific crime increasing the likelihood someone will eventually describe this event in a way that catalizes in the collective mind as government sponsored domestic terrorism.  Firemen openly discussing this – what conversation remains as much a part of this event in perpetuity as the names corporatists who engineered 911 – is dangerous information.  If the public can eventually be convinced that the government did in fact have a hand in this it would thus have the appearance of being an immense Wicker Man project with 3000 victims set fire for entertainment.  The connection here is the Mormon church= neopolitics.

There isn’t a more credible source of information on such an event as 911 than a fireman.  By comparison, setting people on fire for entertainment, which is what 911 was all about, is criminal insanity, regardless of the philanthropic motivation of the perp.

Dogma thus issues on the heels of this sociopath conspiracy, anyone being able to point to a given perp by name instantly vaporized into a propaganda cloud where the only one who knows why this is happening is the perp organization itself, because everyone else has given up the chase, except God, what latter day entity is present via reality that is about to lay waste to the Mormon church in perpetuity.  Raub is a hostage.

The last word on 911 is Mountain Meadows, September 11, 1857, a precedence setting Mormon domestic terrorist event sponsored and promoted by Brigham Young.  Forensic numerology case study bears out the following “brief analysis”.  This date in occult numerology is 911/3 thus, September (9) 11, 1857 (3).

Frame bridging 144 (9) years later to WTC, September 11, 2001 is also 911/3, hence 911 twice is occult number 22, and of course 33 speaks for itself.  For those of you who are unaware, Barack Obama is a 33rd degree Mason.

With Spencer Kimball having recently come under scrutiny for his alleged role in the abduction of Laurie Partridge (1974) and Thomas Monson having a hand in Holloway and Gardner (2011), it is not impossible to imagine that the Mormon church is indeed the notorious Globalist SSO Atramental Lodge 23 christened on Whitechapel (1888).  The signatures on Mountain Meadows AND 911 are both 23, and I think this is why Raub was busted.  It’s not so much he was a direct threat to national security as his information was continuing to press the identity of the WTC perp, a Mormon affiliate.

For the record, there are three primary debauchery perks that Atramental uses to recruit membership in any of it’s subordinate satanic organizations.  These are unchecked access to money, drugs and sex.

Mormons will give you literally anything you need, it’s equivalent in resources when you join their church.  Drugs are unknown, but I imagine if you were to test some of their bishops you’d find quite a few of them are high on something that’s not legal.  This organization used sex to recruit to it’s colonial dispensation, and the necromancy ritual is as much a part of it’s function today as it’s been throughout the ages in Druid mysticism.  Partridge, Holloway and Gardner were eugenics projects.

Regarding Albert Pike’s invocation about human stupidity, the flock will indeed feed the elite!  People spend too much time mulling around in avoidance of reality.  The group that arrested Raub probably believed they were doing the right thing for the state, but without fully understanding the the politics motivating their bosses, they, too, are Pike’s patsies, and Raub their temporarily captive peaceful warrior.


Brandon Raub Persecuted for Telling the Truth About the Federal Reserve


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