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XI-U, The Future of America Today

This the Real reason for Obama’s phony Bin Laden Capture, Schwarzenegger’s alleged illegitimate son (NEVER confirmed), Soros’ Strauss-Kahn, The London Riots, Oslo Utoya, OWS and GNC ANAI.

This little project in the macabre was reported April 23, 2011, to a federal policing agency that rather then stop this horrific enterprise alerted Obama et all the public was aware of his involvement in Stone House Hunting Lodge.  At that time the victim pool was Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson and Holly Bobo.  Further research linked this project to Laurie Partridge via Spencer Kimball and Natalee Holloway to Thomas Monson.

Obama lofted his Bin Laden fiasco as a theatrical shock and awe event to shield himself from increasing public awareness of his involvement in kidnapping for torture.  These were just a few of his victims.  Having intercepted this information with propaganda, a cascade of events ensued creating an immense diversion all the while he continued to make progress in seeing this project through with the subsequent abductions of Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift.  Spierer and Swift were BOTH predicted, and yet Fusion center did NOTHING to alert the public to this danger.

We expected mainstream media to ignore this information.  It’s largely owned and operated by the the Elite entities who are promoting this sociopathy via neopolitics.  Even Prison Planet attacked this information with provocateurs.  Surprised?  GNC is knights of Malta.  Alex Jones is one of this organizations gatekeepers.

The tragedy with XI-U is when it linked to Laurie Spencer it likewise opened up an SSO vortex with Mormon church.  We already had forensic occult data linking Monson to Holloway.  Bobo linked Partridge to the LDS AND an individual named Pastor Steven Anderson who is believed to be Partridge’s son fathered by Spencer Kimball.  Anderson’s wife may in fact also be fathered by Kimball.  There’s no telling how many victims Monson has stashed away in his international harem, and when he dies they’ll all be killed and sealed with him in perpetuity, or so it goes.  For the record, the Mormon church was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US.  It is a Mason enterprise in collaboration with the UK, and like it’s forbearer it’s prime directive is herding, animal husbandry and human sacrifice.

So where does this go?  nowhere.  People read it, scratch their ass and watch a movie.  It’s entertainment.  Life has no value.  People are automatic on denial.  If circumstances don’t present in the news they ignore it.  If ABC tells them Santa Clause just arrived at the local shopping Mall they swarm this event.  This is a flaw in the genetic code of mankind which XI-U not only proves this it CELEBRATES it!

XI-U decoded is 911/333.  9/11 redirects to September 11, 1857, and Mountain Meadows, which set the standard for domestic terrorism in the US.  333 is a couple of things of importance to the occult, but what’s important for the public to know about this number is it’s an address embedded in a triune of Mormon structures in Spokane, Washington, the location where XI-U was initiated on Laurie Partridge in 1974.  XI-U is a Drac project.  The Masons are attempting to institutionalize occult rendition which sets a legal precedence for kidnapping for torture to resource a BDSM/pedophilia enterprise with “products” acquired in the US.  Product is the corporate term for a child.

Further, Holly Bobo’s abduction of Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (Wednesday/4; April/4; 13/4; 2011/4) is the address number of the first building in this Mormon Triune, 4444 East 43rd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223.  Ferris High, where 1974 Abductee, Laurie Partridge, attended school, lines up in this address and the Bobo residence in Parsons 1700+ miles aerially distant from Spokane.  Let that sink in for a moment.


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