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Obama Relection Propaganda: re The World’s Most Powerful Women 2012

This is scraping the bottom of the intelligence barrel for ideas to cull popularity votes to increase Obama’s chances of winning against the odds of Ron Paul moving ahead of both Obama and Romney in September regardless of a media Blackout on the former, in my opinion.  This has got /Let’s help Michelle Obama become the 6th most powerful woman in the world!/ written all over it.

I guess the combined genius of Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs is a temporal phenomenon after all, otherwise they wouldn’t have redirected to a character flaw in the Obama administration, which is his own popularity is flagging because of fitness issues in leading a constitutional republic, although He is damn good at UK policy making!  I intentionally capitalized /He/.  Long live King Obama, although he’s determined not to (Superman).

Money isn’t everything, except to the few who have lots of it, and on that if it makes them so powerful let them use it to buy the election via electronic voting machine mistakes and misunderstandings.  For those of you who are absolutely convinced of Obama’s solvency with the US economics, the current economic percaptia ratio looks like this:

Obama’s combined family income of 3K per day v your $125/day UNEMPLOYMENT.  Obama can afford to own the buggered up voting machines.  He doesn’t need your vote.  Seriously!

These numbers mean if you are on unemployment, and many people are, Obama is raking in $0.25 to every $.01 YOU get on his lousy fiscal plan.  Obama gets quarters.  You get pennies, okay?  Think about it this way.  You’re in the grocery store.  Obama’s standing ahead of you in line.  He’s special.  He likes to be first.  You let him cut in front of you.  You watch the cashier hand him his change, which is gold.  You get yours in promissory notes.

And THAT’S with Michelle being the 7th most powerful woman in the world while the US slowly descends into to 3rd world domestic hell.  The higher she goes, the poorer you are going to become.  Their gold, your promissory notes.  And you are going to re-elect this con, why exactly?  Oh yeah, so Michelle can graduate from the 7th position on the list of the 10 most powerful people in the world to the 6th, which she will share with her daughters, BTW… Let it sink in.

If nothing else that’s been said here reaches you, hopefully this will. Folks, 7 and 6 are additive sum 13.  ENOUGH already, geesh!

According to Obama, “I was actually sent here by my father, Jor-El… to save the planet earth.”  This is in no way funny or light hearted.  It’s engineered propaganda to beguile his public albeit is hardly an appropriate allegory under the circumstances, since Superman was killed in 1992!

Okay, so maybe we are dealing with an intelligence issue here?  Unless he’s trying to formulate his own grandiose exit from politics, this probably wasn’t the best thing he could have said to a public that’s grown increasingly hostile toward him since his election.  He’s taking out his entire family here on a fantasy that most people avoided reading because they were never interested in Superman in the first place.  Do we have a false flag domestic terrorism scenario here?  STOP!  Good grief, we don’t need this!  The though of it is walking up the, er, ah… Some pretty important souls!

Barack, my brother from another mother, why are you doing this?  Oh wait, Michelle.  No, it still doesn’t make sense, unless… NO WAY!


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