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Judge John Head


So long Texas!

Tyrants rule in the Lone Star state, albeit the quiescent people of Texas have learned to be still during the BLACK MASS so their own lives will not be disrupted by products screaming horrifically for salvation.  America will shut the fuck up or join the victim pool.  These monsters eat meat.  You are meat!

Were US quislings any less principled on gaen debauchery rites of passage, they would all be embarrassingly naked to their constituency, the people by and large freer without them than with and much less vulnerability to Butterfly Sting.

If you don’t yet know the lyrics to human ritual sacrifice you better learn them pretty quick.  Stupid won’t save you in these macabre political circumstances.  If they want you they will take you for exploitation by their SSO party culture, and you will have paid them to do this.  Whatever works.

The application of the logo /Yes We Can/ is transformation through death, but don’t take MY word for it.  Study numerology for a couple of years so you can eventually get a peek at your elected official’s moral compass, if you’re not afraid of the dark and looking into a lens that presents a view to the hellish circumstances of your future.


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