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Anders Breivik and the Neopolitical Agenda for the US

August 24, 2012

The future of American economics on the Norwegian plan should the Keynesian system collapse the EU will look something like this:

Oslo/Utoya: 77 dead, including children.  21 year sentence, which is the maximum allowable under Norwegian law for this crime.

This amounts to a 93 day sentence per each individual murdered. At minimum wage per capita ($6.75/hour), the value of human life in these circumstances is approximately 6.75x 744 hours= $5,000.00 per victim, which Breivik is paying for by doing time is a prison setting that’s akin to a vacation resort, with the caveat that he will leave prison a pre-made millionaire.

The current total for this package is approximately $385,000.00. What do you want to bet Breivik will be released in 21 years, write a book and profit half a million, PLUS interest, for his role in this human sacrifice event?

Breivik will walk out of prison a millionaire on his signature alone. Why? Because people will flock to his story for fun, which this is how neopolitcs is frame bridging the public to ritual human sacrifice. Your masters want you to both tolerate and enjoy this, which you are coming along quite nicely in your acculturation to ritual human sacrifice for entertainment. It’ll get much better when the Mormon temples come on-line for THEIR part in this macabre UK project.

This, folks, is the neopolitical agenda for the US as well. Kelly Thomas, for example, one of 300 such handicapped victims put to death curbside via summary judgement/execution across the US 2011-12. It’s entertainment. The brain child of this macabre enterprise is the EU Masonic Union AKA Knights of Malta, a virulent SSO what mystification entity is Druid Mysticism. Our salvation is Weishaupt, although the UK has so bastardized this entity and made it look as thought it’s mother of all satanic SSO’s people won’t trust it. In reality, Weishaupt pulled away from the occult, which was a major threat to the Masons who adapted their organization to recruitment based on debauchery perks.

Illumination and atramental are opposing forces in these affairs, with the Illuminated Masons having given you the Constitution and Bill of Rights which people have set aside in exchange for entertainment. Folks, Britain is standing in the wings Her Repatriation agenda largely perpetrated on the US via your gullibility. You’re stupid. You don’t want to think for yourself, and when the haze diffuses, which it is currently doing, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Her military cohort, NATO.

LA OSS FESTE 2033!  The guest of honor will be Anders Breivik.


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