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August 23, 2012 (emailed)
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President Thomas S. Monson
The Office of the First Presidency
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150


This is not a friendly letter, Mr. Monson.  I am responding to your organizations August 22, 2012 telephonic death threat to my home.  Go to hell.

This is also opportunity to demand the release of LDS held hostages Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner.

Without a doubt, this email will be screened and tossed into the circular file in avoidance of the issues I am bringing to your attention.  It’s coming at you anyway.  You are invited to clarify any part of this that is incorrect in your view.  Since about 100 other organizations will be receiving it, you may want weigh in.  You are not going to walk away from this abduction issue unchecked.

I have been working in my spare time the past 18 months to know the organization responsible for the abductions of certain female individuals from the US what forensic information surrounding these horrific crimes has been ignored, and of course this data issues largely on the calendar, cartography and SSO signatures which although are a clear and pressing feature of every one of these abductions is likewise dismissed as conspiracy by mainstream media.  This is about to change.

We understand that on a Nationalist Socialist Corporatist (NSC) paradigm the media is owned and operated by organizations such as yours.  The people you having working for you perform their tasks principled on corporate policy in abeyance of the rule of law prescribed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which doing this is Atramental.  I won’t belabor a conversation here.  You already understand this.

Let me explain something to you that is not going way, Mr. Monson.


Fact #1: The Mormon church was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US, and this organization institutionalized domestic terrorism on Mountain Meadows and the Black Mass on Whitechapel.  You are a Druid organization, which this can be proved out in the Brief Analysis of the Book of Mormon.

Fact #2: Your SSO practices three forms of ritual sacrifice and eugenics, which the latter pulled Laurie Partridge into orbit around Spencer Kimball in 1974 and subsequently linked to Holly Bobo’s abduction in 2011.  We know Pastor Steven Anderson is Kimball’s son, and that YOU, sir, directed the kidnappings of Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner in collusion with such popular politicians as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Bredesen and George Soros.  These were matrix abductions, you ARE the perp and you have affiliation with the state department and it’s technology to perform at will occult rendition to resource ritual human sacrifice for entertainment with “products” acquired in the US.  National and state policing organizations subordinate.

Fact #3: You are a Knights of Malta organization.  You’re organization subordinates to UK SSO Quatuor Coronati and the British monarchy.  Your organization is a Masonic meld with Druid mysticism having roots in Egyptian mythology, and your mystification agenda is Amen-Ra Toth AKA philanthropy, herding/ritual sacrifice and propaganda.

Fact #4: You are allied with the Church of England and Baptist Church, are known as the notorious US SSO Atramental Lodge 23 AKA neopolitics and you are inexorably linked to MK/ULTRA what primary mechanism of domestic destabilization is charm offense, the double bind and penetration on the entertainment industry throughout the world.  What you are NOT is a God conscience faith.  In fact, your protocols are entirely satanic and a manifestation of a tyrannical dictatorship in competition with our Constitutional Republic.  In other words, you are a giant fucking Cuckoo bird.

Fact #5: You organization performs three types of ritual sacrifice in the US: necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and ritual sacrifice of young women following horrific rape and torture ceremonies.  You self-identify as the beast, and you have absolutely no regard for human life.  You’re true identity as a sociopath is you believe you are God on earth and thus empowered to exercise your preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia upon whatever child turns you on, which was the purpose for organizing on the Masonic pyramid scheme in the first place.  It’s not a character building enterprise, nor is it affiliated in any way with Egyptian pyramid building.  It’s occult syndicate, and the platform at the top of the uncompleted pyramid is a sacrificial alter for the Black Mass.  The all seeing eye is the eye of Ra, an Egyptian ritual human sacrifice entity.

Fact #6: The Illuminati WAS NOT an occult organization principled on your hokey mystery religion and in fact was designed to stand off from the Jesuits, a Vatican inspired organization issuing from the Knights Hospitaller and subsequently forming an alliance with Druid mysticism, hence the hybrid organization that became the Masonic Union.  The latter DOES practice ritual sacrifice, and the LDS church is a party to this via it’s UK affiliation with Quatuor Coronati and the Knights of Malta.  Your explanation of Illuminati corruption is hyperbole and an attempt to discredit this organization by negative attribution.  In reality, Mr. Monson, Illumination contravenes atramental, not the other way around.

Fact #7: LDS presidency leadership is grouped in cohorts of three, each of these producing additive sum 13 which your organization dismisses out of mind as a mistake and misunderstanding, you, Mr. Monson, claiming to know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the occult.  Joseph Smith through Gordon B. Hinckley, five leadership cohorts of three presidents each, each cohort additive sum 13.  Five consecutive 13s.  No misses.  Occult numerology perfection.  You are a sick individual, Mr. Monson.  Your faith is a lie.  You are a lie.  Your life is a lie, and your type of lying is a dangerous proposition for women and children.

Fact#8: You’re a con man, Mr. Monson.  You’re a rapist and serial child ax murder way beyond anything imaginable in the human psyche, and you enjoy your reputation among the elite as a consummate Drac, albeit your pseudo honor is a noble lie engineered to mystify the public so people don’t immediately surround and hang you for killing their children.  Your day is coming, Mr. Monson.  Your church is on fire.  It’s over.


Mr. Monson, in the US we are a SELF-MASTERY culture and the product of the Illuminated masons who empowered us to fight tyrannical government such as yours with the 2nd Amendment, and your organization is attempting to circumvent the Bill of Rights via legislation to prevent or ability to defend against you, what presentation in an otherwise pleasant disposition is charm offence on the double bind, and when people won’t get our of your way, you kill them, hence your August 22 death threat to me.

Such occult politics magnifies aspirations to restore our society to it’s rightful place as a preeminent and respected 1st world culture.  That’s just not possible with the Mormon church on the planet, for obvious reasons.  I am not an advocate of violence.  I am a constitutionalist.  We know our rights under the law.  You’ve taken female hostages for ritual human sacrifice.  Return them, now.

Let’s consider the numbers, Mr. Monson.  Your organization is responsible for over 400 thousand child sacrifices since 1888, a low estimate.  That’s about 3200 children per year, or 9 children per day.  You identify them, stalk them, kidnap, torture, rape and sacrifice them, and sometimes you even eat their remains.  THIS is the reality of the Mormon church, Mr. Monson.  Amen-Ra Toth.  The perfect BDSM/pedophilia scheme.  You build a nation.  Sacrifice the young of this nation.  And control outrage via propaganda.


Thus confronted, what ultimately happens to you and your organization is out of my hands.  If people are stupid enough to be a part of your SSO and derive some satisfaction from this is their own business with the exception that we are going to fight you on the issue of occult rendition.  I am telling you, alive or dead, I am about to administratively collapse the Mormon church.  Know it.

Your death threat means nothing to me.  Again, I am ordering you to release Natalie Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner, if they are still alive.  If not alive, immediately make arrangements for their families to have possession of their remains.  You’re caught.  Give it up.

You can’t control this, Mr. Monson.  It’s over.  You’re finished.  Present in public at your own risk.  It’s the same option you gave me on August 22, 2012.  It’s not me you have to worry about.  It’s people who know you who oppose what you stand for, you evil child murdering piece of shit.



In the grander scheme of things, Ron Paul is the best candidate if your are hoping to preserve our constitutional Republic.  Obama is 2nd best choice for the simple reason that, contrary to what the pundits are saying about him, he is quite transparent in his policy making, albeit he is a UK lackey.  If this isn’t meaningful to you, so be it.  Re-elect him.  Our repatriation is thus assured.  With Obama, if he’s going to raid the cookie jar he’s going to tell you.  You know what he’s doing at the time he’s doing it, even when this involved kidnapping for torture, and he’s been doing plenty of this, too, just Americans aren’t quite ready to deal with this.  Romney will schmooze you.  You’ll never be able to outpace his occult behavior, because he’s wired highly covert via his affiliation with the Mormon church AND his UK brotherhood, Quatuor Coronati.  He’s got a handshake on one arm and a sacrificial knife on the other.  Then he smiles beautifully to disarm you, which he’s planning on doing both also by rewriting the 2nd Amendment.  His record on kidnapping for torture stands on the church’s affiliation with the occult, and we know this organization is actively involved in necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and ritual sacrifice of young women.  In a nutshell, Romney’s more dangerous that Obama is for the simple reason that he was groomed sociopath from the crib.  Obama is MK/ULTRA, which is a more sophisticated genome.  Regarding Ron Paul, if you can get past his Illuminati roots, which again, the Illuminati was NOT designed as a satanic organization, he’s a staunch constitutionalist.  Coincidently, Weishaupt withdrew from the occult because of it’s satanic invocations, which his organization also facilitated our secession from Britain.  Of course Richard Belzer has weighed in on this little feature of occult development involving the Jesuits, which according to him was merely a professional spy entity.  In this simple minded latter day scenario, there was no Black Madonna or Council of Nicaea, as acknowledging either would mark him as a Drac.  According to Belzer, the bible and Jesus are real.  Okay, and when we were children we believed that if you wore a St. Christopher necklace you will never have an accident.  Mormons believe this about their magic underwear, by the way.  Life is just this way for Poor Richard, except for his night time forays into the French countryside for products to resource… midnight parties?  Okay, now Belzer and the Mormon church, THAT’S weird!

Eve Protocol

Romney’s promise on the surface: “I want to speak to the women of America who have dreams, who begin BUSINESSES in their homes, who begin BUSINESSES out in the marketplace, who are working in various enterprises and companies… I want you to be successful. Our campaign is about making it easier for entrepreneurs, women and men, to start BUSINESSES and to grow BUSINESSES.” This is Romney giving American women the business! VETTED FOR MEANING/PROPAGANDA CODE: He’ll deliver in schemes and short success, nothing more. Also, Romney’s use of the phrases /begin businesses/, /begin businesses/, /start businesses/ and /grow businesses/ are 3rd derivative recombinant additive sum 7, which is a Druid prime. Romney is deceiving you on the Genesis protocol. The number 7 thus embedded redirects to ritual human sacrifice and the Black Mass. /Begin/, /begin/, /start/ and /grow/ are 3rd derivative recombinant additive sum 1, which is transformation through death. /Businesses/ four times is 3rd derivative recombinant additive sum 13, the Mormon occult prime which has been proven to be a function of church leadership since it’s inception in 1830. This type of propaganda issues on Toth in connection with their worship of their solar deity, Amen-Ra. Romney is 100% lie and exquisitely practiced in the language of the occult. What he’s telling you is it’s going to be occult business as usual and then some. BTW, notice Ryan’s Clinton-esque posturing in the background. Guess what TH-AT means, eh? Lots of domestic assassinations, but don’t take my word for it. Also, Take a look at the females in the background of the linked image. They are totally blissing out and have absolutely no clue what’s coming at them. That child screaming during the child sacrifice debauchery ritual is a psychotic break that will magnify during the heart rendition! pe-le el!

Denver, Oops!

This has got to be embarrassing as Lucifer for Romney.  Advocating for schemes and short success in Ohio and female reporters censored in Denver.  That old #7 issue just hangs on and on and on.  Hmm, talking about a level playing field here, too.  THIS IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD?  According to WHAT Nationalist Socialist Corporatist, may I ask?  Okay, so Romney’s playing a level field in Denver, but female reporters are not allowed to ask certain questions.  Does charm offensive and the double come to mind?  Ohio, he’s culling votes on occult protocol (see above), which means what exactly to a level playing field?  Let’s see, Romney likes a level playing field, in the Twilight Zone!  That’s what it feels like, or is that a naturally occurring disassociative feature of MK’s press for campaign rhetoric non-reality?  Nooo.  Wait?  How could this be!  Mormon treachery?  Confusing, isn’t it.  Yes ladies and gentlemen.  Romney’s for women in Ohio and against them in Denver, and they are going to line up to vote for him in September nonetheless.  I call this the Eve Syndrome, BTW.


This convention failed on Romney losing constituency, period.  And he standing up there lying about it seals his integrity.  He doesn’t have any.  The ROMNEY RYAN AKIN pundit was clever as hell.  I guess subliminals can go both ways, eh heir Romney?  You fucking pervert.  So what’s it like to get frustrated knowing the whole world is waiting for you to pull one of your necromancy rituals to relieve stress?  Different, isn’t it, a media conscience looking back at you through that magic mirror of yours?  You going to pray me out of existence, fuck-er?  Your God v mine, and I’ve already won.  You are a God unto yourself anyway, so why couldn’t you improve the weather?  I have an offer for you, magician.  I’ll debate my views with you live in air.  You talk your Mormon crap, and I’ll point to it’s Druid source material.  How about TH-AT!  The AK redirect is Ben Fulford, you artificial SOB [@Romney].  Now THERE’S an American hero [@Fulford]!

Ron Paul Will Not Fully Endorse Romney

Hopefully, Romney will concede the GOP nomination to Paul before this turns into a disaster for the LDS.  This organization is about to collapse on it’s character issues alone, let be whatever might surface Linking Romney et al to Karen Swift.

Doug Wallace

@Thomas Monson “… unholy alliance of the department of homeland security and the national security agency of the united states government with Mormon church…”  You recognize Doug Wallace, don’t you, you SOB.  You can pretend this is going away.  You can hide out in one of your temples.  I Imagine you’ll skedaddle to Buckingham Palace for protection.  It’s not unlikely your comforted and protected in the company of Janet Reno, since she’s apparently linked to this macabre enterprise via DHS, eh?  What’s the link between Marc Detroux and your organization?  He was a raptor, wasn’t he?  Like Richard Allen Davis and Ted Bundy? He serviced your abduction agenda, didn’t he, something like this, “Dutroux was a small cog in a sex-slave ring involving powerful people. His accomplice in the kidnappings, Michel Lelievre, testified, ‘Marc always told me that he kidnapped girls for people who had placed an order with him.’ He killed An and Eefje because the people who placed the order ‘weren’t interested in them.” Kimball ordered Partridge and probably 100 others. You placed the orders for Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner. You’re the alpha in this organization, Thomas. You’re church presidency ALSO traverses multiple US administrations. Do we have this correct? Does the US administration kowtow to the LDS presidency? That’d be a constitutional monarchy, wouldn’t it? Kind of a Church of England administration slow meld with US political infrastructure AKA neopolitics and it’s myriad of debauchery recruitment tactics. How many sex slaves do you have, you sick perverted bad boy?

Bain Capital

Go to Romney’s Abortion Problem and read the insert.  The connection is virtually ALL neopoliticians advocate for this macabre practice, because it has value for staging full term and live birth abortions, which both can be used in necromancy rituals for entertainment.  In some cases, where the fetus is left unattended after birth to die, it can be ferreted off and preserved for use at a later date.  THIS is the reality of the Mormon church.  That level platform at the top of the occult pyramid is a sacrificial alter, competition over which is being staged between the Vatican and Church of England.  The Mormon church subordinates to the latter.  America’s response: Eve syndrome.

Flagging Popularity

Romney’s whipped puppy is an attempt to shelter a fierce predator behind artificial charm.  It’s just one fucking schmooze game after another to exhaust your sensibilities.  Hopefully you’ll eventually fatigue, he’ll move on to more grandiose scheme than the one he’s just pulled off and mankind will fade into the Twilight Zone abyss of normalcy bias to make ready for the next round of occult rendition victimization principled on a savior myth.  Let this monster up and you can kiss your freedom and liberty goodbye.  Romney is an occult rendition predator, and he’s already redrafted the 2nd amendment to further diffuse your ability to defend against his organization’s domestic terrorism schemes.  Pity this SOB and you agree with every sacrifice he’s ever put under the knife.  Know it.  This issue doesn’t revolve around your desire to improve DC with your savior vote.  It’s about your children and 400 thousand before them who’ve been sacrificed in Mormon temples between 1888 and 2011 and the 400 thousand that’ll disappear into this hell over the next 100 years.  THIS is what you are voting for in Romney.  Go ahead and ask him to explain this.  Give him a copy of this and ask him, What is this all about?  Ask him about Brigham Young, domestic terrorism and repatriation.  Email his campaign manager.  Send him a letter.  Do not assume this is a blind attack on Romney’s character.  This is real.  Confront him with Reality.  I’ve offered to go point to point, live, the book of Mormon and Druid mysticism.  Romney wouldn’t touch an interview with me,  because this would provide the public with a candid view of this organizations true origin, which is occult UK mysticism. Do you think Romney’s got your best interest at heart?  Ask him what happened to Laurie Partridge (1974/Kimball) and sierra Lamar (2012/Cheney).  ASK him. Hell, ask Thomas Monson while we’re still a free society. God only knows you’ll be summarily executed for even thinking about this if one of these monsters makes it back into the White House in September. No? 300 summary judgement curbside executions by electrocution in 2011. All taser deaths and an alternative manifestation of the wicker Man. America’s response: Mitt Romney in 2012, D’oh!

Culling Savior Votes

Looks like a family enterprise to me!  Imagine Romney’s president.  You hear on the news he’s just bombed the Sudan.  Wife comes on a few minutes alter and talks about losing one of her geldings to some natural disease.  EVERYONE’S crying over the loss of her horse.  The Sudan’s soon forgotten and 23 more children disappear during the night across the US, and not by miscarriage, BTW.  America responds:  Red Bull and vintage Eagles classic rock sales sky-rocket!  Ritual human sacrifice, folks, brought to you by… gullibility, denial of reality and neopolitics.

Romneyethics, NOT!

Adulteration, arrogance, obscurity… You get a virtual Pandora’s box with this con artist, and he’s so good at it you don’t even notice when it makes you ill!  N/CSDR, which it’s cousin is STD.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Romney Army of Provocateurs v Paul Delegates

There’s a three part and easy to remember formula in neopolitics: Amen-Ra Toth, or Philanthropy, sacrifice and propaganda. Romney’s philanthropic moment is his sociopath stage presence, the sacrifice of delegate integrity and how he conducts his unethical convention meetings, and propaganda issues partly engaged by his diffidence to an otherwise unprincipled convention procedure [we are talking Mormon here]. The net effect is, “WE IN NEOPOLITICS DO NOT NOT FOLLOW NOR DO WE CARE ABOUT THE RULE OF LAW OR POLITICAL DECORUM, PERIOD.” Romney’s kind of a male version or Rhoda Penmark right down the age issue and narcissistic fixation on his age mates, which may help explain the behavior of his delegates?

Good Citizen Hannity: Romney’s a felon.  No evidence to back it up.

Same as, “WHAAAAT?  Prove it.” The perfect crime is occult sacrifice.  It’s shrouded in mystification albeit in your face with the pseudo science of numerology and cartography in the same manner it’s been engineered, which by the way links Romney to such ritual sacrifice for entertainment as Karen Swift, and of course that’s setting aside such notorious abductions as Laurie Partridge (Spencer Kimball) and Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner (Thomas Monson), all perfectly corroborated with occult forensic evidence, you insane prick. Very dangerous fantasy here, because YOU, Mr. Hannity, are perpetuating this lie in contravention of reality, which is satanic, and dangerous because people are BELIEVING it in contravention of the truth, which is also satanic.  People will eat their own children if led to believe it’s good for them (Genesis 3; McDonald’s pureed human fetus value meal nuggets; pink slime), which this is the collective state of mind of mankind reinforced by the lie.  When it comes down to the line this life style of human sacrifice is fun, people being entertained by it‘s satanic promoters, Mr. Hannity, among which you are one. While we’re on the subject, some people also believe lots of money and popularity are core attributes of human character, where the more of both you have the more favored you are by the Gods.  On the one hand, I have to concede this is true.  The Gods of money and popularity do in fact reward those who are worthy to receive.  On the other hand, try lying your way out of death, my friend.  You can’t, although you can cheat this event some by taking the body parts of your fellows to extend your own life (Lamar/Cheney).  The truth here favors human survival that does not include a contract on the human genome, unless you can talk people into believing you have a sacred interest in this over their own.  In that case, they forfeit their birth rite, which sets a precedence for being FORCED to forfeit same, which you understand full well the implications of having used Lamar to salvage Cheney.  Because you are one of their shill monsters, Mr. Hannity. Want to know the real god? Grab some very dry dirt up in your hand and blow on it lightly. Don’t imagine it. Do it! Watch the dirt fall to the ground. THAT my sick friend is humanity, what animation was introduced by the God that held it aloft and breathed life into it, for a moment, but it didn’t last forever. We’re not a species of conscience so much as we realize this to late to have made a difference in promoting mankind anything other than what he actually is, a domestic predator what connection to this planet is his primordial link to the swamp, and we aren’t much different in THIS form than we were then eating and fucking everything in sight and partying into oblivion. THIS is mankind. Now state you confidence in Mitt Romney’s with reason. You can’t. Reality is at the OTHER end of the spectrum, in the light.

Pathological Acquisition Corporatism

Congressman Paul’s message of limited, Constitutional government, sound foreign policy, and personal liberty rail-roaded by a Romney/Neo driven RNC is a Mormon wet dream on a 77 year old political rape victim!

AMERICAN ZOMBIE asks: Can Mormons do debauchery?


AMERICAN ZOMBIE asks: Do they?


pe-le el

There’s a lot of controversy over the meaning of this little diatribe with absolutely no connection being made to it’s roots in Druid Mysticism. Does this mean Wonderful God or Wonderful Lucifer?  Does it matter if the Council of Nicaea wrote the Bible in the first place? It doesn’t matter. It’s another Mormon code embed for the Druid numbers 5, 7 and 3, numbers which are repeated in the Brief Analysis of the Book of Mormon and in the priesthood logos Aaronic and Melchizedek. Not withstanding el, in the manner presented, is the archaic presentation of wonderful Lucifer. I know, argument. Of course, but argue with the numbers, please. The negative core of Lucifer asceticism is ritual human sacrifice, and 5 and 7 are the Druid numbers for their black Mass victims, who are usually female children, but who of recent have been linked to Laurie Partridge, Natalee Holloway, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, Robyn Gardner and Karen Swift, all having been lofted as local abductions when in fact these individuals are victims of the Mormon Black Mass in affiliation with DHS, a Mormon Zionist project engineered to repatriate the US. I’ll do one FNCS here to show you how this works. These numbers are ciphered Pythagorean 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums, and this will give you an idea of how these monsters are hiding their crimes in full view of the public. The reality behind this is when they get caught they say you knew and went along with this. Right.

11 11 92 62 52 91 31

1196593 [7]
2228714 [8]
1122211  [1]

42 51 32 31 81 91 81 51 41 51 22

45338985452 [2]
66549196564 [7]
21211111112  [5]


75= additive sum 3

The Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods are identified with the negative core of Druid mysticism which is ritual human sacrifice. These numbers are repeated in the Brief analysis of the Book of Mormon and the Luciferan invocation pe-le el, but there’s more. Mitt Romney’s identified with these numbers by name (Willard Mitt Romney; WMR) what first letter, 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums are 7, 3 and 5, respectively. Coincidence? Naw. All mistakes and misunderstandings that can be easily dismissed by denial, and of course denial of reality is the Druid prime directive. The victim screaming during a mind splitting necromancy ritual is as BDSM wet dream. And for those practitioners whose sexual desires are directed at older children, rape, torture and sacrifice aggrandize these monster’s sick affect. I can’t imagine a child passively engaged in a rape or torture scenario asking for this, although I understand that because sex is pleasurable among adults it will likewise be rationalized to be a benefit to children in these circumstances as well.  This is LAUSD’s position, too. Knowing this, have another look at Thomas Monson and Mitt Romney and tell yourself you have absolute confidence these monsters have your best interest in mind.

There is nothing glorious about child sacrifice except it aggrandizes the macabre fantasy of it’s sociopath practitioners.  It’s child ax murder; they hack/slash their victims into pieces and in some cases eat their remains.  It’s a debauchery pledge, and if you aren’t born with the appetite for this it’s pressed into your mind through repetitions if you want to be a part of their organization.  For those who do not, it’s noble mystification promoted by the Bible (Council of Nicaea 325AD) and Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith, 1830), and shock and awe are used to keep you too preoccupied with your losses to fight them let alone know who is doing this.  Let’s add discovery here and rightfully attribute the number 11 to the Mormon church, since this is the additive sum    of the number 1505, which is the number of years between Nicaea and Smith’s formal establishment of the LDS.  27 years hence, or additive sum 9, would be 1857 and Mountain Meadows.  911?  The Delta Region Abduction Project AKA XI-U, Laurie Partridge et al, is 911/333.  333 is an address embed in one of your temple triunes in Spokane Washington, the location of the Partridge abduction which not surprisingly is cartographicly aligned with the Bobo residence 1700+ miles west.  Coincidence, or fucking nightmare?

Have a look at the Temple alter pictured in the image linked to this narrative (pe-le el).  This is a necromancy alter.  Mormons wear “magic underwear” in connection with this location in the temple, the public largely mystified on this clothing for lack of correct information to link this to ritual sacrifice.  The correct linguistic links are endowment> chantry> alter (see latin origin)> Eucharist/mass, or more specifically the Black Mass which involves the rendition of a live fetus from it’s sacrificed mother. Megan Maxwell, correct?

THIS is the Mormon church.  THIS is Thomas Monson and Mitt Romney. THIS is your future sealed to neopolitics in perpetuity in November.

With all of this in the back drop of the Romney campaign, what do you think TURN AROUND and THE PROMISE OF AMERICA really means? I’ll tell you what it means.

THE PROMISE OF AMERICA= ciphered Pythagorean 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums 11 and 13, which is MK/ULTRA.  The numbers don’t lie.

TURN AROUND= ciphered Pythagorean 3rd derivative recombinant additive sum 46= 1 .  The number 1 is renewal through death.  Wonderful.

These logos together are 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums 1 and 6, which is the Mason #7 and what juxtaposition on the Masonic Union magic square redirects to ritual human sacrifice.  It’s not the Illuminati that’s responsible for this macabre.  It’s the Mormon church!  11 isn’t the Illuminati.  It’s the Mormon church. Government isn’t government, it’s the fucking Mormon church, and that makes OUR government a theocracy/dictatorship that practices ritual human sacrifice!

People would know this if they studied it.  They haven’t studied it, so they don’t know it, and for this reason these monsters have tagged folks as farm animals, farm animals they are nonetheless torturing with rape and sacrifice. Bestiality?

America’s response: Romney/Rand in 2012!  Folks, Romney/Rand is s fusillade of occult numbers that if you could read them you wouldn’t even waste your time with the RNC: 13, 13, 11 and 11.  Figure it out.  Pythagorean 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums.  It’s occult, and in this case the ticket might as well say WE LIKE DOING THE CHILD SACRIFICE DEBAUCHERY RITUAL, AND SO WILL YOU!


I can’t claim that honor…

Meaning… Genetic heritage?  Or is Romney saying there’s something wrong with being Mexican?  He could have said something like…although I am honored to be identified with the strong and durable Mexican cultural heritage.

But he’s not.  He can’t be, because that would have recognized Mexicans as being a valid part of humanity.  Mormons are a pure ideological race.  A sacrificial race.  A blood letting race of bigotry, hatred and the core belief that the world belongs to the most convincing liars, con men and grifters.

Let’s translate for posterity using the code: IHR= 3rd derivative recombinant additive sums= 113.  Very dangerous set of numbers for Mexico when spoken from the tongue of a  Mormon snake.  The occult message is a clear and resounding genocide, but Mexican leadership is missing this like most people in the US are not understanding Amen-Ra Toth.  It’s different.  It’s too exotic.  They are too busy with their lives to care, besides it’s not normal.  NO SHIT!

For the uninitiated, an NAU is being held off not because the people of these countries don’t want this.  It’s being held off so when this happens this will be a colonial meld reorganized as a constitutional monarchy AKA UN charter.  Were these three nations to formulate government on liberty and freedom the UK would perish.  THIS is the mission of the Mormon church, and NOT God consciousness.  It’s a government building paradigm for the UK.  Hello Mecca!  And for what?  To eat, fuck and party on their terms.

666/Mormon Church

  1. 1830 to September 11, 1857, Mountain Meadows – 27 years, a Pythagorean additive sum 9
  2. 1830 to September 11, 2001, WTC -171 years, another Pythagorean additive sum 9
  3. 1857 to 2001, 144 years, yet another Pythagorean additive sum 9
  4. 999 in the occult is the same as 666
  5. I wrote a letter to Thomas Monson regarding this little phenomenon
  6. No response, but he DID order my assassination

Deseret News Family Deals

Monson’s aware he’s been caught.  His SSO is toying with public sensibility testing the depth of LDS acculturation to tolerance of shock and awe what impact on the mind is a narrowing of conscience via subliminal distraction, and in this case he’s shielding witchcraft with children via TOAD’S FUN ZONE, or he’s just outright entertaining himself letting the world know he doesn’t care one way or the other.  According to Carl Teichrib, “Aleister Crowley–one of the most prolific occult adepts of the past 100 years and prominent figure in the modern revival of Western “magic”–employed toads and frogs in the conjuring of familiar spirits (Liber LXX–The Cross of a Frog).  You would think one of the last things the LDS would want to associate themselves with is witchcraft.  Misunderstanding?  Who owns Toad’s Fun Zone?  As a theme park largely unsupervised by adults, this is the perfect open range live product catalogue for the Mormon elite.  What do you think about TH-AT, Thomas!

Revisions to Propaganda (8/24; 8/25; 8/26; 8/27; 8/28; 8/29; 8/29; 8/30; 8/31; 9/2; 9/13)


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