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re: Richard Belzer: The Ruling Class is Running Scared

The Wizard of Oz

That’s not a very promising prophecy coming from one of your own, particularly the Wizard of Oz.  Also, it’s not a believable scenario.  What IS believable is corruption embedded in propaganda.  You know what this is.  It’s the Toth in Amen-Ra.

You monsters are only capable of three points in your acculturation agenda, and it’s such a clear path for the Patriots every stone in your Stone House is going to get a new function.  Do you know what that is, Drac?  You have an imagination and know what it sounds like to hear a child scream split minded during a sacrifice ritual, AFTER that individual’s been tortured and raped.  Black Mass, Richard?  Did you know there’s a test that can determine if you’ve ever eaten human flesh?

You’re surrounded.  You saw what happened in the OJ Simpson trial.  For clarification, you’re corrupt police liaisons are going down with you, fuck-er, administratively.  While you may in fact yet take more victims, be assured they are now being counted.  We are 5W saavy.  Boa is NOT being overlooked. You’re fucked.

Richard Belzar Pseudo Nazi Salute

On a lighter note, I was looking for BOARD EM but found this little jewel instead. ADL is in no way involved in domestic terrorism in the US, and this proves it, I think.  The thing about confronting a genius about his domestic crimes is it’s hard to get past a bonding issue when these SOBs start throwing up a shield one can identify with, which is why they are such good cons in the first place.  In reality, and I am saying this with reservations, Belzar is saying/FUCK TOTH PROPAGANDA/(Nazi, no ADL, right had aloft, left hand to nose, middle finger posturing), which I couldn’t have put it better myself!  Richard, despite your failings, your doublespeak is outrageous. Part of me is wondering if this wasn’t your response to Brother Breivik’s similar behavior on August 24 BEFORE the fact, which raises interesting questions about your involvement in Oslo/Utoya.  On the OTHER hand, Board EM is you threatening certain individuals in the mainstream who know about your involvement in child sacrifice. The light is on in your closet, and if you weren’t tight with this issue you wouldn’t be showing your fear all over the internet, you fucking sociopath.


41 62 71

467 8
588 3
121 4 (6)

42 91 31 51

4935 3
6146 8
2111 5 (7)

67= 13

Brotherhood. Entertainment on your buck. Same system the Mormon Church is using.

October 5, 2011 – Richard, you’re a genius, of sorts. Life comes easy, eh? What you don’t understand is you don’t get character without a little tension. To develop character you’re frustration threshold has to peak, for real, which is why people who don’t experience this, or are afraid to, torture others. It’s a ratio, and it’s mitigated on your ability to cope. On the other hand, people who do not learn to cope fixate paedomorphic and emotionally adolescent. There’s an astrological influence. There’s a familial influence. There’s a fucking genetic influence. Who cares. The bottom line is people know when they lack character it and will “sacrifice” all in abeyance of morality or ethics to have all for themselves. We’re predators by nature – that’s the part that talks to us rationalized – and human by conscience, though not many are the latter. The current dominant “species” values predation over humanity, and so the day is theirs, but it doesn’t last. Folks are hoping for a savior. That’s not going to happen either. The last one was a hoax entitled Vatican Theatre (325 AD). Another way to look at this is we are meta dimensional, and there are many of every one of us either direction of the spectrum of existence. Imagine your worst and best selves and everything in between, and you understand this completely. Bach wrote about this briefly. You could open this up, but you’re too addicted to Hollywood macabre to channel reality into your work, people are too used to theatre thinking for them for this to have meaning and it’s too short a plot on a theme people are going to ignore unless you add the scent of human blood during a screening, which is the point, because this kind of behavior evolves slavery. Oh, did I reveal something here? Isn’t that the reason they do human sacrifice, kind of symbolic way of scenting an occult time-line or event? All my opinion, of course. [http://youtu] + [.be/ISg5R2pGybs]


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