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Re Coast to Coast AM at it’s best: Alex Jones and a Banking Fraud Special

I couldn’t help but respond to this out of conscience for a need to VENT!  OMG!  People, if you want salvation, don’t be so fucking willing to lie!

According to Globalist gatekeeper, Alex Jones, “Control freaks seek power and control.  They want to make you pay attention to them.”

That’s it.  He’s got a propaganda database set up to convince you this is truth.  And you’ll listen to him hungry for normalcy in an otherwise chaotic world under siege from the very organization that is sponsoring GNC.  What’s the point?

We already know powerful governments implode.  We already know Egypt, Greece and Rome failed due to [political corruption].  Russia collapsed.  The Middle East and EU is collapsing, and this phenomenon is threatening to sweep across America at this time.  Why is this happening in the US?

Corrupt control freaks are obviously behind the Globalist movement.  It’s a power and visibility issue, and you heard it first on Infowars and then Coast to Coast… Let’s also blame the politicians, mainstream media, churches and alternative media.  Eventually we’ll stage massive boycotts of corporations – which is actually a little closer to the problem in the first place – bringing fast food giants like McDonald’s rightfully to their knees, hold a few civil wars celebratory on revolution and in due course settle in to another 1000 years of destabilization eventually becoming a little keener on global warming, population control and how to continue to bullshit people everywhere out of their resources [and children], which by the way is the Genesis protocol.

Stop!  FUCKING STOP!  Or, self-annihilate, whatever you like.  In the meanwhile, people are NOT being educated in the negative core of neopoitics, the latter of which is as old a marvel as evolution and as prevalent in human behavior as breathing is automatic to stay alive.  Man is a domestic predator, and he has an insatiable appetite for food, partying and reproduction, which brings this down to the constants of neopolitics AKA the cultural degenerative cascade into which governments typically spiral out of control when enlightenment and character are subordinated to the atramental of debauchery.

Human behavior is largely motivated by survival, so the leaner the times the meaner the crimes.  Unfortunately, in such state of affairs character takes a back seat to feeding and reproducing oneself, and this is correct to our species, otherwise we wouldn’t survive.  By this rationale, impulse leads, restraint follows, or so it goes.

The funk we get into with government is how tyranny seems evolve in the process of increasing security of mankind or some part of it, and the mechanism for this is a constant.  While Jones is largely correct that this is a control issue, he is GROSSLY incorrect in understanding how this dynamic dysfunctions, which discussing this is the point of this argument.  To make this simple, the root of all human evil is the lie.  Man’s attempt to mitigate this is truth.   Truth is a variable. Reality, a constant, is the key to our survival, not Infowars, which this alternative media is actually a just function of Globalism and preaching the gospel of truth anyway.  It’s a last ditch effort to motivate the public to begin thinking about how to avoid a population thinning Armageddon, as it were.  In other words, capitulate or die. The Bible’s invocation to be fruitful and multiply was a mistake and misunderstanding by God AKA the Council of Nicaea/Vatican.

While it’s clever that lying is a sign of higher intelligence, it is also the negative core of neopolitics, and this is how it works.

Let’s use a neutral example here.  Say someone named Cockefeller’s decided he wants to control the earth, and to do this he needs an army of minions to promote his subversion campaign.  He’s smart and remembers people can be manipulated if you resource they desire for food, partying and reproduction, hence in this first draw on the herd he offers individuals debauchery perks and the opportunity to join his growing organization if they will commit in perpetuity.  He satiates pledges, assassinates those who redact and commence recruitment of the Noble Order of Humanity AKA Quatuor Coronati, Domus Dei Lodge 5151, the Mason, Atramental Lodge 23 ANAI.  When you’re in your taken care of.  Fight this and you’re fucked.

Remember, everybody likes to eat, party and fuck, so that’s the pay-off for joining the Crockefeller government.  Members structure an elite circle to the exclusion of their lessers, an SSO forms and they upgrade the debauchery perks to immense personal wealth, unchecked access to drugs and the Black Madonna ritual which is any form of human sacrifice involving necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and Druid ritual sacrifice of young women.

Examples of the Black Madonna are Mary Ann Nichols and Megan Maxwell.  They bring a pregnancy to full term, sacrifice the mother in one of their noble mystification rituals (cut out her heart held down by their priesthood knights, the Noble Order of Humanity), and then rendition the fetus from it’s dead mother.  Black Madonna, and there are variations on the theme, such as a mother eating it’s fetus after giving birth.  TE Lawrence was the product of such a ritual sacrifice.  But, because people weren’t taught this growing up it’s a conspiracy.

This doesn’t feel like self-annihilation, because it’s someone else in the sacrificial alter.  I have news for you.  Such behavior does in fact presage the annihilation of a species by it’s own hand.  It’s a suicide mission with the future which eventually catches up via the gene pool absent certain mitochondrial material, or other wise present in what should NOT be there to signal growth.  Human sacrifice is not only evil, it destroys virtually ANY genome thus afflicted, so it is in your best interest to stand your ground if you want to survive.  Were here to press ourselves into the light.  The Illuminated founders knew this, which is why they gave you the 2nd Amendment.  Contrary to what Jones is propagandizing about the Illuminati, Weishaupt lofted this organization to thwart the Jesuits and their increasing affiliation with the EU Masonic Union, the latter formulated on human ritual sacrifice via Druid mystification.

Alex Jones knows this system perfectly well.  He’s a part of it.  He’s a Globalist gatekeeper, and he uses the same recruitment and provocateur methods his bosses use in SSO recruitment worldwide.  It gets much worse, actually.

This didn’t start with Jones OR Rockefeller.  IT started when man organized into communities that competed with others for control of resources.  Laws are good.  Enforcement is good.  What happens is when government becomes secretive so does it’s preoccupation for survival, enter debauchery, proliferation of secret societies and the need to defend from same if we are going to survive.

The Vatican is an immense SSO founded on the council of Nicaea and probably the most successful syndicate organization to have penetrated the ages with a culture that is largely a product of the imagination and some very horrific practices.  People identify with it’s philanthropic mission, albeit there are two other functions of this organization that are as powerfully embedded in the culture that people have absolutely no idea about: human sacrifice and propaganda.

Bring this up in a conversation at a Christian Sunday School and you are invited to stay away, because the Bible, the Vatican’s own mystery works, programs your fellows to believe that you are the Satan for your contrary views about the origin of this fairytale literature.  I’ve been kicked out of Catholic, Baptist and Mormon churches for just this issue.  Challenge their belief system with reality and they bristle and foment hatred that ostracizes intelligence and covets and promotes sycophants.


I’ve already covered this phenomenally simple political motor in a previous discussion.

For this argument, I’ll just say they schmooze you with Amen.  The price you pay for the resources this produces is your children, Ra.  They shield themselves from detection via the bible, Toth.

You get mainstream media and Christianity shoved down your throat to hold you off, the possibility of your figuring this little scheme out the ultimate end to neopolitics, because in reality people can be educated to avoid this.  Go to work.  Take care of  your family.  Stay to yourself and keep your mouth shut.  Amen.

Some family goes missing a kid, what do you care?  You’re taking care of your own.  Let the police handle it.  It was probably negligence anyway.  That child has disappeared with 3300 others over the course of a single year, but you’re too busy to pay attention.  Jay Leno in the afternoon.  Soccer on the weekend.  Child sacrifice doesn’t even cross your mind, and when it does you bury yourself in a Disney movie.  Ra.

They want you to know what they did, so they have their news anchors read scripted news reports that heighten your awareness of these macabre circumstances.  Details?  Forget it.  You have to 13 hours of research just to learn where a given crime occurred in the first place.  Toth.


Are you motivated to understand how a society implodes on any given SSO agenda?  It’s always the same.  No variation, and yet people don’t seem to get it.  They don’t  try to get it.  They avoid it.

This model is right out of mystification hell.  It is a uniform application of Amen-Ra Toth, and it is likewise a function of occult government.

There are three primary features of this political agenda in the US which function in shock and awe in promotion of occult rendition:

1) Legislative circumvention of the Bill of Rights,
2) collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures,
3) provocateuring on charm offensive and the double bind, and

Item number 4 is the negative core of virtually ANY SSO agenda in affiliation with the UK:

4) occult rendition AKA the Black Mass.

People are in a state of confusion over neopolitics ever chasing their tails caught up in trying to understand our cultural diffusion.  Occult rendition IS the NWO prime directive, folks.  Their game is to acculturate YOU kidnapping for torture to resource their preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia, and their process of transformation is outright denial of the rule of law with Americans standing in the wings with no clue about how to respond to this other than to pray for salvation.  Remember the Bible?  It’s your program for THEIR population thinning agenda more correctly known as Armageddon.  They wrote Armageddon (Council of Nicaea, 325 AD).  You believe this fantasy and people like Barack Obama and mitt Romney are promoting it!


People aren’t incapable of overcoming these macabre circumstances.  In fact, the government that actually DOES survive will do so because it’s citizens realized that the ONLY thing standing between their survival and the future is their willingness not to lie and stand behind this with as much conviction and determination as it takes to permanently rout this neo Drac from the planet.  Will this happen?  Not likely at this time.

You see, when a rogue cop bludgeons a handicapped individual to death and people stand around and watch like they were attending a mixed martial arts event we’ve so lost our moral compass our end is a forgone conclusion.  What should have presented in the DNA of otherwise productive behavior lacks certain elements that instead ended up a digestive protocol for the elite.  You figure it out from there.

As far as I am concerned, we got wasted September 11, 1857, were reminded of our mortality August 31, 1888 and succumbed to repatriation with the election of Barack Obama and his cohort of UK political lackeys that are being greatly rewarded to sacrifice our entire fucking nation for a grip on unchecked access to money, drugs ans sex.

Where are you going, America?  Did you know lighting up HARRP after loading the air we breathe with chemical and particulate material will cook the atmosphere?  Alex Jones hasn’t told you about that.  Did you know consuming fluoride in your drinking water causes enolase deficiency and co-occurring cognitive degeneration?  Alex Jones doesn’t cover this for a reason.  It’s REALITY.  He’s also aware Dr. Andrew Wakefiled co-engineered the Sorbitol laced MMR vaccination.  Sorbitol introduced directly into the infant blood stream via an immunization oxidizes the liver permanently interfering in mitochondrial production of choline and ATP with disastrous consequences for developmental issues involving mood, memory, intelligence and ATP mitigated metabolism of electrolytes, which they incorrectly label this phenomenon autism to further mystify medical etiology.  Neomedicine.  Does it matter?  Do you care?

Do you recognize how a propaganda data base can be used to blow your mind with truth when what you are trying to get a grip on is reality?

Want salvation?  Don’t lie.


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