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NDAA= Stone House Hunting Lodge= Lucifer, Satan, Moloch and Baal


There is very simple occult language here for those whose intelligence hasn’t been co-opted by neopolitics.  The following have been reverse engineered using the Pythagorean alphabet what identification with the occult will either shake you to the core, or you will capitulate.

NDAA, Stone House Hunting Lodge and the entities of title have something in common beyond ordinary perception that your beloved neopolitical leadership does not want you to perceive.  They want you to be able to see the graphemes, but they DO NOT want you to understand what these little acronyms mean or their relationship to one another.  They are collectively: NDAA, SHHL and LSMB, and their Pythagorean derivatives are 4, 9 and 9, recombinant additive sum 13.

It looks like this in analysis:

NDAA – 52, 41, 11, 11; 5411/2; 6522/6; 2111/5; 265/4
SHHL – 13, 81, 81, 32; 1883/2; 4995/9; 3112/7; 297/9
LSMB – 32, 13, 42, 21; 3142/1; 5463/9; 2321/8; 198/9

499= additive sum 13


One of Alex Shill Jones provocateurs uses the acronym LFMB, which is a variation of LSMB, to drive off information sharing bloggers who are competitive with GNC occult press into alternative media.  This individual is a member of a cohort having intimate knowledge of the XI-U abductions.

F substitutes 1st derivative 7 for S, leaving 6 letters in remaining in acronyms LFMB and LSMB, or 7+ 6= 13= Pythagorean letter S.  Much as I was hoping Jones was not a part of this cover up, this implicates his organization in a collaborated death threat involving Thomas Monson against my family for my having expose Monson and his LDS organization in kidnapping for torture of innocent women and children.  In reality, Jones Infowars organization is deeply involved in this macabre enterprise and is astroturfing public involvement in ritual human sacrifice by placing unsuspecting audiences in proximity to events he is fully aware sacrifice is taking place, which is acculturation.

@FluffyBunny  The Satan head embedded in the letter M is Satan= M, for Moloch.


Hardin, June 7, 2011, was a false flag attempt by Rick Perry coordinated with the state department matrixed kidnapping of Lauren Spierer to create an excuse to write legislation that could be used to stop patriot journalists from reporting abduction data to state and national policing organizations. Such information has been flooding these entities with data competitive with official documentation which circumvents reality and is actually staging acculturation to occult rendition for entertainment. This is a UK inspired enterprise, and mainstream media has blocked and censored much of this kowtowing to IC bosses who are in fact ordering these abductions.

Certain individuals in the pop culture and US politics were coming up in connection with these horrific circumstances, so many in fact that the policing entities that are trying to cover this up are unable to do so, because their own versions of these circumstances can not shield the numbers, examples of which are Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rick Perry, Phil Bredesen, Pete Wilson, George Soros and Thomas Monson, to name a few in the US. In the UK, such individuals as Rupert Murdoch, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Jose Manuel Boroso and the British monarchy are involved in this BDSM/paedophile enterprise. The Mormon church is providing cover and matrix services networked with the State Department and DHS, and this makes perfect sense, since this organization is actually one of Britain’s repatriation projects in the US anyway and a start up organization for false flag domestic terrorism (Mountain Meadows).

Obama was reported involved in the Holly Bobo abduction within a few days of her disappearance, and he was likewise linked to the individuals named above. Lauren Spierer was predicted by location, and yet TBI Fusion center ignored this information and instead alerted Obama that there was increasing public awareness of his involvement in kidnapping for torture. Obama responded with his Bin Laden fiasco to preoccupy the public with a domestic crisis followed by Schwarzenegger’s alleged per adventure with his housekeeper, Soros’ Strauss-Kahn, Oslo/Utoya, the London Riots, Amy Winehouse assassination and OWS in the US. In reality, this was shock and awe directed at keeping the public eye off occult rendition and Stone House Hunting Lodge while Obama’s occult cronies drafted S.1867.1021, which Obama subsequently signed into law December 31, 2011, while America was preparing to celebrate New Years.

This reauthorization would satisfy Perry’s failed attempt to rout patriot journalist by labelling them as terrorist, and it would doubly serve as a mechanism to strengthen occult rendition to resource BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment. Unbelievable as this may seem, S.1867.1021 would allow Obama to take a 3 year old if he wanted this child for a necromancy ritual, which this is what this is all about in the first place. When people respond to this they figure if it was them and they got caught they would suddenly get a conscience. This is an exploitable feature of human psychology that empowers these monsters to perp generationally, their records and political agenda pointing the direction for increasing this macabre activity while you’ll eventually have forgotten yours to stop them. They educate and practice to this end. Ordinary people forget about it.

Obama’s NDAA reauthorization was rebuffed May 2011 by federal court Judge Katherine Forrest who ruled by temporary injunction that it “failed to pass constitutional muster” enter Panetta’s law suit to attempt to lift Forrest’s ban, which officially adds Panetta to a laundry list of abduction perps affiliated with DC.

Get your head out of the sand, America.  Britain never left and has been in repatriation press since Weishaupt de-cloaked in 1776.  One of Her debauchery perks for pledging service to neopolitics is BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment, and your children are thus expendable to this end.  Why else do you think the LDS offered plural marriage to their converts?  Do you believe 40 year old women flocked to this organization so they could share their husbands with 12-15 year old child wives?  Ask Thomas Monson HIS views on the subject, and ask him about Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo and Robyn Gardner while you’re at it.  Ask him about Spencer Kimball’s involvement in the Laurie Partridge abduction, or, hell, capitulate and become a child ax murdering Mormon!

Ax murder?  I love this argument.  WHAT DO YOU THINK CHILD SACRIFICE IS?  They hold this individual down, who often times has already been tortured and raped, and screaming in a psychotic break cut the heart out.  They get off on this.  It’s the ultimate sexual gratification trip.  YOUR child, their ritual.  In abandonment of God conscience and YOU mystified on their Lucifer, Satan, Moloch and Baal.


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