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The fantasy underlying successful neopolitical malingering is THEY conning YOU into going along with their program for humanity which has allegedly been handed down directly from God, man-herd in the wings bereft of any number of God’s products that if you refuse them Satan has possessed you and your heresy the stuff of the inquisition.

I just described what the Vatican did to the Cathars and what the state department is currently doing to thinking conscientious US citizens who are becoming aware of and communicating these issues among their peers.  Your problem, America, is not that you do not have the ability or intelligence to rout the neo agenda.  You’re problem is that you are not organized, nor are you militarized, to protect yourselves from domestic predation, which this was the point of the Bill of Rights.  You let Brigham Young get away with a precedence setting domestic terrorism event that has become the gold standard for false flag terrorism in the US, and today you tolerate this fully acknowledging Armageddon in lieu of asserting the constitution against tyranny.  You claim to have knowledge of and abjection to Vatican corruption, and yet you are a functional part of it.


In your mind, if one of these mindless sociopaths smiles often, postures boyishly and has a wife that gets hurt feelings, you buy this package deal with your vote, and they are counting on your naiveté.  I love this little analysis, because it’s probably the most reduced interpretation of this word possible all the while preserving the mainstream message that it’s practitioners are in fact pretty fucking dumb.  I remove the accented /e/, extract /vet/ and look up the meaning of nai, which means it cannot be helped.

Naiveté then in a non-traditional interpretation of the word means it can not be helped but to vet, what message is a clear and resounding DO NOT FUCKING TRUST A NEOPOLITICIAN WITH YOUR VOTE!  And, assert the constitution thus, or capitulate.  You don’t get lasting wonderful, pleasant, affable, trustworthy or anything at all to do with character except for the moment during which you blindly vote for a neo, you walking away blissful albeit realizing you just saviored a monster and transformed freedom and liberty to a farm on a warm fuzzy moment with the voting machine which has been rigged to magnify your one vote as two.


An important but nonetheless often overlooked feature of the neo propaganda machine is convincing you that the Illuminati was an engineered Satanic occult, which is a 100% lie.  The Illuminati pulled away from the occult, in particular, the Jesuits, who were in fact this horrific occult they are describing.  Do you research this stuff on your own?  No.  You’re pathologically normal, and to look more closely and ANY domestic product they are selling you would call attention to yourself, even if it’s at night when everyone else is asleep and wouldn’t know the better anyway.  Your conscience would know, which is paranoid.  Apply their description of the Illuminati to neopolitics, and you have the correct understanding of what you are dealing with.


Strange as it may seem, the monarchy is occult government.  We are becoming more like this, because our beloved politicians are debauchery pledged to repatriation.  Ah HA!

You want the simple explanation of the four constants of neopolitics, don’t you?  Something slick that sticks to your mind.  Does Amen-Ra Toth stay put for you?  That’s it.  I just educated you on occult government.

Amen-Ra Toth is the Neo operating system.  Translated, this is philanthropy, ritual sacrifice and propaganda.  DOES THIS STICK?

Neopolitics is Amen-Ra Toth, or, once again, more correct to our language and culture philanthropy, human sacrifice and propaganda.  Simple.  Commit to memory.  Here’s how it works.

They give you a bible/philanthropy, take your children for necromancy and BDSM/pedophile entertainment and keep you too preoccupied with propaganda to swarm the perp.  THIS is neopolitics. It’s also the Catholic, Mormon and Baptist churches and virtually ANY international corporate entity that has operational possession of your government via the 13th amendment.  Now that you’re familiar with Amen-Toth Ra, let’s take a closer look at how this is working through US political infrastructure to repatriate the US.


Amen-Ra Toth simplifies conquest by promoting itself as a viable part of the mainstream culture via philanthropy.  You receive gifts that you believe have been directed at improving the human condition and put them to use, and at that point you are under siege.  Ra takes your 3 year old child, and 3297 others like her to resource necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and ritual human sacrifice of young women, what numbers total over half a million in the US alone since 1888, AND they further reward you via the entertainment industry to acculturate you to this macabre practice with songs that mesmerise and seduce you to accept occult rendition as an unavoidable consequence of neopolitics (see notes below).  Propaganda issues on the promise these are horrific crimes and that the perps will be brought to justice.  Read Marc Dutroux for reality.  They’ll arrest a raptor patsy.  They WILL NOT arrest his business associates that fund his business enterprise, YOUR POLITICIANS, because that would contain this ART-ful beast, as it were.

In reality, Ra is the end game, with society acculturated to accommodating BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment, which means neopolitics was engineered to loft shock and awe upon an otherwise gullible humanity that’s been put to sleep chasing it’s tail trying to figure out why this is happening in the first place.  It’s happening so they can stalk, kidnap, torture, rape and sacrifice your children, and it’s OTHER name is Stone House Hunting Lodge, which is, ironically, 13 miles south of Mormon temple, Marriott, Chantilly, and meeting places for Bilderberg’s 1687th (13) year in business.  Bilderberg is the Council of Nicaea reconvened, and it’s members are quire literally the neopolitical monsters who are kidnapping your children worldwide to resource their macabre preoccupation with ritual human sacrifice.

Neopoliticians commit to sociopathy on ritual human sacrifice of children.  Does THAT penetrate your issues with normalcy bias?

America’s response: TIN FOIL HAT!


Political constants are ever present, done in repetition, unchanging and pressed into the mainstream by the faith, and yet these fade into the backdrop of any number of politicians who present in whatever thespian persona is demanded by the public to savior their own delusional state of mind brought on by shock and awe.


Research and Read
10th amendment Center
Hillsdale College, Free Online Course on the Constitution


Research and Read
Lloyd Chapman


Research and Read
Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship 1- 3
Marc Dutroux, a Raptor Paradigm For Occult Rendition


Research and Read
Media Matters                                                                                                                               Neo Campaign Literature


Songs About Human Sacrifice

Pretty Maids All In A Row
Learn To Be Still
Butterfly Sting


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