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The 2nd Amendment and TSA

The founders were Illuminated Masons.  They were by and large opposed to occult government, which this is how they were able to perceive a need for a highly structured document which put to use was supposed to have become your legacy of liberty and freedom.

The Bill of Rights is about character building principled on the idea that God’s in charge of the universe, and not some ideological solar myth deity that was made up to mystify your conscience thus empowering the elite to enslave you, take your children for ritual sacrifice and then turn around blame this problem on you.  Then again, when measured against debauchery, character fails at a ratio of 1000:1, which is why we are having a problem with honor and integrity among the most sterling of our leadership.  What you are going to have to learn here is of you want to be respected you are going to have to be willing to fight for it.  Otherwise, it’s THEIR game where shock and awe will subdue you, torture and sacrifice will celebrate your subordination and propaganda will blind you to the reality that you have in fact already been voluntarily enslaved in an NSC scheme.

The 2nd amendment has a code embed which is a message to the future.  While people have been largely miseducated on this policy, the import is simply that militia would have to function secretly to defeat a fully engaged tyranny, which this is the state of affairs at this time.  With this in mind, the Department of homeland security was created to thwart active covert militia from swarming governmental entities made vulnerable by a surprise attack, hence the introduction of TSA, a firewall entity that is attempting to identify and suppress militia through intimidation and unlawful sequestering of US citizens in their homeland in an outright challenge to provoke unwarranted aggression from start ups opportunistic for federally sponsored false flag domestic terrorism.

For clarification, any person’s acting in their own interest independent of a well regulated militia are illegal under the 2nd amendment.  What people do not understand is you are not empowered to call yourself a militia, arm up and commence a fight with the government: however, you are empowered to organize under leadership which is recognized by the 2nd Amendment what function is directed by lawfully recognized parties.  You are going to have to learn what this means pretty quick.  At the present time people are feeling their way around this lofting Remington’s at weekend barbecues, which is suicide.  Don’t do this.  If you are truly politically motivated to assert the Bill of Rights, do it lawfully, via militia that adheres to strict standards of the constitution; DO NOT arm up without having been directed to do so by a lawfully recognized militia commander.  This individual or cohort will have been in negotiation with the entity under question and possess the knowledge, ability and leadership to direct your activities.  In this case, it would come down to a stand off virtually every one would be aware of well ahead of an armed confrontation with the federal government, so don’t go getting your panties all in a wad eager for a fight.

Do know the Bill of Rights has been declared a terrorist manifesto by the United Nations, which means if our current administration determines to stand behind this we’ll be disarmed.  You aren’t going to stop this by shooting at an alleged enemy from behind a duck blind, and if you try you’ll be killed.  At that point you’ll be dealing with an sycophant adversary that’s been paid to disarm you.  This is not about morality or ethics.  It’s about control.  In reality we are already an occupied nation, and unless militia has been recruited or is already organized and has a way to engage this prospect, you’re ill advised to even think about holding off an army from your front yard.

People have become accustomed to owning lots of guns believing this assures them of solvency with such legislative sedition entities as neopoliticians.  This is incorrect.  If you own a gun, lock it up and get involved with a well regulated militia, immediately.  You have an obligation to do this under the 2nd Amendment.  You will also have to commit your weekends to training and education, which at the present time you are in no way prepared to go nose to nose with highly trained troops from the US, UK, Russia or Middle East.

US troops and state and local police are taking up the slack to control you if the president determines to disarm the US via UN treaty.  This is a process in the works most people are already aware of, and believe it or not, most don’t care.  For your information, only 3% of the colonial population fought for liberty and freedom.  By today’s standards, that’s 9 million soldiers.  PEOPLE, WE DON’T HAVE 9 MILLION MILITIA TROOPS.  We have Oath Keepers, and this organization is largely administrated from a laptop keyboard in Hollywood.  Do you understand?  We’re fucked, which this is the reason we ended up in these circumstances in the first place.  People like to eat, party and fuck.  Soft debauchery, remember?  Get this under control and you won’t need a militia.  People tend to get along better when they respect one another.

Anyway, if you own a gun, your participation in a well regulated militia was supposed to have been a responsibility concurrent with the possession of firearms.  You didn’t do this, and now the NRA is taking a step back as the federal government is stepping up it agenda to force the issue against what you THOUGHT were your 2nd amendment rights.  As I said, Americans have been poorly educated on this issue, and so they are subsequently ill equipped to stand ground on an issue that has been intentionally undermined by a government that has nested with 2nd amendment advocacy groups.

Here’s what neopoliticians know that you do not.  In this life you’ll learn to vet the people you are doing business with, or they will have you for dinner.  Know it.  Your salvation is NOT assured.  You got lazy on entertainment and soft debauchery.  Good luck waking up in the midst of your repatriation.

Again, if you own a firearm and are not militia worthy, lock the damned thing up and be prepared to relinquish it when ordered to do so by your local pastor.


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