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Authentic Two Party Politics: Constitutionalist v Progressive

We worked on and developed a design for secession, an example of which appears on the right.

We met with the country we declared independence from, agreed upon the terms of secession and signed a treaty, an example of which appears below.

A lot of people don’t connect these two events with any more meaning than the treaty was a formality to cool off.  We cooled off.  Britain didn’t.  We were lied to, which you would think people would have taken this into consideration and worked to prevent sedition and repatriation, enter grifter SSOs, which were nothing more than an upstart sedition agenda populated with handful of very powerful and imaginative individuals whose enterprising philanthropic interests coupled with the public forgoing any real understanding of their motivation lofted propaganda the form of what salvation was entertainment accompanied by hatred of anyone that opposed it and what political debauchery of progressivism became neopolitics, corporatism linked to political infrastructure and eventually organized crime more notoriously known as Nationalist Socialist Corporatism.  The origin of this model is palingenesis ultranationalism, and it melded with Bill of Rights via the reconstruction amendments.

Summarizing, Progressivism manifest in the US with the creation of the democratic party, and it’s been a work in progress ever since.

Progressivism promotes democratic process and humanitarianism in abeyance of government principled on the US constitution, and if this movement had it’s way, democrats cum liberal (progressive) would set aside the Bill of Rights and move on to a single party parliamentary system aligned with the UK’s corporate feudal scheme with corporations serving as tenants-in-chief.  The reason for this is democracy is in fact a convention of UK politics in promotion of the monarchy, albeit it has been erroneously identified with our constitutional republic.

Some people refer to democracy as a catalyst for freedom.  It is when constrained by the Bill of Rights.  It’s a nightmare when unconstrained by parliament.  Others believe dumbing down the constitution is impossible, that the Bill of Rights is immutable and protects itself magically endowed with powers of the divine.  Of course UK leadership knows better, there version of what needs to be done in either case seen at the left.  Take this out.  Put this in.  Nullify the Bill of Rights, and in particular the 2nd amendment all the while America is preoccupied with McDonalds value meal products manufactured from pink slime.

Meanwhile, the public has it’s own Bill of Rights institutionalized as a catalyst for consumerism.  It’s a corporate sponsored fantasy, but it also gets folks lined up to buy their products.

While humanitarianism and democratic progress may sound like a nobler government, these ideologies are actually confidence bait directed at seducing your mind to believing that someone actually cares about and is willing to loft resources for humanity. This is not the case. In a strictly parliamentary system humanitarianism dictates your rights on a day to day basis, and this is voted upon via democratic process by a parliament that is largely controlled by the British monarchy.

Likewise, the UN is controlled by the monarchy.  In reality, the entire fucking world is controlled by the monarchy, except the US which is controlled by the Mormon church and Fed.  You want to argue with that.  Okay, so the monarchy controls these too, which means… What exactly?

In a constitutional monarchy, the parliament controls democratic process, just progressives don’t tell you this hopeful you will not be able to figure this out while their corporations are fleecing you of your resources, and members of your family.  The Mormon church is a progressive domestic institution.  Any organization that presses itself in competition with the constitution is progressive.  Why?  Because they are making PROGRESS toward repatriation.  Oh yeah, huh!  Give this movement a zillion different names, which they do this to confuse you, but it’s still  the same: repatriation via legislative sedition on American gullibility.

The Fed is a very good example of a progressive economic entity.  This organization is single handedly collapsing US economic infrastructure without so much as a whimper from the public, because people are largely unaware of this entities corruption, which is fiat economics.  I know THAT got your attention.  Progressives don’t tell you about their crimes.  They lie to you keeping you preoccupied with the fallout, they in the backdrop magnifying the circumstances in their mission to hoodwink you in their magic show.  Think of them as vacuum cleaner salesmen.  You are dirt.  The clients are their corporate bosses.  No?

CFR and Bilderberg are progressive entities. Progressives mask both liberal and conservative.  The progressive movement in it’s entirety, a UK inspired repatriation project, is nothing more than a legislative sedition project directed at keeping you subdued while their US employed/UK pledged grifter politicians sacrifice our constitutional republic… on debauchery.


People have an innate disposition for corruption that Genesis did a fine job of illustrating.  The authors of this wonderful description of humanity knew and understood basic morality and man’s lack of it.

Genesis 3 is a metaphor. Eve ate her own children.  The forbidden fruit is children, man seemingly oblivious to this and willing to capitulate setting aside guilt and thus engaging his own willingness to invite this horrific practice into his future, this idiot not figuring his own hand in the macabre affairs of occult rendition. People are all over this with denial. All one can do is laugh at fools acknowledging what Albert Pike correctly described as the herd. No offence, but pictures speak louder than words.

This little parable was written by the council of Nicaea in 325 AD and included in their bible mystery works which sets the standard for human gullibility. People deny this outright, but when you consider what they are allowing to happen with TSA, it’s not much different.

We see this happen in the public and are repelled by it, albeit we never connect it to anyone other then some depraved individual whose lost home, family and the ability to sustain himself and is thus living on the on the street, behind burnt out tenement buildings and in the little forests around your homes.  Aside from the fact that hobos are one form of this, that this presents in humanity at all should and aught to alert you to the possibility that it’s not isolated to the street.

Depravity exists.  If it exists, it’s a feature of human behavior.  If it’s a feature of human behavior it’s going to present across a spectrum of socio-economic groups.  It’s not isolated to the poor.  It’s not an exclusive feature of the destitute.  It’s the nature of man, and people dismiss this out of mind when these individual’s present dressed flawlessly pressed and ironed, privately educated and baptised in the church of salvation.

We do negative attribution on one’s appearance in a simple minded comparison where we affiliate a bedraggled appearance with bedraggled behavior, so if it clean so must be it’s core.  Wrong, very wrong.

Man’s conscience is motivated by his preoccupation with feeding himself, reproduction, partying and celebrating.  If a ship sails into harbor loaded with trade goods, folks swarm it for products, the hold’s hidden cargo ferreted off to the elite after hours.  This was institutionalized on Nicaea, commercialized via the India Trading Company and introduced to US domestic infrastructure via progressive politics, the latter of which is Britain’s very own government having superimposed itself upon our own via neopolitics.


Genesis is the first description of the progressive nave: naive, easily seduced by a grifter, no boundaries, and ultimately no regard for the welfare of their own children let alone their fellow man.  Progressivism is neopolitics, and worse still, its palingenesis ultranationalism and yet further principled on corporatism the combination of which is highly competitive with our constitutional republic.

In a nutshell, and taking all current political parties into consideration, we have two emergent and competing entities for elections: Constitutionalists and Progressives. Constitutionalists are fiercely aligned with the rule of law described in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, while Progressives work in circumvention of these in preservation of humanitarianism and democratic process, the latter two of which are not government principled on our republic.

While we value voting, which is a democratic procedure, in the US such has been subordinated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the UK, humanitarianism subordinates to democratic process, which as I have already stated dictates your rights on a day to day basis. This is a paradox people generally do not understand, and for lack of foreknowledge about progressivism, it’s bold promises are the snake that greeted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Rush Limbaugh periodically issues statements of genius unparalleled by the Alternative media.  He cited research that correctly describes male aspect women as democrat.  Democrats are typically affiliated with the progressive movement.  Progressives are institutionally linked to the UK and involvement with human trafficking.  I already know the denial issues with this.  It’s reality nonetheless.  Even looking at the images above, people giggle and laugh.

Atramental Trumps Non-Reason (figure it out)

This was to have been a brief motivational speech for an anti-NWO rally, but the food vendor never showed up, people began entertaining themselves in small groups playing guitar and reciting poetry.  There were a few assaults and a rape typical of protests groups having missed the point of the assembly.  A 2nd amendment rally of this nature would have been a disaster.

Albert Pike was correct, although he was a far cry from being morally righteous.  Man makes better mutton than he does a thinker, obviously.




Trouble here.  Our nation is under siege from international corporatism that is routing government formerly principled on our constitutional republic and crushing freedom and liberty.


The problem is neopolitics – a UK inspired repatriation project what primary mechanism of transformation is occult rendition (various types) backed up by circumvention of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures and propaganda directed at coercing our capitulation.

[low din]

All it takes for this scheme to prevail upon the US is for people to continue to buy into Britain’s SSO culture club of corruption.  People don’t recognize it, but it’s anything to do with unchecked access to food, entertainment and sex feeds and breeds this monster.  We need self-control, which this has been set aside for things to get our of control so they have an excuse to do mass genocide.  In other words, they’ve used debauchery as bait, and people are their prey, hence Stone House Hunting Lodge with a predictable future for the US.

[audience giggling]


We’re not seeing the problem, folks!  This movement is a single party parliamentary entity having superimposed upon our bicameral system neocon for republican and neoliberal for democrat.  With the exception of their fiscal budget, neocons and neoliberals are the same. They serve the same SSO interests, and they are otherwise known as Nationalist Socialist Corporatist (NSC) to a national audience.

[wind picks up, trash blows across field]

If we increase our knowledge and awareness of how they are doing this we can stop them!

[audience laughing]

The only thing they have to control you in the US is corporatism, which they set this up via the reconstruction amendments.  You patronize them.  They grow larger and more powerful, and their mission is to control population via the disposable community as an a corporate asset, the model of which was 911.  This was also the very same domestic terrorism perpetrated by the Mormon church September 11, 1857, the occult midpoint between 1857 and September 11, 2001, August 31, 1888, what occult signature is 77, America comfitted by the ideology that occult pre-eminence is a fantasy. You’ve been hoodwinked. It’s reality!

[audience laughing]


Neos are grifter politicians and follow occult protocol, including sponsoring legislation which sets an international legal precedence for resourcing BDSM/pedophilia ritual human sacrifice for entertainment with products acquired in the US, and they are pledged to their UK SSOs in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction.

Grifters pledge on kidnapping, torture, rape, use of controlled substances and eventually necromancy to prove their worth to their corporate masters!

[cat calls, someone throws a tomato at the speaker; trash starts to noticeably accumulate in the bleachers]


Neopoliticians are pervasive, resourced to force their repatriation agenda and will kill anyone who can bring them to justice.  Neo philosophy is palingenesis untranationalism, and they are otherwise principled on Amen-Ra Toth (philanthropy, sacrifice, propaganda) in connection with Druid Mysticism, the latter used to practice detachment and promote brotherhood bonding within their respective organizations.

[audience booing and hissing]


These sociopaths are rights out of Genesis 3, and what they can’t get by conning you they take via ICPs which skirt the rule of law.

[audience walking out; loud music, racing car engines and a fight breaks out in the parking lot]

Speaker [activities breaking out on the field]

Silence.  Sirens approach.


How America Lost the Revolution

WHAT HAPPENED – Colonial America, under the leadership of the Illuminated Masons (NON-SATANIC), seceded successfully from Britain.  The founders subsequently prohibited the Vatican from establishing itself in the US.

HOW BRITAIN RESPONDED – Treaty.  Britain acquiesced on the surface but subsequently penetrated US political infrastructure via the democratic party, the Mormon church, civil war, Fed, CFR, Bilderberg and a string of legislation 1974- 2011, principled on false flag terrorism and accompanied by the kidnapping for torture of 11 young women and children in celebration of US gullibility.

DID AMERICA EVEN NOTICE?: No, albeit when presented with data to corroborate allegations of grifter politician sedition and treason (neopolitics) broke out in a frenzy of giggling and laughter, poetry writing, prayer and candlelight vigils hopeful that some miracle would reconvene their salvation, but they would not let go debauchery to help the recovery process, which is how raccoons are trapped by a tin can and quarter.

AMERICANS TODAY – Confused, although they will loft firearms absent of understanding the reality of the 2nd amendment.  Agitated but complacent.  Frustrated but otherwise ha ha HA-PEE!

AN ALTERNATIVE FUTURE – Increasingly invasive government subdues you thus preventing you from responding correctly to repatriation.  There are four dangerous actions which precipitate displacement:

1) Kidnapping for torture, but people will not respond to this having been promised their security is guaranteed by the government in whom they subsequently placed their trust for salvation, an example of which issues on the left,

2) Circumvention of the Constitution and bill of Rights, people largely dismissive of the founders favorable to grifter politicians who are promoting democracy and humanitarianism in abeyance of the rule of law,

3) Collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures, people having become too complacent sidetracked by political debauchery and willing to trade their freedom and liberty for security promoted by domestic false flag terrorism, and

4) Propaganda which promotes sustained capitulation.

People, the ONLY way out of this is if you will stand your ground against occult rendition, circumvention of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, complacency which is prescriptive of humanitarianism in abeyance of the rule of law and propaganda engineered to befuddle your ability to think clearly about your circumstances.  Learn to think, or live with the consequences of your diffidence.  This is life.  Reality is required for our survival.

TSA Checkpoint at Mitt Romney Political Event

People don’t get it.  TSA Checkpoint at a Mitt Romney Political Event+ Romney’s come fly with me= pathological pe le el, and yet people are giggling and laughing entertained by what is otherwise anti satire on the occult presence of a federally promoted policing agency (TSA), with partner entity the State Department having used false flag terrorism to force a debauchery scheme into the mainstream.

Why are people not understanding the connection here?  Or, maybe they know they are being exploited what wilful narrowing of the conscience dismisses self-protective behavior.  Why would people want to be this stupid or blind?

Benjamin Fulford

These links are out of date sequence for the moment and will be periodically updated.

re Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government

The Illuminati was a Cathars resurgence, and it’s been met with the same standard of inquisition that routed the former and so diminished it’s numbers they are barely a blip on the historical time line in the development of European meta politics.

This organization has been a HUGE threat to European leadership for the simple reason that it opposed the satanic ritual practices of the Vatican and it’s myriad SSOs throughout Europe, including but not limited to, the Jesuits.

Likewise, Illuminati represented a major threat to the Baptist church as well, the latter an entirely new breed of satanic organization engineered in collaboration with Amsterdam to attempt to seed itself in the protestant reformation much as the Mormon church was engineered to infiltrate US domestic infrastructure for the same purpose.  Weishaupt’s organization naturally exposes these entities as frauds, because they are.

The Illuminati remain competitive with the Masons for the simple reason that Weishaupt rejected human sacrifice outright.  This was an enlightenment movement, Illuminati acknowledged Council of Nicaea corruption involved in fabrication the Bible and confirmed Egyptian invocation in traditional biblical teaching albeit it was this organization’s attempt to share this information with the general public that was then – and still is – by and large considered sacred by Masonic organisations, particularly the Mormon church.

The reason for this extreme Cathar/Illuminati prejudice is were people to understand reality behind the bible they would abandon it immediately as a fraud making it difficult to acculturate them to Druid mysticism, which is the origin of Vatican theology.  The Vatican and it’s Masonic subordinates, including the Baptist and Mormon churches, are human sacrifice entities what biblical principles teach this macabre art for entertainment on a political agenda more commonly known to popular SSOs as Amen-Ra Toth.  It’s modern identity is Neopolitics; neopoliticians, both neocon and neoliberal, are Amen-Ra Toth practitioners.

The Illuminati is NOT the enemy of man but rather an early presentation of what man can become, which is why this organization gave you the 2nd amendment.  The founders were Illuminated Masons.  They operated in secrecy in the Colonies to avoid detection by the monarchy.  This doesn’t men they were evil.  To the contrary, they were NOT evil but smart to avoid coming under scrutiny before they could accomplish their secession project, which of course they pulled off quite well.

Contrary to GCN disinformation, Illuminati are principled on the enlightenment.  This is NOT a satanic organization, and intelligent people will learn this by spending some time researching this organization via authentic classical resources where reality will lay waste to marketing schemes engineered to discredit Weishaupt.

There are four videos and one Wiki page link here to whet your interest in learning more about the Illuminati.  This is an introduction to the history of this organization and not meant to close argument on the SSO culture but rather to awaken you to certain competitive forces among these, the Illuminati constantly under siege and falsely represented as satanic for the simple reason that it created the constitutional republic principled on a liberty and freedom platform under which you live today.  This is the very same same government neopoliticians are attempting to relieve you of.  And they may yet do this if you do not learn to recognize and rout grifter politicians from congress.

For the record, and you will learn this as you study more objective sources about this organization, negative attribution in this case is due to agenda driven marketing which promotes intentional lack of correct information to aggrandize the pop culture view about this organization which motivates you to buy products.  The monarchy remains fearful of the Illuminati for the simple reason that were you to realize your birthright you would have no problem asserting the Constitution and Bill of Rights against Amen-Ra Toth/Neopolitics.

Prison Planet has a natural interest in maintaining negative attribution on the Illuminati for a very simple reason.  What Aaron Dykes is failing to tell you is neo Illuminati, his negative core cabal being promoted as a Satanist entity, is not Weishaupt but a gnostic organization promoted by the Vatican in collaboration with the Mormon church and Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) in the US… and GNC is a part of it!

This will open your eyes.


The Amen-Ra Toth of Vaccinations

Looking over this article (Bombshell: 18.., Rappoport) was worth the time, albeit I realize also there was an inappropriate image of a young woman marketing embed baiting eye and imagination to a scantly clad 15 year old, or so it would appear.  Oh wait a minute… 18!  I knew the title was somehow involved in this.

I know there are legal requirements for such image making, and Alex Jones pushing the window such as he does astroturfing a naive albeit willing audience, THIS one is pushing the envelope, but at least this individual was placed on the correct side of the page, for a while anyway.

Making short work of a dreadfully imaginatively marketed invocation to exploit the artwork, which this is what Prison Planet is all about in the first place, the article was, in fact, spot on regarding CDC influenza promotionals.

In a nutshell, the Amen-Ra Toth of alleged pandemic flu is:


AMEN> philanthrophy> vaccinations

RA> sacrifice> death from vaccinations

TOTH> propaganda> hoodwinking the public into believing the vaccination worked anyway!

I want to add the following for clarification,  forgive me, Alex, you know better:


AMEN> philanthrophy> advertisement promising benefit

RA> sacrifice> unrealized loss of dignity via exploitation

TOTH> propaganda> hoodwinking the public via Crowley-esque marketing, because… pedophilia baits customers!

If the author is interested in discussing CDC fraud, why the visual embed to provoke arousal?  There’s a conscience disconnect in the advertising scheme, which is typical of neopolitics, and which made this particular article/ad combination incorrect, in my opinion.

Worth viewing re pedophilia, Hollywood and Alex Jones entertainment connections.

Nothing stops this population, and they bait YOU to these activities with marketing and entertainment.  go back and have a look at Bombshell 8.  This is what they do.  Grifter tech.  Enjoy your re-education!

Re ZOMBIE ALERT issued by Homeland Security

In a way, it’s sad how reality and intelligence always takes a back seat to marketing.

Reality is we’re headed for some type of false flag or cataclysmic event that’s probably going to set us back a few decades.  This could be anything from an attack to a natural disaster such as the earth being struck by a black comet.  Maybe they are planning on lighting up the atmosphere with HAARP!

Either way, we’ll be the last to know, albeit our government and it’s myriad of lackey MSA media will have had plenty of time and resources to prepare for specific events, which they’ve had exclusive access to this information because they’re special.

Rhe REST of us are stupid FARM animals

What’s real about zombism, and I think this is what the buzz actually is, is they are anticipating that whatever Armageddon event presents we will be sorely lack of food and people will begin eating other people to survive.  This is already happening.

For example, Philippine immigrants once moved into a community in a location that was overrun by wild dogs.  The dog population abruptly vanished.  The same thing is already happening to people across the US.

DHS/Prison Planet is marketing Zombism.  They are describing cannibalism, and this WILL BE a problem.

America has the same attitude toward these circumstances as they do neopolitics.  People do not want to think.  They believe they are going to pray this to go away, because that’s the ritual they used through the end of the industrial revolution.  It worked because they had resources.  It doesn’t work when you don’t have any resources.

Stupid Americans having been duped by religion don’t connect the dots and will stay busy ignoring all of this all the while predatory politicians are lining them up for the Apocalypse.  We are disposable communities (reconstruction amendments/Fed).  Understand THIS, and people will begin to take control back, maybe even avoid disaster, but that’s not the likely scenario.

In these circumstances there will be little or no resources, so prayer vigils will likely be more signal language for groups hunting down survivors to feed themselves.  The Cathars will be roasting in the camp fires.  The Vatican, Mormon and Baptist churches will be harvesting meals for the flock.

Americans, thus made ready to capitulate to repatriation, will slowly emerge from these circumstances as they begin to find the remains of their loved ones scattered around human BBQ pits, the awakened mind a still place in the universe where stupidity – once reining in any meaningful ability to process reality – has since gone mad.

America CAN be destroyed.  America IS being destroyed.  Americans DO NOT have a clue about these circumstances, and they believe that avoiding this has value long as they turn the other cheek and pray for salvation.

Some people actually believe the constitution will automatically save them, or maybe the Bill of Rights.  I don’t think so.  They don’t want to save themselves.  They have to have a sense of self-preservation for these documents to work.  Narcissists do self-admiration, which is why were stuck with this problem.

Cannibalism is being marketed as zombism to soften the transition to a looming domestic crisis.  Get a clue!

Suffer the Children

The US has completely lost it’s moral compass, ethical culture and any remaining sense of rationality in connection with it’s constitutional purpose, every one of us collectively responsible for what this monster does to children and none of us able to deny knowledge of  this, pathologically or through outright force of will, so that when we present, this life behind us, the one to come our consequence, we did nothing to prevent this.

STONE HOUSE HUNTING LODGE is the process, and every one of our children live human game in one of the most horrific crimes known to man, child sacrifice, and this sociopath is standing there, these children intuitively aware of the danger they are in, pressed against a backdrop of corporatism they never knew owned them.  They just knew something was terribly wrong with Barack Obama that people weren’t letting on.

Natalee Holloway, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, Robyn Gardner, Karen Swift and the children in this image eventually, all face to face with the perp, and no one knows for the better, because they don’t want to acknowledge this individual is a monster.

Holly Bobo got him caught April, 2011.  TBI/Fusion Center, DHS and the State Department shielded him with a phony Bin Laden raid, Oslo Utoya, the London riots and OWS and the American Public is about to re-elect him for a 2nd term.

Like I said, the US has completely lost it’s moral compass, ethical culture and any remaining sense of rationality in connection with reality.

This is as bad as it gets, and people are just not figuring it out.


Obama set up this photograph, probably these individuals not knowing one way or the other what it would be used for, which in this case this cohort of children are being exploited for witchcraft – in full view of the public.  What does that tell you about this monster’s agendas for the US?

The pentagram is  protection, banishment and attraction, which this was engineered to magnify Obama’s chances of winning his re-election bid against increasingly poor ratings on his presidency.

Okay, so you know the president just used these child in a satanic ritual, obviously under duress.  What does this mean to you?  If media turns around and “blesses” him with a good fortune sugar cookie, it will be made to appear that witchcraft works!  To a sociopath, this is a wet dream or rationality that urges him on, regardless of the boundaries and against the odds of getting caught, since the public is largely in abeyance of morality in the first place.   Sick, isn’t it?

You still don’t believe this, do you?  You read the first part and probably started laughing to yourself.  Maybe you listened to the music, didn’t connect.  Then you looked at the image image of Obama with the pentagram drawn over the children, and you probably dismissed this, too, out of mind.  You think it’s propaganda.  Hateful.  Unfair.


You are looking at reality.  It’s difficult to process, because you’re programmed to believe it’s impossible.

Do you know what else Obama is doing with this image?  It’s a subliminal distraction, the composition pressing itself into your mind in a disturbing presentation of sorcery, the target  of which is children and the outcome of which is always  child sacrifice.