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Clint Eastwood Speaks

This individual is talented.  He is principled, speaks his mind largely through the venue of his profession and enjoys his life.

So why is he under attack by the MSM for his recent theatrical presentation at the August 29, 2012 RNC?  Fuck, who cares.  Paedomorph Karl Rove’s leading the bandwagon on this one, so it’s anyone’s guess.  In the meanwhile, Eastwood DID get his message across to the public.

WHAT THE FUCK IS NEOPOLITICS?  There isn’t a salient answer to that question except people aren’t thinking, and when they DO think it’s like a foreign language to them, hence this increases their vulnerability to propaganda.

Eastwood’s recommendation to the public was to fire the politician that didn’t do his job, and don’t hire another one like him.  What other explanation do you need here people?

Whatever.  Eastwood’s in his element and is obviously comfortable.  According to Roveganda/MSM, the RNC is having a problem with this.  Not surprised.  Theatrical defamiliarization works against MK/ULTRA, obviously, which this is a bigger threat to neopolitics than secession was to Britain.

We’ll know in 2012 if people figured this out.


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