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High Plains Grifters

Check out the thumb over the middle finger of the left hand.

An introduction to Digitus Impudicus: The middle finger and the law, Ira P. Robbins briefly discusses the use of the middle finger overshadowed by the 1st Amendment.  Granted, these sociopaths are exercising their 1st Amendendment rights, but do AMERICANS know this?

Probably not.

Meaning: it’s a BDSM visual gesture directed at saying, “Bend over and take it in the ass, America,” and what better way to get the point across than a couple of closet queens whose genere’ of sexuality is notoriously associated with betrayal and violence.

So, such already the stuff of controversy, why the left hand instead of the right?  Don’t panic, yet.  Romney the Mormon’s got a surprise in store for you we already knew about Obama.  Click the link to see what the left hand means, THEN panic.



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