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re Tampa RNC Cop Gets In Trouble For Being Nice

Watch the video.  Pay close attention at 2:22, “Sir, we have a job to do.”

This is a flashpoint for civil unrest in the US regarding corporate policies that are in competition with the Constitution and Bill of rights.  Police are being trained to do a job that contravenes standing government, and they are clueless that they are in fact willingly entering into a conflict with the public as paid lackeys for UK corporations that are staging this confrontation in abeyance of the rule of law.

The police need to be educated that doing their job in these circumstances is forcing a confrontation prescriptive of an attempt to create civil unrest if Americans determine to stand their ground against repatriation.  Police can do their job all they like, but if that involves placing themselves in a position to be change agent for the British monarchy, conflict is inevitable.

This is not a police issue, since the Bill of Rights is stable and enforceable against tyrannical policy making: however, there is no leadership for such an enterprise at this time which would surly spell disaster for BBQ constitutionalists.

What people CAN do is bone up on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and STAND GROUND against ANY policy making which attempts to circumvent government, but be prepared for arrests, beatings and deaths while this escalates to more perverse circumstances. Eventually leadership will emerge, and at that time the fight will be correctly redirected to the UK.

What we’re up against are politicians who’ve debauchery pledged to neopolitics, which means they themselves are not going to back down least they have to be routed from the US to be rid of them. It’s that simple. They are grifters. Every level of engagement with the US public is principled on the occult, and they WILL NOT redact to save themselves for the simple reason that they will be forced to answer for horrific crimes if they do. In other words they are entrenched.

This particular police officer didn’t come across so bad. He seemed to know the problem was elsewhere. On the other hand, the fellow that relieved him was looking for a fight, and it is the latter which Americans have been empowered to resist – under these circumstances – with a well regulated militia.

Know your constitution. Assert the Bill of Rights. Stand your ground.


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