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The Cigar

Oligarchs covet their cigars, and so I came up with this easy way to remember the five basic issues we are dealing with in neopolitics: [C]onstitution, [I]nfrastructures, [G]raft, [A]mbience and [R]endition.

The US is under legislative siege from the UK, hence the issues surrounding breech of the constitution and Bill of Rights. Successive administrations have been circumventing these for the past 50 years with little or no reaction from the public.

US political infrastructure has been hijacked by neopolitics, a single party parliamentary entity masked republican and democrat but what actual mission is repatriation via legislative sedition. Domestic and economic infrastructures are collapsing due to wildly variant behavior one administration to the next that presses grandiose schemes into the mainstream with little meaningful impact analysis. Again, there has been very little reaction in the public.

Political graft issues on SSO pledging to a NSC agenda that is largely being controlled from the UK. People aren’t paying attention to who they are voting for, and when someone gets caught up in a corruption issue, folks are too forgiving and often times overlook these problems as a manifestation of a previous administration. In reality, graft is being promoted and sustained by grifter politicians whose primary motivation is resourcing their personal lives with little or no actual interest in the office they serve, and when they’re found out, people do nothing. The worst case scenario is the BDSM/pedophile culture that has come up in these circumstances, and their victims number in the hundreds of thousands over the past century. People are doing NOTHING to stop this.

There is a prevailing mood of indifference and diffidence in the public where people believe their salvation will be government principled on the founder’s cornerstone legislation, and they think the Bill of Rights is some kind of automatic protection against tyranny. People are typically not motivated to understand these issues and as consequence are losing their rights.

Reframe the forgoing discussion as shock and consider rendition as a separate issue and you get a picture of a budding culture in human sacrifice resourced on your ignorance. You’ll hopefully recall Obama’s S.1867.1023 and how this played opportunistic into the hands of the state department and DHS to resource ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US.  No?  Laurie Partridge, Polly Klass, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, Robyn Gardner, Karen Swift ANAI.  These were the core of 123, 100 that were perped between 1974 and 2011.  The project was entitled XI-U AKA 911/333, and they stamped it permanently affixed to the landscape so you’d remember it in perpetuity.  HUMAN RITUAL SACRIFICE.

People balk at this with absolutely no knowledge that over twenty thousand military personnel have been disappeared to date, ordinary Americans living lives neatly tucked away into an ideological lifestyle what numbers used to describe this blissful station are also occult programmed into a corporate computer as a disposable community.  Read the immediately preceding paragraph for clarification.  Reread if necessary to fully comprehend what we are dealing with here.

We are dealing with some pretty horrific circumstances, and yet people seem oblivious to this one moment to the next shuttling about in their little Twilight Zone eating, reproducing and partying themselves into a stpor, hence the fall of man is his own disregard for ordinary care in a world that’s been marketed to mollify your sensibilities, and IT’S WORKING!  Hell, Mcdonalds has had you eating your own children (value meal nuggets manufactured from puréed human fetus) without so much as bleep on the morality meter.  Didn’t even notice.

Stupid Americans stand off in some densely populated metropolis and smell the cigar smoke but have no idea that it’s manufactured from their remains.

Americans are not only NOT free, they are being acculturated to being willing to service the entertainment and pleasure of the elite, which the latter example is a wicker man allegory.  WTC is a little closer to reality.

AMERICA RESPONDS: Dude, what’s an infrastructure?


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