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Consciousness is a gift that we know accompanies at least our particular life form.  Here is where a few of us believe this came from.

You can’t force this, and regardless of who thinks they control it, they don’t.  They never will.  The future belongs to those who can see past the moment to a Novus what enlightenment was predicted by the Council of Nicaea albeit man was subsequently enslaved with a false understanding about the cosmos to make him less likely to discover it.  It’s a very simple breech of ignorance: we come from the stars.

Here’s how we think this happened:

1) Planets issue from the sun as solar mass ejecta which slowly cool into debris-accumulating planets.

2) Thus enshrined, earth went through several developmental epochs presaging the appearance of man. We’re not sure exactly where man actually appeared, except it was sometime after the dinosaurs and the earth having cooled off a bit.

3) The earth was in a developmental state to generate life with help from the cosmos, which I believe Mars was a primary source of biological substance needed to gestate life in Earth’s ocean, hence a meteor strike on Mars would generate debris which made it’s way to earth as a prefab.

4) In this scenario, Mars already underwent biological development in the zone of life in preparation for seeding the next planet through.

5) Preserved life sealed in protective Mitochondrial/RNA packets could feasibly have migrated to earth and elsewhere as seedlings for a continuation of the development of higher life forms.  Such entities have been identified by structure in fossilized meteorites.

6) With this in mind, epochs are characterized by seeding as it were, what Earthly conditions prevailed in certain kinds of life evolving in the biosphere.  In this way, man came about as a unique life form in circumstances that were largely the product of cosmic evolution beyond our own solar system, which our origin may very well be the center of the known cosmos.

7) If we hold to the idea that energy was once concentrated into a single point, this is the origin of our immense universe, and we look out on it at night and can see how this miracle surrounds us. It’s beyond explanation but not incomprehensible to the senses, because we can perceive it.

In this regard, we literally came from, and our original home is, our own star – the sun!

Religion casts a paradox that hell is a fiery and unrelenting source of everlasting damnation and punishment when in fact lifelessness is absent of heat.  Truth be known or even considered, hell may in fact be a lifeless state rather than an obliterating furnace of eternal fires.  The sun is a very hot pulsar, and this being our home, it is inconsequential that we should periodically go there, since this is where we’re from in the first place.

If you can be convinced that hell is a furnace of sorts you will naturally be alienated by the idea that we come from the sun which makes you more easily manipulated by those who already know this and are using this information to control you.

Reality is a tough narrow road for those whose choice to go there is mitigated by a grip on life what hope in the sleeping state is the dream will transform one’s propitious character, which it will not.  God is real.  God is life.  God is the sun and everything that’s been crated by it.

The sooner people figure this out the sooner we’ll be rid of occult government.

21AUG13 there is speculation that the sun is transformer and is generating elements from another dimension which make up our known universe. The sun produces the 117 known elements, man and other carbon based life forms composed of 60 of these. We come from the sun.


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