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YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED!; Censorship on Personal Liberty Digest

Your application has been APPROVED!

Job Requirements: Stop moaning and start fighting back! If you really want to do this, apply yourself to this lesson plan, NOW!

You will need to know the following:

The game is the same either end of the LIBERACON paradigm: oligarchic leadership, repatriation, and occult rendition to feed their families.

Obama and Romney are actually a Nationalist Socialist Corporatist (NSC). They are holding this down, because soon as people figure out they are disposable products via the reconstruction amendments and the Fed there’ll be uncontrollable boycotts and rioting. This will end neopolitics in the US and loft militia.

Neopolitics four point repatriation agenda is: 1) occult rendition, 2) acculturation to change propaganda, 3) circumvention of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and 4) collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures.


circumvention of the Bill of Rights
collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures



Become familiar with the constitution, learn and assert the Bill of Rights and STAND YOUR GROUND against legislative sedition, tyranny and occult rendition.

Focus your press on the constants. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately see your brothers. They’re out there. We get tired! Get going!

Troll road ahead!

Censorship on Personal Liberty Digest

The above post was censored on PLD September 8, 2012. They are also now moderating my subsequent posts. See examples below.

Example #1

The Obama Campaign’s Litany of Lies
September 7, 2012 by Chip Wood

coastx says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. <PLD Notation
September 8, 2012 at 2:31 pm

“So true, and look whose else is helping him out:

@BL I am a conservative. I’ve been posting on your blog, So You Think You Are Free. I have been coming under attack some from your trolls and am guessing they have been complaining that they are coming under siege from me, which why you are censoring my posts.


I am supporting conservatism, while these silly minded jerks are attacking your article! What is wrong with you! It seems like media everywhere has some hidden neo agenda they are serving up kind of like the pink slime ICs were passing off an farm meat the past decade.

GET OFF MY BACK! If I attack YOU then I understand why you would want to censor me. In this case, if what I am saying DOES in fact come across as an attack, maybe the entire blog needs to be aware of this, eh?


This is the kind of crap we’re up against with neopolitics. It’s everywhere. You can’t fucking trust anyone whose got an interest in media business in these circumstances.”

Example #2

Moderator commented on So You Think You Are Free?.

in response to coastx:

Amen to that! Also, looks as though PLD may be going liberal on me. They are moderating my posts. This is such a disappointment. My guess they are kowtowing to troll complaints that I am successfully routing them from this site. PDL’s response is censorship. Anyway, here’s a look at what I have been circulating […]

Coastx, Please read our comment policy. You are not currently being moderated. However, your choice of language causes our filters to hold some of your comments until I have time to clean up the language. If you continue on your current course, you are likely headed for constant moderation. I ask that you please attempt to make your points in less colorful language. Thank you and have a wonderful day.



@moderator Free speech and to the point. You have a problem with this because it’s not politically correct to your neopolitical publishing guidelines which empower you harass anyone having a conversation that exposes the negative core of neopolitics on your site, which is anti Bill of rights. PLD is a neomedia cohort like GNC, and the point of your hokey intervention is self protection. The last word is your, creep.

Example #3

Personal Liberty Digest
September 10, 2012

Progressive ascent was lofted on the introduction of the two party system.  Jefferson to Jackson, we saw a transformation which slowly acculturated the US to democracy and naturally co-occuring emergence of sectarianism cum opportunistic SSO affiliation that could ultimately steer elections.

SSO’s are principled on debauchery and are highly secretive making them very powerful against ideologies like liberty and freedom.  What this comes down to when they recruit a politician thus inclined, this individual will participate in whatever sedition agenda that’s been laid out in exchange for unchecked access to money, drugs and sex, and regarding the latter, we are talking child rape, torture and BSDM sacrifice.  The penalty for redaction is death in perpetuity.  THIS is nepolitics, and the progressive movement was it’s forbearer.

In reality, democracy is a function of parliamentary procedure which set the stage for Britain’s SSO recruited proxy politicians to superimpose themselves upon a pseudo two party system that was actually modeled on Britain’s own parliament, just it was engineered as a public infrastructure what ultimate transformation is neopolitics and control of elections via corporate entities who actually choose and appoint members of the neo parliament.  The electorate is largely a symbolic gesture and is being faded from use.

The electoral college is a part of this to control the popular vote.  Delegates are corporate proxies.

Example #4

Personal Liberty Digest
September 11, 2012

PLD has ignored my request to unsubscribe and is continuing to send me email. Neomedia does NOT understand peaceful solutions to complex problems. They understand annoyance, which you would think for a conservative news source they would be more aligned with the constitution. No. Occult parliament, maybe, but in no way a constitutionalist media.


My letter to the editor issued on censorship in  So You Think You Are Free  and followed me to The Obama Campaign’s Litany of Lies. 

Censorship followed a barrage of liberal troll complaints to the editor, which is neo journalism.

This is an example of how these sociopaths are circumventing the Bill of Rights, you too preoccupied with entertainment and not seeing it coming. It’s a perfect application of charm offensive and the double bind, and they are making buck on your ignorance!

Their attitude is if you can’t figure it out, too fucking bad.  Their collective dick.  Your ass.  People go along with it, so they enjoy the privilege.


Neo media really doesn’t allow people to communicate openly and freely about the negative core of neopolitics, because they are a part of it.


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