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Re ZOMBIE ALERT issued by Homeland Security

In a way, it’s sad how reality and intelligence always takes a back seat to marketing.

Reality is we’re headed for some type of false flag or cataclysmic event that’s probably going to set us back a few decades.  This could be anything from an attack to a natural disaster such as the earth being struck by a black comet.  Maybe they are planning on lighting up the atmosphere with HAARP!

Either way, we’ll be the last to know, albeit our government and it’s myriad of lackey MSA media will have had plenty of time and resources to prepare for specific events, which they’ve had exclusive access to this information because they’re special.

Rhe REST of us are stupid FARM animals

What’s real about zombism, and I think this is what the buzz actually is, is they are anticipating that whatever Armageddon event presents we will be sorely lack of food and people will begin eating other people to survive.  This is already happening.

For example, Philippine immigrants once moved into a community in a location that was overrun by wild dogs.  The dog population abruptly vanished.  The same thing is already happening to people across the US.

DHS/Prison Planet is marketing Zombism.  They are describing cannibalism, and this WILL BE a problem.

America has the same attitude toward these circumstances as they do neopolitics.  People do not want to think.  They believe they are going to pray this to go away, because that’s the ritual they used through the end of the industrial revolution.  It worked because they had resources.  It doesn’t work when you don’t have any resources.

Stupid Americans having been duped by religion don’t connect the dots and will stay busy ignoring all of this all the while predatory politicians are lining them up for the Apocalypse.  We are disposable communities (reconstruction amendments/Fed).  Understand THIS, and people will begin to take control back, maybe even avoid disaster, but that’s not the likely scenario.

In these circumstances there will be little or no resources, so prayer vigils will likely be more signal language for groups hunting down survivors to feed themselves.  The Cathars will be roasting in the camp fires.  The Vatican, Mormon and Baptist churches will be harvesting meals for the flock.

Americans, thus made ready to capitulate to repatriation, will slowly emerge from these circumstances as they begin to find the remains of their loved ones scattered around human BBQ pits, the awakened mind a still place in the universe where stupidity – once reining in any meaningful ability to process reality – has since gone mad.

America CAN be destroyed.  America IS being destroyed.  Americans DO NOT have a clue about these circumstances, and they believe that avoiding this has value long as they turn the other cheek and pray for salvation.

Some people actually believe the constitution will automatically save them, or maybe the Bill of Rights.  I don’t think so.  They don’t want to save themselves.  They have to have a sense of self-preservation for these documents to work.  Narcissists do self-admiration, which is why were stuck with this problem.

Cannibalism is being marketed as zombism to soften the transition to a looming domestic crisis.  Get a clue!


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