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Suffer the Children

The US has completely lost it’s moral compass, ethical culture and any remaining sense of rationality in connection with it’s constitutional purpose, every one of us collectively responsible for what this monster does to children and none of us able to deny knowledge of  this, pathologically or through outright force of will, so that when we present, this life behind us, the one to come our consequence, we did nothing to prevent this.

STONE HOUSE HUNTING LODGE is the process, and every one of our children live human game in one of the most horrific crimes known to man, child sacrifice, and this sociopath is standing there, these children intuitively aware of the danger they are in, pressed against a backdrop of corporatism they never knew owned them.  They just knew something was terribly wrong with Barack Obama that people weren’t letting on.

Natalee Holloway, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, Robyn Gardner, Karen Swift and the children in this image eventually, all face to face with the perp, and no one knows for the better, because they don’t want to acknowledge this individual is a monster.

Holly Bobo got him caught April, 2011.  TBI/Fusion Center, DHS and the State Department shielded him with a phony Bin Laden raid, Oslo Utoya, the London riots and OWS and the American Public is about to re-elect him for a 2nd term.

Like I said, the US has completely lost it’s moral compass, ethical culture and any remaining sense of rationality in connection with reality.

This is as bad as it gets, and people are just not figuring it out.


Obama set up this photograph, probably these individuals not knowing one way or the other what it would be used for, which in this case this cohort of children are being exploited for witchcraft – in full view of the public.  What does that tell you about this monster’s agendas for the US?

The pentagram is  protection, banishment and attraction, which this was engineered to magnify Obama’s chances of winning his re-election bid against increasingly poor ratings on his presidency.

Okay, so you know the president just used these child in a satanic ritual, obviously under duress.  What does this mean to you?  If media turns around and “blesses” him with a good fortune sugar cookie, it will be made to appear that witchcraft works!  To a sociopath, this is a wet dream or rationality that urges him on, regardless of the boundaries and against the odds of getting caught, since the public is largely in abeyance of morality in the first place.   Sick, isn’t it?

You still don’t believe this, do you?  You read the first part and probably started laughing to yourself.  Maybe you listened to the music, didn’t connect.  Then you looked at the image image of Obama with the pentagram drawn over the children, and you probably dismissed this, too, out of mind.  You think it’s propaganda.  Hateful.  Unfair.


You are looking at reality.  It’s difficult to process, because you’re programmed to believe it’s impossible.

Do you know what else Obama is doing with this image?  It’s a subliminal distraction, the composition pressing itself into your mind in a disturbing presentation of sorcery, the target  of which is children and the outcome of which is always  child sacrifice.


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