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re Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government

The Illuminati was a Cathars resurgence, and it’s been met with the same standard of inquisition that routed the former and so diminished it’s numbers they are barely a blip on the historical time line in the development of European meta politics.

This organization has been a HUGE threat to European leadership for the simple reason that it opposed the satanic ritual practices of the Vatican and it’s myriad SSOs throughout Europe, including but not limited to, the Jesuits.

Likewise, Illuminati represented a major threat to the Baptist church as well, the latter an entirely new breed of satanic organization engineered in collaboration with Amsterdam to attempt to seed itself in the protestant reformation much as the Mormon church was engineered to infiltrate US domestic infrastructure for the same purpose.  Weishaupt’s organization naturally exposes these entities as frauds, because they are.

The Illuminati remain competitive with the Masons for the simple reason that Weishaupt rejected human sacrifice outright.  This was an enlightenment movement, Illuminati acknowledged Council of Nicaea corruption involved in fabrication the Bible and confirmed Egyptian invocation in traditional biblical teaching albeit it was this organization’s attempt to share this information with the general public that was then – and still is – by and large considered sacred by Masonic organisations, particularly the Mormon church.

The reason for this extreme Cathar/Illuminati prejudice is were people to understand reality behind the bible they would abandon it immediately as a fraud making it difficult to acculturate them to Druid mysticism, which is the origin of Vatican theology.  The Vatican and it’s Masonic subordinates, including the Baptist and Mormon churches, are human sacrifice entities what biblical principles teach this macabre art for entertainment on a political agenda more commonly known to popular SSOs as Amen-Ra Toth.  It’s modern identity is Neopolitics; neopoliticians, both neocon and neoliberal, are Amen-Ra Toth practitioners.

The Illuminati is NOT the enemy of man but rather an early presentation of what man can become, which is why this organization gave you the 2nd amendment.  The founders were Illuminated Masons.  They operated in secrecy in the Colonies to avoid detection by the monarchy.  This doesn’t men they were evil.  To the contrary, they were NOT evil but smart to avoid coming under scrutiny before they could accomplish their secession project, which of course they pulled off quite well.

Contrary to GCN disinformation, Illuminati are principled on the enlightenment.  This is NOT a satanic organization, and intelligent people will learn this by spending some time researching this organization via authentic classical resources where reality will lay waste to marketing schemes engineered to discredit Weishaupt.

There are four videos and one Wiki page link here to whet your interest in learning more about the Illuminati.  This is an introduction to the history of this organization and not meant to close argument on the SSO culture but rather to awaken you to certain competitive forces among these, the Illuminati constantly under siege and falsely represented as satanic for the simple reason that it created the constitutional republic principled on a liberty and freedom platform under which you live today.  This is the very same same government neopoliticians are attempting to relieve you of.  And they may yet do this if you do not learn to recognize and rout grifter politicians from congress.

For the record, and you will learn this as you study more objective sources about this organization, negative attribution in this case is due to agenda driven marketing which promotes intentional lack of correct information to aggrandize the pop culture view about this organization which motivates you to buy products.  The monarchy remains fearful of the Illuminati for the simple reason that were you to realize your birthright you would have no problem asserting the Constitution and Bill of Rights against Amen-Ra Toth/Neopolitics.

Prison Planet has a natural interest in maintaining negative attribution on the Illuminati for a very simple reason.  What Aaron Dykes is failing to tell you is neo Illuminati, his negative core cabal being promoted as a Satanist entity, is not Weishaupt but a gnostic organization promoted by the Vatican in collaboration with the Mormon church and Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) in the US… and GNC is a part of it!

This will open your eyes.



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