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How America Lost the Revolution

WHAT HAPPENED – Colonial America, under the leadership of the Illuminated Masons (NON-SATANIC), seceded successfully from Britain.  The founders subsequently prohibited the Vatican from establishing itself in the US.

HOW BRITAIN RESPONDED – Treaty.  Britain acquiesced on the surface but subsequently penetrated US political infrastructure via the democratic party, the Mormon church, civil war, Fed, CFR, Bilderberg and a string of legislation 1974- 2011, principled on false flag terrorism and accompanied by the kidnapping for torture of 11 young women and children in celebration of US gullibility.

DID AMERICA EVEN NOTICE?: No, albeit when presented with data to corroborate allegations of grifter politician sedition and treason (neopolitics) broke out in a frenzy of giggling and laughter, poetry writing, prayer and candlelight vigils hopeful that some miracle would reconvene their salvation, but they would not let go debauchery to help the recovery process, which is how raccoons are trapped by a tin can and quarter.

AMERICANS TODAY – Confused, although they will loft firearms absent of understanding the reality of the 2nd amendment.  Agitated but complacent.  Frustrated but otherwise ha ha HA-PEE!

AN ALTERNATIVE FUTURE – Increasingly invasive government subdues you thus preventing you from responding correctly to repatriation.  There are four dangerous actions which precipitate displacement:

1) Kidnapping for torture, but people will not respond to this having been promised their security is guaranteed by the government in whom they subsequently placed their trust for salvation, an example of which issues on the left,

2) Circumvention of the Constitution and bill of Rights, people largely dismissive of the founders favorable to grifter politicians who are promoting democracy and humanitarianism in abeyance of the rule of law,

3) Collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures, people having become too complacent sidetracked by political debauchery and willing to trade their freedom and liberty for security promoted by domestic false flag terrorism, and

4) Propaganda which promotes sustained capitulation.

People, the ONLY way out of this is if you will stand your ground against occult rendition, circumvention of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, complacency which is prescriptive of humanitarianism in abeyance of the rule of law and propaganda engineered to befuddle your ability to think clearly about your circumstances.  Learn to think, or live with the consequences of your diffidence.  This is life.  Reality is required for our survival.


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