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Atramental Trumps Non-Reason (figure it out)

This was to have been a brief motivational speech for an anti-NWO rally, but the food vendor never showed up, people began entertaining themselves in small groups playing guitar and reciting poetry.  There were a few assaults and a rape typical of protests groups having missed the point of the assembly.  A 2nd amendment rally of this nature would have been a disaster.

Albert Pike was correct, although he was a far cry from being morally righteous.  Man makes better mutton than he does a thinker, obviously.




Trouble here.  Our nation is under siege from international corporatism that is routing government formerly principled on our constitutional republic and crushing freedom and liberty.


The problem is neopolitics – a UK inspired repatriation project what primary mechanism of transformation is occult rendition (various types) backed up by circumvention of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures and propaganda directed at coercing our capitulation.

[low din]

All it takes for this scheme to prevail upon the US is for people to continue to buy into Britain’s SSO culture club of corruption.  People don’t recognize it, but it’s anything to do with unchecked access to food, entertainment and sex feeds and breeds this monster.  We need self-control, which this has been set aside for things to get our of control so they have an excuse to do mass genocide.  In other words, they’ve used debauchery as bait, and people are their prey, hence Stone House Hunting Lodge with a predictable future for the US.

[audience giggling]


We’re not seeing the problem, folks!  This movement is a single party parliamentary entity having superimposed upon our bicameral system neocon for republican and neoliberal for democrat.  With the exception of their fiscal budget, neocons and neoliberals are the same. They serve the same SSO interests, and they are otherwise known as Nationalist Socialist Corporatist (NSC) to a national audience.

[wind picks up, trash blows across field]

If we increase our knowledge and awareness of how they are doing this we can stop them!

[audience laughing]

The only thing they have to control you in the US is corporatism, which they set this up via the reconstruction amendments.  You patronize them.  They grow larger and more powerful, and their mission is to control population via the disposable community as an a corporate asset, the model of which was 911.  This was also the very same domestic terrorism perpetrated by the Mormon church September 11, 1857, the occult midpoint between 1857 and September 11, 2001, August 31, 1888, what occult signature is 77, America comfitted by the ideology that occult pre-eminence is a fantasy. You’ve been hoodwinked. It’s reality!

[audience laughing]


Neos are grifter politicians and follow occult protocol, including sponsoring legislation which sets an international legal precedence for resourcing BDSM/pedophilia ritual human sacrifice for entertainment with products acquired in the US, and they are pledged to their UK SSOs in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction.

Grifters pledge on kidnapping, torture, rape, use of controlled substances and eventually necromancy to prove their worth to their corporate masters!

[cat calls, someone throws a tomato at the speaker; trash starts to noticeably accumulate in the bleachers]


Neopoliticians are pervasive, resourced to force their repatriation agenda and will kill anyone who can bring them to justice.  Neo philosophy is palingenesis untranationalism, and they are otherwise principled on Amen-Ra Toth (philanthropy, sacrifice, propaganda) in connection with Druid Mysticism, the latter used to practice detachment and promote brotherhood bonding within their respective organizations.

[audience booing and hissing]


These sociopaths are rights out of Genesis 3, and what they can’t get by conning you they take via ICPs which skirt the rule of law.

[audience walking out; loud music, racing car engines and a fight breaks out in the parking lot]

Speaker [activities breaking out on the field]

Silence.  Sirens approach.



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