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Authentic Two Party Politics: Constitutionalist v Progressive

We worked on and developed a design for secession, an example of which appears on the right.

We met with the country we declared independence from, agreed upon the terms of secession and signed a treaty, an example of which appears below.

A lot of people don’t connect these two events with any more meaning than the treaty was a formality to cool off.  We cooled off.  Britain didn’t.  We were lied to, which you would think people would have taken this into consideration and worked to prevent sedition and repatriation, enter grifter SSOs, which were nothing more than an upstart sedition agenda populated with handful of very powerful and imaginative individuals whose enterprising philanthropic interests coupled with the public forgoing any real understanding of their motivation lofted propaganda the form of what salvation was entertainment accompanied by hatred of anyone that opposed it and what political debauchery of progressivism became neopolitics, corporatism linked to political infrastructure and eventually organized crime more notoriously known as Nationalist Socialist Corporatism.  The origin of this model is palingenesis ultranationalism, and it melded with Bill of Rights via the reconstruction amendments.

Summarizing, Progressivism manifest in the US with the creation of the democratic party, and it’s been a work in progress ever since.

Progressivism promotes democratic process and humanitarianism in abeyance of government principled on the US constitution, and if this movement had it’s way, democrats cum liberal (progressive) would set aside the Bill of Rights and move on to a single party parliamentary system aligned with the UK’s corporate feudal scheme with corporations serving as tenants-in-chief.  The reason for this is democracy is in fact a convention of UK politics in promotion of the monarchy, albeit it has been erroneously identified with our constitutional republic.

Some people refer to democracy as a catalyst for freedom.  It is when constrained by the Bill of Rights.  It’s a nightmare when unconstrained by parliament.  Others believe dumbing down the constitution is impossible, that the Bill of Rights is immutable and protects itself magically endowed with powers of the divine.  Of course UK leadership knows better, there version of what needs to be done in either case seen at the left.  Take this out.  Put this in.  Nullify the Bill of Rights, and in particular the 2nd amendment all the while America is preoccupied with McDonalds value meal products manufactured from pink slime.

Meanwhile, the public has it’s own Bill of Rights institutionalized as a catalyst for consumerism.  It’s a corporate sponsored fantasy, but it also gets folks lined up to buy their products.

While humanitarianism and democratic progress may sound like a nobler government, these ideologies are actually confidence bait directed at seducing your mind to believing that someone actually cares about and is willing to loft resources for humanity. This is not the case. In a strictly parliamentary system humanitarianism dictates your rights on a day to day basis, and this is voted upon via democratic process by a parliament that is largely controlled by the British monarchy.

Likewise, the UN is controlled by the monarchy.  In reality, the entire fucking world is controlled by the monarchy, except the US which is controlled by the Mormon church and Fed.  You want to argue with that.  Okay, so the monarchy controls these too, which means… What exactly?

In a constitutional monarchy, the parliament controls democratic process, just progressives don’t tell you this hopeful you will not be able to figure this out while their corporations are fleecing you of your resources, and members of your family.  The Mormon church is a progressive domestic institution.  Any organization that presses itself in competition with the constitution is progressive.  Why?  Because they are making PROGRESS toward repatriation.  Oh yeah, huh!  Give this movement a zillion different names, which they do this to confuse you, but it’s still  the same: repatriation via legislative sedition on American gullibility.

The Fed is a very good example of a progressive economic entity.  This organization is single handedly collapsing US economic infrastructure without so much as a whimper from the public, because people are largely unaware of this entities corruption, which is fiat economics.  I know THAT got your attention.  Progressives don’t tell you about their crimes.  They lie to you keeping you preoccupied with the fallout, they in the backdrop magnifying the circumstances in their mission to hoodwink you in their magic show.  Think of them as vacuum cleaner salesmen.  You are dirt.  The clients are their corporate bosses.  No?

CFR and Bilderberg are progressive entities. Progressives mask both liberal and conservative.  The progressive movement in it’s entirety, a UK inspired repatriation project, is nothing more than a legislative sedition project directed at keeping you subdued while their US employed/UK pledged grifter politicians sacrifice our constitutional republic… on debauchery.


People have an innate disposition for corruption that Genesis did a fine job of illustrating.  The authors of this wonderful description of humanity knew and understood basic morality and man’s lack of it.

Genesis 3 is a metaphor. Eve ate her own children.  The forbidden fruit is children, man seemingly oblivious to this and willing to capitulate setting aside guilt and thus engaging his own willingness to invite this horrific practice into his future, this idiot not figuring his own hand in the macabre affairs of occult rendition. People are all over this with denial. All one can do is laugh at fools acknowledging what Albert Pike correctly described as the herd. No offence, but pictures speak louder than words.

This little parable was written by the council of Nicaea in 325 AD and included in their bible mystery works which sets the standard for human gullibility. People deny this outright, but when you consider what they are allowing to happen with TSA, it’s not much different.

We see this happen in the public and are repelled by it, albeit we never connect it to anyone other then some depraved individual whose lost home, family and the ability to sustain himself and is thus living on the on the street, behind burnt out tenement buildings and in the little forests around your homes.  Aside from the fact that hobos are one form of this, that this presents in humanity at all should and aught to alert you to the possibility that it’s not isolated to the street.

Depravity exists.  If it exists, it’s a feature of human behavior.  If it’s a feature of human behavior it’s going to present across a spectrum of socio-economic groups.  It’s not isolated to the poor.  It’s not an exclusive feature of the destitute.  It’s the nature of man, and people dismiss this out of mind when these individual’s present dressed flawlessly pressed and ironed, privately educated and baptised in the church of salvation.

We do negative attribution on one’s appearance in a simple minded comparison where we affiliate a bedraggled appearance with bedraggled behavior, so if it clean so must be it’s core.  Wrong, very wrong.

Man’s conscience is motivated by his preoccupation with feeding himself, reproduction, partying and celebrating.  If a ship sails into harbor loaded with trade goods, folks swarm it for products, the hold’s hidden cargo ferreted off to the elite after hours.  This was institutionalized on Nicaea, commercialized via the India Trading Company and introduced to US domestic infrastructure via progressive politics, the latter of which is Britain’s very own government having superimposed itself upon our own via neopolitics.


Genesis is the first description of the progressive nave: naive, easily seduced by a grifter, no boundaries, and ultimately no regard for the welfare of their own children let alone their fellow man.  Progressivism is neopolitics, and worse still, its palingenesis ultranationalism and yet further principled on corporatism the combination of which is highly competitive with our constitutional republic.

In a nutshell, and taking all current political parties into consideration, we have two emergent and competing entities for elections: Constitutionalists and Progressives. Constitutionalists are fiercely aligned with the rule of law described in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, while Progressives work in circumvention of these in preservation of humanitarianism and democratic process, the latter two of which are not government principled on our republic.

While we value voting, which is a democratic procedure, in the US such has been subordinated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the UK, humanitarianism subordinates to democratic process, which as I have already stated dictates your rights on a day to day basis. This is a paradox people generally do not understand, and for lack of foreknowledge about progressivism, it’s bold promises are the snake that greeted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Rush Limbaugh periodically issues statements of genius unparalleled by the Alternative media.  He cited research that correctly describes male aspect women as democrat.  Democrats are typically affiliated with the progressive movement.  Progressives are institutionally linked to the UK and involvement with human trafficking.  I already know the denial issues with this.  It’s reality nonetheless.  Even looking at the images above, people giggle and laugh.


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