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Palingenetic Ultranationalism Economics

Re: Powerful Pedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed

Truth mitigates corruption that can otherwise be destroyed by reality.

We have to go back to Rome approximately Nero, since this is is the point of transformation of humanity to institutionalized occult BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment, although Genesis was based largely on fetus destruction occurring within Egyptian and Greek cultures long before this particular monster.

To begin with, Christianity is a confab.  There weren’t any Christian martyrs, they were pagan, and in open display of torture and sacrifice heralded by Nero.

Reality was altered superimposing the story of Christian martyrdom upon Rome’s preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment which eventually consolidated paganism as Christianity.

Roman emperors eventually transformed to Popes lofting a solar deity myth for alleged spiritual leadership diverting attention away from ritual sacrifice for entertainment thus displacing accountability and subsequently preserving the macabre practice of sexual deviance for the state.

The masses thus principled on virtue, leadership institutionalized on Druid mysticism and it’s invocation to preserve BDSM/pedophilia all the while people acculturated to the bible.  Morality reined in the masses, while murder and mayhem continued to be the mainstay of a sick generation of leadership that learned to control man’s ability to perceive and oppose these circumstances via shock and awe.

People were initially enslaved by the bible for the simple reason that it was the operating manual for those who could read and use it to prophecy.  The masses thus predisposed to follow the rule of law in the example set by Jesus could be mobilized while their shepherds culled herd for their sadistic and perverted masters.

Today, political leadership in the UK and US is nonetheless the product of the use of BDSM/pedophilia to indoctrinate leadership principled on human sacrifice.  For example, Ted Bundy was upwardly mobile in the Iron Triangle.

Mountain Meadows, Jack the Ripper (John and Thomas Chapman), Black Dahlia (Orson Wells, Alfred Hitchcock), Zodiac (Pete Wilson), Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Deepwater Horizon, XI-U, all of these were nothing more that some politician proving himself useful to syndicated leadership, each one of these events an application rather that a singular madman perp, the implication for mankind that if he doesn’t stop Nero he’ll never escape these circumstances.

This is why what seems like an institutional attitude permissive of domestic debauchery. It’s an engineered state of mind that cultivates tolerance of BDSM/pedophilia and everything this implies.  This also trans-stages SSO mystification softening the impact of the loss of children and young women to this macabre enterprise, people held off by diffident attitude principled on a literature that was designed to work just this way.  You’re taught to turn the other cheek, which in reality means turn your head to abduction and everything this implies.

THIS is the negative core of the Vatican, and unless people wake up to this immense hoax we’re going to lose another 1000 years to this with little or no progress separating ourselves from occult rendition.

I’ve said this often.  The ancient knowledge is simple.  The elite already know that and are using this information to exploit mankind for their own purpose.  We come from the sun.  God conscience is found within not in some other form which baits you to search outside yourself for this guidance; the occult is an example of the latter.

People have learned to search for this intelligence prescriptive of a solar deity myth which is a soft dictatorship.  As I said, searching for God or virtually any manifestation of this outside ourselves is Satanic.  The narrow path alternative to this phenomenon is your ability to discriminate well the difference between right and wrong, and we know this, because we know when we are intentionally hurting others, which brings us back around to the Vatican.

Statists practice inhumanity what impact on leadership is people thus conditioned to hurt others and at the sane time fearing exposure for their involvement in BDSM/pedophilia. They will do whatever they are told in perpetuity, hence the SSO debauchery pledge, an example of this training being once again Ted Bundy and hundreds of others like him.

Truth mitigates this evil.  Reality destroys it.


Mark Dice


Steven Messham, Unconfirmed (may be disinformation)




All Stop
Drinks After Screening
Body Cavity Search
X-Ray Scanners
Obamacare… … Obamacare?
Shock Bracelets

Fact: People who don’t wish to – or cannot – think for themselves will choose authority over freedom when confronted by complexity. This is a default state of mind that preserves humanity when confronted by otherwise challenging circumstances. It’s also the mark of people satiate on a middle class lifestyle, and of course look at what’s disappearing ahead of the end game: THE MIDDLE CLASS!


NDAA and Occult Rendition

NDAA is a progressive application of occult rendition.

In reality, this legislation is a shock and awe embed engineered to set a legal precedence for kidnapping to resource ritual human sacrifice and BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment with products acquired in the US.

This macabre legislation has been sponsored by debauchery pledged UK inspired SSOs that proliferate well embedded in US political and entertainment infrastructures and is a feature of the progressivism of palingenetic ultranationalism cum Nazism and ultimately Nationalist Socialist Corporatism (NSC).

NDAA was engineered out of a desire to create a process that would empower the elite to enjoy the privilege of at will abduction, rape and torture of children and young women unconstrained by the rule of law, the public fully aware of these circumstances albeit helpless to prevent this, hence occult rendition.

At the time or this writing people are being viewed as commodities with exchange rates and a shelf life, hence the disposable community of which Waco, Oklahoma City and and WTC are prime examples.  XI-U, Laurie Partridge through Karen Swift, and Jessica Ridgeway are examples of how these monsters view your children.

Progressivism= Britain’s conquest agenda for the world, and this project has been successful largely because regional and corporate leadership have been willing to debauchery pledge to UK inspired SSOs committed to repatriation. In exchange for their collaboration to promote legislative sedition, treason and abduction, they have been given ennobling titles, albeit they commit some of the most horrific crimes known to man (e.g. necromancy, child sacrifice, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and abduction, rape, torture and sacrifice of young women and the black mass).

Status conscious SSO pledges identify with occult status, clerics and knights, albeit these same people have absolutely no practiced regard for noble character.  They perform ritual sacrifice to train on sociopathy which makes them immutable to reason. Thus “ordained”, they follow a rigid UK political agenda absent of a moral compass and under threat of death in perpetuity for their redaction.

Co occurring acculturation is natural fallout through the application of the NDAA, people seemingly oblivious to an endless stream of decadence flowing into the mainstream via the entertainment industry, mass media that is largely controlled by the NSC and food products laced with so much FDA approved toxic garbage it’s eroded the needle on our moral compass beyond recognition, so the US no longer has one.

THIS is the NDAA, and any mollification to the contrary is progressive BS. The game plan is acculturation to ritual human sacrifice for entertainment, nothing more. This has been a work in progress since the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) and the sooner people are educated on this issue the better.

NDAA is a BDSM/pedophile’s wet dream. It was created by sick people. It is being promoted by sick people. It will continue to be exploited by sick people. People unwilling to understand this will continue to be victimized by this horrific legislation; it was engineered for this purpose.

NDAA is a shock and awe embed engineered to set a legal precedence for kidnapping to resource ritual human sacrifice and BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment with products acquired in the US.  The ONLY reason these monsters are doing this is to aggrandize their sadistic preoccupation with torture.  It’s working.  They’ve acculturated the public partly via mystification of this enterprise as a noble SSO.  America seems to be comfortable with this bizarre relationship; instead of putting a stop to this, people are holding fucking candlelight prayer vigils.

Do you understand that the terrorism issue was a confab, that during this state sponsored false flag nightmare the Mormon church has been continuing to pick off young women and children in abeyance of the the constitution and bill of rights but in agreement with the Druid practices of the constitutional monarchy of the UK?

As far as these monsters are concerned anyone being paid to go along with this has been rewarded for their part, so in the end they owe you nothing. Do you understand YOU are as disposable as any one else? There are no boundaries here. Progressivism is a conquest agenda, and they do not respect Quislings. You’re no better off than the rest of us except you lie to yourself believing that if you go along with this you’ll be spared. That’s not going to happen.

NDAA is a progressive application of occult rendition, and it is a 1000 year bid on humanity to resource BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment and ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US.

American Consulate, Libya

This is an absolute nightmare.

I won’t publish the image which caused me to think more about the UK/NSC sponsored genocidal mission in the Middle east, albeit it’s a correct and deeply disturbing reminder of Atramental sociopathy which is plaguing US character abroad, and it’s using one of our own to convey this macabre to the world.

Bear in mind while reading this Big Bird may not be so mundane an educational phenomenon as it has been a macabre prophet of 2011, this effigy bearing down on the future with precedence setting at will occult rendition the crowning glory of which is S.1867.1021.  This little gift to the future is a cipher embed in the numbers 13, 22 and 123, all of which are represented in this covert entertainment political enterprise.

As one man so aptly put it, what God has in store for evil people is not negotiable.  They go there.  They don’t have a choice; I HOPE this is true.  In keeping with the macabre of the necromancy subculture, the Mormon church, many are called, but few are chosen.  In my mind, this is a paradox, and earth is the ultimate test of conscience.

You can view the image here:

For those of you searching for answers beyond the literal mindedness of the American psyche, consider this: Yellow Big Bird is a 3DRAS 13.

Occult aside, that image is spooky. I guess my issue with the consulate attacks is our people know they are in danger remaining in Libya. In my mind, that’s like invading someone’s home. They don’t seem to have conscience about this.

It’s like “Hey, mom. Just graduated from college. Going to Libya where we just routed the indigenous.  Good pay and benefits!”

Debauchery means nothing.  Graft means nothing.  American’s are all about opportunity regardless of how it was obtained.  One culture wiped off the face of the earth in a sweeping no fly policy.  Another comes up in it’s place promoted by the same organization that genocided the indigenous.

Constitution?  They didn’t have one, so God didn’t value their lives, or so it goes.  Beside we had scripture stamped on our weaponry which evoked the wrath of Jesus and pre eminence of Christianity which is now under attack from Islam. We BARELY have a constitution, but who cares?  It’s all legal long as everyone is doing their job, eh?  Constitution?  What constitution?

There’s a NSC rapist mentality programmed into the American psyche. It doesn’t seem to matter when our government is perping the crime. Long as neopolitics is carrying the flag it’s all good, until their victims retaliate. Then we’re victims and they’re monsters. THIS is the message of Big Bird.

Forget we murdered a million or so of them, including innocent women and children. For what? For their resources. Message to America: Don’t go there. Their own people betrayed them for a buck. And THAT group is a disposable community. In case anyone’s missed the game plan, soon as the insurgency is over they kill the insurgents, Christians among them.

Mom… I know your child was an all star in high school, academic scholar in college and married the girl of his dreams, but if you want to preserve him, you might want to tell him NOT to go overseas, for obvious reasons.  I know. The social club, church and all his family is watching. It’d embarrassing to see him standing in line for unemployment, but he’d be alive while that still possible in the US!

The Big Bird message is something far more more sinister than we are consciously aware of: lives erased on mistakes and misunderstandings, which is the occult pseudo science of Toth with relative affiliation with Amen-Ra.

America responds with candlelight prayer vigils partly because the supreme court is out to lunch at the Galaxy global Eatery… with Big bird!

Freelance Whales/Kennedy SSO

Start speech. Run 60 seconds, then start Generator. Adjust volume. Play together. Very inspiring.

Progressive, or Constitutionalist?

Gregory Ahern, Progressive

Joe Arpaio, Constitutionalist

Joe Biden, Progressive

Jan Brewer, Constitutionalist

Jerry Brown, Progressive

George Bush, Progressive

Jimmy Carter, Progressive

Bill Clinton, Progressive

Scott DesJarlais, Constitutionalist

Sean Hannity, Constitutionalist

Eric Holder, Progressive

Alex Jones, Progressive

Dr. Kate, constitutionalist

Bill Maher, Progressive

Barack Obama, Progressive

Bill O’Reilly, Progressive

Rand Paul, C0nstitutionalist

Ron Paul, Constitutionalist

Nancy Pelosi, Progressive

Dr. Phil, Progressive

Rick Perry, Progressive

Sally Jessy Raphael, Progressive

Ronald Reagan, Progressive

Harry Reid, Progressive

Geraldo Rivera, Progressive

Paul Craig Roberts, Progressive

Mitt Romney, Progressive

Paul Ryan, Progressive

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Progressive

Brad Staat, Constitutionalist

Montel Williams, Progressive

SUPREME COURT, Progressive



Know what this sign means?  You don’t, not really, but you know what you’ve been told: peace, baby.  The eagles wrote a song about it, Learn to be Still.  Both are symbolic of ritual human sacrifice.  So is Butterfly Sting, but more on that later.

This hand gesture is an occult symbol for the inverted pentagram.  Before I explain, take a look at how Churchill is touching the third finger of his right hand with with his thumb.  This is the number 13, and he’s confirming satanic protocol on the right, which is the US.  Know who his US alliance is?  The Mormon church.  The origin of the sign is Pythagoras occult protocol which is also used to cipher Mormon abductions of young women and children.  Want proof?  Ask TBI/Fusion Center for it.

Here’s how this cipher works on V:


Take a look at the cluster where you see the letter V.  It’s 4/DMV.  Each letter has a number designation.  For this particular group, D= 41, M= 42 and V= 43.

Now let’s take a closer look at V/43.

V/43 can be further analyzed thus:

4= 4; 43= 7; 3= 3, hence

473= additive sum 5.

5 is the pentagram, and lofting this sign publicly is identification with the occult, which involves human sacrifice.

This was Britain’s gift to the US via Winston Churchill’s popularity.  You were acculturated to ritual human sacrifice on this little macabre gesture (a feature of your repatriation), which they subsequently institutionalized this via false flag domestic terrorism and anti-terrorism legislation.

Anti terror legislation 1974- 2011 was commemorated on kidnapping children and torture, this project having been engineered to set a legal precedence for resourcing ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US.  Stupid Americans just shrug their shoulders and ignore it.

This is a state department/Mormon church project, and Americans bought it hook, line and sinker thinking they were being cool and identified with the civil rights movement and beyond, which is incorrect… and pathological.

Americans were astroturfed and thus acculturated to ritual human sacrifice all the while believing they were a part of a grand movement to usher in humanitarianism, which this was actually the forbearer of tyrannical government which we have been experiencing since 1963.  Now they are chasing their tails acting neurotic like they are surprised and shocked.  The easy way to understand this is people are stupid.

This symbol and our willingness to promote it sealed our fate with National Socialist Corporatism, a model precipitated by palingenetic ultranationalism more commonly known as progressivism, neopolitics, and radical liberalism, all of these the political monsters we are dealing with at this time in the US.

Still think it’s cool to loft this sign to your neighbors?  Police, maybe?

I will tell you your salvation, but I myself was told you wouldn’t understand this, that you are too stupid to figure it out. I don’t believe you’re stupid, not really, but you have been lied to to make it appear as though you are.

V is also Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, the antithesis for Churchill’s Satanic gesture and the substance of the main character in Wachowski’s infamous V.

The message is you have to fight his with intelligence. That’s not something you aren’t capable of, but certainly you aren not spending the time necessary to do this but are rather grazing in a 24/7 lifestyle of unchecked access to fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment. This is debauchery. It dulls the senses and in so doing fades your desire and ability to analyze your culture.

Enough said.

PEACE, Fools!

Prison Planet Infowarmongering

Re Reality: More People Requested Emergency Food Assistance Than Found Jobs

Aimless rambling…  and you are wasting your time thinking about it, eh?

Reality is sharply focused upon the event.  Strip away the rationality of truth, and you’ll loft evolution developmentally dependent on reason rather than an emotional state of mind that is constantly at play with debauchery.

If you followed the founders, you would understand this is the nature of limited government, but you’re not about that.  Such highly evolved government is directed at stabilizing the culture if it presents in a crisis.  On the other hand, neopolitics engineers crisis so people are constantly dependent upon government for their survival.

It’s difficult to control panic, but understanding it is a part of taking responsibility for this planet, even when we are constantly being provoked by a tyrant.  Reality is a tighter paradigm from which we fall through the sieve of truth to an outright lie, and this occurs more often by default than lack of control over the circumstances.

From reality, we perceive the Neanderthal and our evolution from this.  Truth argues the import of fantasy via mystification comfort we know are our primal drive to restore ourselves to an overwhelmingly complex cosmos.  To this end, the lie is simply a way to influence the behaviour of others.

The lie baits you.  Reality perceives this.  The liar is typically armed to force his will.  Truth attempts to mitigate this with information.  Reality fights back, eventually.

When you are talking about waking people up, you are talking about waking them up to reality, not your interpretation of it.  You want then to learn to think for themselves, which grifters talk them out of this via charm offensive the the double bind.  You have to educate them to wake them up, and to do this you have to challenge them to think.  If you were curriculum, you’d fall way short of being a valuable education resource, because you don’t ask questions.

For example:


What was the bureau of labor’s employment statistic presented in this article?

What was the increase in the number of households reliant on food stamps in the month cited by the author?

Critical Thinking

What point is the author attempting to make regarding the relationship between unemployment and food stamp reliant households?


What was the authors purpose for writing this article, and how does this reflect on this individual’s attitude toward government?  How does this writer attempt to persuade his audience?

THIS is how you get at reality.

GCN does truth, which is a close cousin of the lie.  It’s cheap.  It’s moderated by corporate interests and professional provocateurs, and it is funding staff investment portfolios on the gullibility of an otherwise naive audience, which means Prison Planet is a grifter/gatekeeper organization staffed by perverts.

How’s that  for aimless rambling!

Re Let This Be a Warning, America: when the Riots Start, The Government’s Response Will Be Brutal

In the day, I taught critical thinking in Junior High School.  Cooperative Groups. Analysis of Literature.  Students read the assignment over the weekend, and we spent the week breaking it down and rebuilding it so thoroughly curriculum lost it’s value and we needed projects to stay busy, although my students tested at or above grade level in reading and language arts.

The district didn’t recognize the test scores, but administrators did take notice of the attitude my students presented when confronted by authority.  They were mouthy, and bored.  One week a student arrived to class with a project tucked under her arm and asked me to have a look at her plans.  It was a blueprint.  I unrolled it, about 25 pages and was awe struck at how imaginative this young woman was.  She brought in detailed plans to construct a cruise missile.  The project that week was rocket Island.

This is how people think when they are taught to use their minds.  They loft intelligent, confident and capable.

Alex, You read my posts.  I know this, because you often encrypt your own work getting a message off to me that you agree with or do not understand what I am talking about.  Truth IS NOT correct for these circumstances.  It’s correct for your marketing system, but it means nothing to guiding conscious effort to empower people to think.  Information is meaningless unless when possessed one knows what to do with it.  You are fattening people on information, but they are to stupid to use it unless you motivate them to think.

I did a research project on reading.  It was over simplified, but what I was after was understanding if academic reading was superior to a vocational method.  They produced the same results on a rather small study sample (200 middle school students).  Where performance soared was when students were intrinsically motivated to read.  We programmed this by weekend reading which allowed us to engage thinking in the classroom, and it was marvellous.  Getting the information in the brain ahead of the week opened us up to do meta-cognitive stuff, writing and debate.  They soared.

I’ve seen disasters in classroom that were clinically supervised with absolute precision.  Madelyn hunter was a Nazi in this regard.  Upland was a little softer, and it was a blessing when I could get on with educating the brain in abeyance of methods prescriptive of line and staff organization which attempted to subordinate my class to the idiot running the school.  Now let’s take a look at your classroom.

Let this be a warning, class: when the tests start, the principal’s response will be brutal for slackers!

This is what you sound like, and subsequent classroom attendance is poor.  Moral is bad and your audience is infighting on your message boards.  What a learning experience, eh?

You’ve thought a lot about yourself, Alex.  Tangy tangerine didn’t work, but you are lying like it does, which is narcissistic as hell.  You’re disorganized to a fault, and you try to hide this by flipping out when you lose your focus although you hide this with neatly pressed clothing.  You’re an image man.  Making lots and lots of money, too.  Doing an honest broadcast that saves you even more money if you cut our certain services that would help you come across solvent with your audience.  You’re successful if you make a buck.  I was successful if I educated my students.  Do you see the difference?  Debauchery v Reason, the former of which you are an example.

I challenge you to STAND YOUR GROUND principled on a desire to provide information that can be used to promote education in such a way that people are motivated to learn to think rather than simply opinionate themselves in the verbal ejaculate of simple minded cronies addicted to identity politics for profit at your end and training for  approval training for enslavement at theirs.

Or, just keep doing what you do.  It’s sensational, it’s makes you lots of money and it’s meaningless to a society principled on freedom and liberty, but many in your audience don’t know what this is anyway, which your message boards often attest to this, unless staff writers are doing damage control.  

re The Haunted and the Hated

People aren’t willing to think when they are prevented form doing it as children, Alex.  They won’t think.  They don’t want to think.  They are afraid to think, because they’ve been taught not to think.  The principal forced the school rules and academic standards and expectations for behavior.  The boss forces policy.  The employee obeys, regardless of the damage this does to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The boss wills capitulation, and the employee submits or is threatened to career ruin.  You follow policy, which circumvents the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or face ruin.  Let a monster like this stay and you too capitulate.  But people don’t fight it.  They’re afraid of the loss of their resources.  They don’t give a damn about their dignity or that of their victims, they just do it like throwing a load of slaves over board mid Atlantic because they were order to do so.  No humanity required to be human.  No conscience required to be a slave.  Do, die and don’t ask why.  And what do you want to bet Mr. Boss has a stash of children in his basement or female sex slaves in the hold?  People who control all have this problem.  They are possessive, and their slaves want to be possessed.  People want to be owned.  It’s easy.  It makes a pay check.  No effort required, and if you get caught you can always blame someone else.   They get a scaled down version of the same debauchery perks the boss gets, so everyone’s happy as a mushroom Santa.  People just have to be willing to let go of  their sense of humanity to have it.  Look at these guys.  10 and 15 years doing what the boss told  them to do, and they get a conscience when they can retire.  Every one of them talking about it and STILL getting paid for all the damage they did.  No one educated them and taught them to think, Alex.


Tut beget Judaism, Christianity and Islam which beget Palingenetic ultranationalism which beget Nationalist Socialism what BDSM meld with corporatism and Druid mysticism produced the NSC which is the modern day manifestation of progressivism, proliferation of UK inspired SSOs and single party parliamentary entity, NEO FUCKING POLITICS. And this is nothing more than a mushroom culture.

Sounds perverted, doesn’t it? Could it get much worse? Would it matter if you know that the majority of politicians in congress are debauchery pledged to the UK to proxy legislation directed at our repatriation? This is the reason they are signing legislation that is circumventing the Constitution and Bill of Rights seemingly oblivious to public outrage. Couldn’t change their minds if they grew a conscience, because this pledge is in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction, which is why you can’t beat neopolitics. They lie ’till they die.  Under these circumstances, how is it that Obama or Romney either one hold the interest of the public?  Marketing, but this is a topic for another discussion.

In the meanwhile, did you know there is a group that could stop this but won’t, because they are protective of their investments and lifetime income benefits working pledged to anti-government organization Atramental Lodge 23, which is the negative core of the state department. Congress that pledges atramental pledges to the CIA which is controlled by Quatuor Coronati in the UK.

Do you know who the CIA is? It’s the Mormon church, a phony Christian/Islam meld principled on the Art of War (to militarize the US for the UK) that is Britain’s first and ultimate repatriation project for the US, and now the world. The NWO is an Islamic featured movement what conquest agenda is closely aligned with Islam’s own conquest of the the Middle east and parts of Europe, and the only thing standing between this movement and the US is the Constitution, Bill of Rights and people willing to assert their rights against neopolitics.

Know what Americans are doing to promote this? Fast food, Hollywood and entertainment and diffidence in issues involving the need for reason. American are trading their morality for debauchery. They avoid ethics issues in favor of soccer, football and an endless stream of over-stimulation completely under the control of the mushroom culture which gave us Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

Feel attacked? That’s because you’re blissfully ignorant, and I just bumped you out of your comfort zone with acculturation to a society programmed on the drug culture. That’s correct. Drugs. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Alice in Wonderland, too! You’re adapted to and hold values which were largely created by the imagination of individuals who are addicted to the use of mushrooms to get high and subsequently engineered a culture largely guided by a fantasy.  No?  The Vatican.

Want to fight this? Become familiar with the Constitution, learn the Bill of rights and stand your ground. Or, capitulate. You’ll be capitulating to the mushroom culture that rules and controls all others, including the drug cartels in Mexico, that armed Venezuela for a war with the US (Schwarzenegger and our own weapons by the) and which is the source of domestic false flag terrorism throughout the world, the Mormon church.

Want to know more? The Baptist church was created to penetrate the protestant reformation. It was a monarchy/Amsterdam project the same way the LDS was created to penetrate fundamentalism in the US with the caveat that the Mormon church was also empowered to perform occult rendition (Druid) to resource ritual human sacrifice which it has magnified with anti terrorism legislation 1974 through 2011.  Carter knew about this and only intimated about it.

The Nazarenes have come up in the US attracting a large number of militant minded individuals who can be cultivated and armed for a US insurgency.  This is the way they created Al Quaeda, just in the US they give it a protestant identity to make it familiar to the local culture.  They train and resource sociopaths compatible with occult rendition and the debauchery pledge and move on. It’s that easy.   In other words, church leadership in these organizations take their orders from abroad in keeping with repatriation mitigated by debauchery.  Yes, I am talking about your pastor.

Are you comfortable with this? If you get a pay check knowing what is happening to your fellow man and do nothing to stop this you’ve been paid for a service which they owe you nothing beyond this. This is why you’ll end up like the rest of us in the end. They owe you nothing. It was a business deal. They own you like they think they own the rest of us, and you’ll line up just like everyone else when they activated FEMA. And what will you do? Stand there mouth a gap uttering your confused state of mind in the vernacular of your then defunct instant messaging scheme, OMG!