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Tut beget Judaism, Christianity and Islam which beget Palingenetic ultranationalism which beget Nationalist Socialism what BDSM meld with corporatism and Druid mysticism produced the NSC which is the modern day manifestation of progressivism, proliferation of UK inspired SSOs and single party parliamentary entity, NEO FUCKING POLITICS. And this is nothing more than a mushroom culture.

Sounds perverted, doesn’t it? Could it get much worse? Would it matter if you know that the majority of politicians in congress are debauchery pledged to the UK to proxy legislation directed at our repatriation? This is the reason they are signing legislation that is circumventing the Constitution and Bill of Rights seemingly oblivious to public outrage. Couldn’t change their minds if they grew a conscience, because this pledge is in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction, which is why you can’t beat neopolitics. They lie ’till they die.  Under these circumstances, how is it that Obama or Romney either one hold the interest of the public?  Marketing, but this is a topic for another discussion.

In the meanwhile, did you know there is a group that could stop this but won’t, because they are protective of their investments and lifetime income benefits working pledged to anti-government organization Atramental Lodge 23, which is the negative core of the state department. Congress that pledges atramental pledges to the CIA which is controlled by Quatuor Coronati in the UK.

Do you know who the CIA is? It’s the Mormon church, a phony Christian/Islam meld principled on the Art of War (to militarize the US for the UK) that is Britain’s first and ultimate repatriation project for the US, and now the world. The NWO is an Islamic featured movement what conquest agenda is closely aligned with Islam’s own conquest of the the Middle east and parts of Europe, and the only thing standing between this movement and the US is the Constitution, Bill of Rights and people willing to assert their rights against neopolitics.

Know what Americans are doing to promote this? Fast food, Hollywood and entertainment and diffidence in issues involving the need for reason. American are trading their morality for debauchery. They avoid ethics issues in favor of soccer, football and an endless stream of over-stimulation completely under the control of the mushroom culture which gave us Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

Feel attacked? That’s because you’re blissfully ignorant, and I just bumped you out of your comfort zone with acculturation to a society programmed on the drug culture. That’s correct. Drugs. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Alice in Wonderland, too! You’re adapted to and hold values which were largely created by the imagination of individuals who are addicted to the use of mushrooms to get high and subsequently engineered a culture largely guided by a fantasy.  No?  The Vatican.

Want to fight this? Become familiar with the Constitution, learn the Bill of rights and stand your ground. Or, capitulate. You’ll be capitulating to the mushroom culture that rules and controls all others, including the drug cartels in Mexico, that armed Venezuela for a war with the US (Schwarzenegger and our own weapons by the) and which is the source of domestic false flag terrorism throughout the world, the Mormon church.

Want to know more? The Baptist church was created to penetrate the protestant reformation. It was a monarchy/Amsterdam project the same way the LDS was created to penetrate fundamentalism in the US with the caveat that the Mormon church was also empowered to perform occult rendition (Druid) to resource ritual human sacrifice which it has magnified with anti terrorism legislation 1974 through 2011.  Carter knew about this and only intimated about it.

The Nazarenes have come up in the US attracting a large number of militant minded individuals who can be cultivated and armed for a US insurgency.  This is the way they created Al Quaeda, just in the US they give it a protestant identity to make it familiar to the local culture.  They train and resource sociopaths compatible with occult rendition and the debauchery pledge and move on. It’s that easy.   In other words, church leadership in these organizations take their orders from abroad in keeping with repatriation mitigated by debauchery.  Yes, I am talking about your pastor.

Are you comfortable with this? If you get a pay check knowing what is happening to your fellow man and do nothing to stop this you’ve been paid for a service which they owe you nothing beyond this. This is why you’ll end up like the rest of us in the end. They owe you nothing. It was a business deal. They own you like they think they own the rest of us, and you’ll line up just like everyone else when they activated FEMA. And what will you do? Stand there mouth a gap uttering your confused state of mind in the vernacular of your then defunct instant messaging scheme, OMG!


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