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Know what this sign means?  You don’t, not really, but you know what you’ve been told: peace, baby.  The eagles wrote a song about it, Learn to be Still.  Both are symbolic of ritual human sacrifice.  So is Butterfly Sting, but more on that later.

This hand gesture is an occult symbol for the inverted pentagram.  Before I explain, take a look at how Churchill is touching the third finger of his right hand with with his thumb.  This is the number 13, and he’s confirming satanic protocol on the right, which is the US.  Know who his US alliance is?  The Mormon church.  The origin of the sign is Pythagoras occult protocol which is also used to cipher Mormon abductions of young women and children.  Want proof?  Ask TBI/Fusion Center for it.

Here’s how this cipher works on V:


Take a look at the cluster where you see the letter V.  It’s 4/DMV.  Each letter has a number designation.  For this particular group, D= 41, M= 42 and V= 43.

Now let’s take a closer look at V/43.

V/43 can be further analyzed thus:

4= 4; 43= 7; 3= 3, hence

473= additive sum 5.

5 is the pentagram, and lofting this sign publicly is identification with the occult, which involves human sacrifice.

This was Britain’s gift to the US via Winston Churchill’s popularity.  You were acculturated to ritual human sacrifice on this little macabre gesture (a feature of your repatriation), which they subsequently institutionalized this via false flag domestic terrorism and anti-terrorism legislation.

Anti terror legislation 1974- 2011 was commemorated on kidnapping children and torture, this project having been engineered to set a legal precedence for resourcing ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US.  Stupid Americans just shrug their shoulders and ignore it.

This is a state department/Mormon church project, and Americans bought it hook, line and sinker thinking they were being cool and identified with the civil rights movement and beyond, which is incorrect… and pathological.

Americans were astroturfed and thus acculturated to ritual human sacrifice all the while believing they were a part of a grand movement to usher in humanitarianism, which this was actually the forbearer of tyrannical government which we have been experiencing since 1963.  Now they are chasing their tails acting neurotic like they are surprised and shocked.  The easy way to understand this is people are stupid.

This symbol and our willingness to promote it sealed our fate with National Socialist Corporatism, a model precipitated by palingenetic ultranationalism more commonly known as progressivism, neopolitics, and radical liberalism, all of these the political monsters we are dealing with at this time in the US.

Still think it’s cool to loft this sign to your neighbors?  Police, maybe?

I will tell you your salvation, but I myself was told you wouldn’t understand this, that you are too stupid to figure it out. I don’t believe you’re stupid, not really, but you have been lied to to make it appear as though you are.

V is also Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, the antithesis for Churchill’s Satanic gesture and the substance of the main character in Wachowski’s infamous V.

The message is you have to fight his with intelligence. That’s not something you aren’t capable of, but certainly you aren not spending the time necessary to do this but are rather grazing in a 24/7 lifestyle of unchecked access to fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment. This is debauchery. It dulls the senses and in so doing fades your desire and ability to analyze your culture.

Enough said.

PEACE, Fools!


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