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American Consulate, Libya

This is an absolute nightmare.

I won’t publish the image which caused me to think more about the UK/NSC sponsored genocidal mission in the Middle east, albeit it’s a correct and deeply disturbing reminder of Atramental sociopathy which is plaguing US character abroad, and it’s using one of our own to convey this macabre to the world.

Bear in mind while reading this Big Bird may not be so mundane an educational phenomenon as it has been a macabre prophet of 2011, this effigy bearing down on the future with precedence setting at will occult rendition the crowning glory of which is S.1867.1021.  This little gift to the future is a cipher embed in the numbers 13, 22 and 123, all of which are represented in this covert entertainment political enterprise.

As one man so aptly put it, what God has in store for evil people is not negotiable.  They go there.  They don’t have a choice; I HOPE this is true.  In keeping with the macabre of the necromancy subculture, the Mormon church, many are called, but few are chosen.  In my mind, this is a paradox, and earth is the ultimate test of conscience.

You can view the image here:

For those of you searching for answers beyond the literal mindedness of the American psyche, consider this: Yellow Big Bird is a 3DRAS 13.

Occult aside, that image is spooky. I guess my issue with the consulate attacks is our people know they are in danger remaining in Libya. In my mind, that’s like invading someone’s home. They don’t seem to have conscience about this.

It’s like “Hey, mom. Just graduated from college. Going to Libya where we just routed the indigenous.  Good pay and benefits!”

Debauchery means nothing.  Graft means nothing.  American’s are all about opportunity regardless of how it was obtained.  One culture wiped off the face of the earth in a sweeping no fly policy.  Another comes up in it’s place promoted by the same organization that genocided the indigenous.

Constitution?  They didn’t have one, so God didn’t value their lives, or so it goes.  Beside we had scripture stamped on our weaponry which evoked the wrath of Jesus and pre eminence of Christianity which is now under attack from Islam. We BARELY have a constitution, but who cares?  It’s all legal long as everyone is doing their job, eh?  Constitution?  What constitution?

There’s a NSC rapist mentality programmed into the American psyche. It doesn’t seem to matter when our government is perping the crime. Long as neopolitics is carrying the flag it’s all good, until their victims retaliate. Then we’re victims and they’re monsters. THIS is the message of Big Bird.

Forget we murdered a million or so of them, including innocent women and children. For what? For their resources. Message to America: Don’t go there. Their own people betrayed them for a buck. And THAT group is a disposable community. In case anyone’s missed the game plan, soon as the insurgency is over they kill the insurgents, Christians among them.

Mom… I know your child was an all star in high school, academic scholar in college and married the girl of his dreams, but if you want to preserve him, you might want to tell him NOT to go overseas, for obvious reasons.  I know. The social club, church and all his family is watching. It’d embarrassing to see him standing in line for unemployment, but he’d be alive while that still possible in the US!

The Big Bird message is something far more more sinister than we are consciously aware of: lives erased on mistakes and misunderstandings, which is the occult pseudo science of Toth with relative affiliation with Amen-Ra.

America responds with candlelight prayer vigils partly because the supreme court is out to lunch at the Galaxy global Eatery… with Big bird!


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