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NDAA and Occult Rendition

NDAA is a progressive application of occult rendition.

In reality, this legislation is a shock and awe embed engineered to set a legal precedence for kidnapping to resource ritual human sacrifice and BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment with products acquired in the US.

This macabre legislation has been sponsored by debauchery pledged UK inspired SSOs that proliferate well embedded in US political and entertainment infrastructures and is a feature of the progressivism of palingenetic ultranationalism cum Nazism and ultimately Nationalist Socialist Corporatism (NSC).

NDAA was engineered out of a desire to create a process that would empower the elite to enjoy the privilege of at will abduction, rape and torture of children and young women unconstrained by the rule of law, the public fully aware of these circumstances albeit helpless to prevent this, hence occult rendition.

At the time or this writing people are being viewed as commodities with exchange rates and a shelf life, hence the disposable community of which Waco, Oklahoma City and and WTC are prime examples.  XI-U, Laurie Partridge through Karen Swift, and Jessica Ridgeway are examples of how these monsters view your children.

Progressivism= Britain’s conquest agenda for the world, and this project has been successful largely because regional and corporate leadership have been willing to debauchery pledge to UK inspired SSOs committed to repatriation. In exchange for their collaboration to promote legislative sedition, treason and abduction, they have been given ennobling titles, albeit they commit some of the most horrific crimes known to man (e.g. necromancy, child sacrifice, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and abduction, rape, torture and sacrifice of young women and the black mass).

Status conscious SSO pledges identify with occult status, clerics and knights, albeit these same people have absolutely no practiced regard for noble character.  They perform ritual sacrifice to train on sociopathy which makes them immutable to reason. Thus “ordained”, they follow a rigid UK political agenda absent of a moral compass and under threat of death in perpetuity for their redaction.

Co occurring acculturation is natural fallout through the application of the NDAA, people seemingly oblivious to an endless stream of decadence flowing into the mainstream via the entertainment industry, mass media that is largely controlled by the NSC and food products laced with so much FDA approved toxic garbage it’s eroded the needle on our moral compass beyond recognition, so the US no longer has one.

THIS is the NDAA, and any mollification to the contrary is progressive BS. The game plan is acculturation to ritual human sacrifice for entertainment, nothing more. This has been a work in progress since the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) and the sooner people are educated on this issue the better.

NDAA is a BDSM/pedophile’s wet dream. It was created by sick people. It is being promoted by sick people. It will continue to be exploited by sick people. People unwilling to understand this will continue to be victimized by this horrific legislation; it was engineered for this purpose.

NDAA is a shock and awe embed engineered to set a legal precedence for kidnapping to resource ritual human sacrifice and BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment with products acquired in the US.  The ONLY reason these monsters are doing this is to aggrandize their sadistic preoccupation with torture.  It’s working.  They’ve acculturated the public partly via mystification of this enterprise as a noble SSO.  America seems to be comfortable with this bizarre relationship; instead of putting a stop to this, people are holding fucking candlelight prayer vigils.

Do you understand that the terrorism issue was a confab, that during this state sponsored false flag nightmare the Mormon church has been continuing to pick off young women and children in abeyance of the the constitution and bill of rights but in agreement with the Druid practices of the constitutional monarchy of the UK?

As far as these monsters are concerned anyone being paid to go along with this has been rewarded for their part, so in the end they owe you nothing. Do you understand YOU are as disposable as any one else? There are no boundaries here. Progressivism is a conquest agenda, and they do not respect Quislings. You’re no better off than the rest of us except you lie to yourself believing that if you go along with this you’ll be spared. That’s not going to happen.

NDAA is a progressive application of occult rendition, and it is a 1000 year bid on humanity to resource BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment and ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US.


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