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Re: Powerful Pedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed

Truth mitigates corruption that can otherwise be destroyed by reality.

We have to go back to Rome approximately Nero, since this is is the point of transformation of humanity to institutionalized occult BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment, although Genesis was based largely on fetus destruction occurring within Egyptian and Greek cultures long before this particular monster.

To begin with, Christianity is a confab.  There weren’t any Christian martyrs, they were pagan, and in open display of torture and sacrifice heralded by Nero.

Reality was altered superimposing the story of Christian martyrdom upon Rome’s preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment which eventually consolidated paganism as Christianity.

Roman emperors eventually transformed to Popes lofting a solar deity myth for alleged spiritual leadership diverting attention away from ritual sacrifice for entertainment thus displacing accountability and subsequently preserving the macabre practice of sexual deviance for the state.

The masses thus principled on virtue, leadership institutionalized on Druid mysticism and it’s invocation to preserve BDSM/pedophilia all the while people acculturated to the bible.  Morality reined in the masses, while murder and mayhem continued to be the mainstay of a sick generation of leadership that learned to control man’s ability to perceive and oppose these circumstances via shock and awe.

People were initially enslaved by the bible for the simple reason that it was the operating manual for those who could read and use it to prophecy.  The masses thus predisposed to follow the rule of law in the example set by Jesus could be mobilized while their shepherds culled herd for their sadistic and perverted masters.

Today, political leadership in the UK and US is nonetheless the product of the use of BDSM/pedophilia to indoctrinate leadership principled on human sacrifice.  For example, Ted Bundy was upwardly mobile in the Iron Triangle.

Mountain Meadows, Jack the Ripper (John and Thomas Chapman), Black Dahlia (Orson Wells, Alfred Hitchcock), Zodiac (Pete Wilson), Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Deepwater Horizon, XI-U, all of these were nothing more that some politician proving himself useful to syndicated leadership, each one of these events an application rather that a singular madman perp, the implication for mankind that if he doesn’t stop Nero he’ll never escape these circumstances.

This is why what seems like an institutional attitude permissive of domestic debauchery. It’s an engineered state of mind that cultivates tolerance of BDSM/pedophilia and everything this implies.  This also trans-stages SSO mystification softening the impact of the loss of children and young women to this macabre enterprise, people held off by diffident attitude principled on a literature that was designed to work just this way.  You’re taught to turn the other cheek, which in reality means turn your head to abduction and everything this implies.

THIS is the negative core of the Vatican, and unless people wake up to this immense hoax we’re going to lose another 1000 years to this with little or no progress separating ourselves from occult rendition.

I’ve said this often.  The ancient knowledge is simple.  The elite already know that and are using this information to exploit mankind for their own purpose.  We come from the sun.  God conscience is found within not in some other form which baits you to search outside yourself for this guidance; the occult is an example of the latter.

People have learned to search for this intelligence prescriptive of a solar deity myth which is a soft dictatorship.  As I said, searching for God or virtually any manifestation of this outside ourselves is Satanic.  The narrow path alternative to this phenomenon is your ability to discriminate well the difference between right and wrong, and we know this, because we know when we are intentionally hurting others, which brings us back around to the Vatican.

Statists practice inhumanity what impact on leadership is people thus conditioned to hurt others and at the sane time fearing exposure for their involvement in BDSM/pedophilia. They will do whatever they are told in perpetuity, hence the SSO debauchery pledge, an example of this training being once again Ted Bundy and hundreds of others like him.

Truth mitigates this evil.  Reality destroys it.


Mark Dice


Steven Messham, Unconfirmed (may be disinformation)



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