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Proposition 37 Ballot Fraud

NEP says: 37 Loses. Californian’s DO NOT want to know what’s in the food they eat! GMO, pink slime, pureed human fetus… here we come!

JR says: WAIT a minute. 5 million California votes have yet to be counted, so how’d you come up with THAT?

NEP says: We made it up!

JR says: California citizens, you want to weigh in on this fiasco?

CALIFORNIA CITIZEN’S say: Dude… Are you KIDDING? It’s a trade off. THEY don’t tell us what to put in our lungs, and WE don’t tell them what not to put in our food. You feeling me, bro?

NEP says: Hehehe.

JR says: Oh yeah, I TOTALLY understand…


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