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Our Transformation Thus

This is one of the sickest images ever published of the US.

There are a couple of messages in this picture. The first one is a stealth flight predator of the occult which is enjoying a bloodbath.

The other is the destruction of the Phoenix, both from Egyptian mythology, and neither one representative of the founders ideology principled on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Where are you at, America? Eating out? Sleeping with your neighbors domestic partner? Partying? Drunk? What? Not happening you yet? Don’t believe it will? Doesn’t make sense?

The NSC, in collaboration with the MSM, just presented you with an image of your future, and when it DOES make sense you’ll be too far gone for a Band Aide.

Pretty colors though, eh?


Okay, America. You love it, but notice the three colors in this image: red, white and blue. Colors we have come to associate with American tradition; WHAT tradition?

Notice that there’s ANOTHER flag with these colors, the Union Jack. It looks like this:

… Sort of!

On the surface, this flag is harmless enough looking. On the other hand, touch it and what’s wrapped tightly beneath it will set you on fire. I know. You don’t believe me.

The colors – red, white and blue – are dedicated to occult organizations identified with the numbers 8, 13 and 3. Don’t ask me to explain, please. If you don’t already understand this and are over 30 you’ll never get it.

Notice the background in the highly stylized image of the US is White, or 8. Blue represents the bird (leap year equinox/solstice), or 6. Red= 7. I know this stuff. I have a Ph.D. in British Bullshit. I know what I am talking about here.

7 (Masons) is bloodshed, and 678 as it were= Leda and death of conscience. I know what you are thinking: LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, and you are eager as hell to let me know YOUR narcissist opinion about this image, too.

This image is an application of raptor hunting which at one time was prevalent in the Middle East, hence a connection to Islam: however, it’s use in THIS context is another type of bird once competitive with Islam cum a transformation that we regard today with midnight candlelight prayer vigils, Molon Labe and RIDE YOUR HARLEIES TO DC! Well, ride away!

THIS bird (image) is a gay bird, and it’s application in Druid mysticism is the destruction of females, hence this organization’s high regard for virtually ANY behavior which attacks same, including Planned Parenthood and the modern manifestation of Whitechapel which is Atramental Lodge 23 AKA the LDS and their stateside SKIRTS black mass activities.

Since we have Leda featured in this graphic, and Leda= death of character, death= 1 (SOEN cipher), hence 13! 678= 3 (see paragraph three stanzas above for clue).

13 AND 711 is the Cult of Castores, a particularly virulent SSO which is responsible for the Inquisition, to name just one of it’s many projects down through the ages. Colonial america is identified with 13. Inquisition? Native Americans! WWII was likewise one of this organizations more notable enterprises that nearly got it (Castores) wiped off the planet. No one’s perfect, eh? Thank you Churchill for your contribution to the future of world conquest via disinformation that motivated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor thus pulling the US into the war, AND for the peace sign, which is actually a symbol for the inverted pentagram.

What these organizations have in common is they practice ritual human sacrifice, even in the US, their members pledged in perpetuity to occult government under threat of death for their redaction.  Impossible, isn’t it?

Our own flag has a message embedded in it that if you pay attention to this you will automatically know what to do to SYG against the corporate driven Zionist/globalist movement which is choking off liberty and freedom. Right? NOT correct!


You have to magnify your effort for every one of these, and you are likewise supported by as many that are present IF you’ve elected officials solvent with the DCBR. Ah ha! You forgot to vote, or you voted for a cult of personality! NOW you have to recall those who are not, and their legislative record is the ONLY proof of this. No constitutional character, but no one knew this before they were elected, because America is gullible, poorly informed and insouciant to a fault.

In realty, the energy for this comes naturally if you don’t do a denial trip on yourself. Keep it real, and you keep it American, or you can do the Dirty Harry Reid SKIRTS black mass murder thing and and look forward to your own planet in hell. Notwithstanding, this is why you need to assert the DCBR. Assert the DCBR? Harry Reid is a Tory as are most of the Mormon elite and SSO/Zionist pledged neopoliticians in congress. ASSERT THE FUCKING DCBR!

Were these little stars upside down you would rely on your impression largely motivated by debauchery which would be a redirect to occult government. In fact this is what they have managed to do, you in the wings chasing tail having been baited by charm offense and struck in the back of the head by the double bind.

The idea is while it’s okay to enjoy the health, it’s not okay to exploit it, which occult government does not understand this typical of radical institutions. In fact they practice exploitation in development of the state of mind that preys on the herd.  These models are bait. YOU are the herd!

UK inspired SSOs recruit via unchecked access to drugs, money and sex, the antithesis of the culture that was introduced to the US via the founders. Our own society, principled on Protestantism, is one of reduction of aggression, taught restraint and avoidance of, but not shyness from, war.

The emphasis was on self-protection, not conquest, which having been subordinated to the latter via the NSC we’ve lost our moral compass to a snake brained entity that’s given you immediate gratification via fast food, fuck crazy self image and abortion, and institutionalized narcissism  via degenerate entertainment in exchange for your soul. LOL Kewl OMG LMAO! <Problem here.

Too complicated? Grab a close up of the right hand of the model wearing the Union Jack. RIGHT HAND.

Still not convinced? You may be retarded.


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