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re People Targeted for Anti-Obama Speech

Raven Clabough, The New American, November 14, 2012


As a rule, teachers fall into two groups: educators and militants.  Your article is describing issues with the latter.  Let’s use a popular topic to get started here.

People who teach sex education know you don’t discuss complicated topics with uncomplicated adolescents, hence we try to avoid introducing information that is beyond their ability to process or such that would introduce bias, prejudice or malevolence toward the opposite sex. In this regard, a professional will avoid pressing controversial material into curriculum out of respect for the child’s age and maturity.

On the OTHER hand, a militant teacher will violate at will and challenge the system to do something about it.  They are practiced at this game, and certain ones often have the backing of the Union out of a need to have aggressive staff on site to hold off a tyrant administrator, which is not the case at all here.

The problem with a militancy in education is such people are not always recruited for their political acumen, are often brutal and even worse, they will recruit children via intimidation, which I am afraid you are advocating for such teachers in your article.  Such are the bane of education globally, and they are likewise the most hated among their peers, because they have no sense of boundaries, and I bet TH-AT issue registers in your mind,  idiot!

While it may have been permissible for these teachers to state they do not agree with Obama’s policy, and many do not, they are NOT empowered to use their authority to force the issue, and THIS is the problem with posting a highly controversial rhetoric on a district website.  It is ALSO incorrect to force the issue via a social networking site, because such teachers then become agents of a point of view which can be highly coercive in the classroom.

We’re not talking academic freedom here.  We’re talking disrespect for children; the reasonable solution is termination and in at least one case loss of the credential for an ethics violation, but that won’t happen.

You aren’t familiar enough with the given topic to write well about it.  Slow down, or give up the pen. You’re organized, but this one was way to quick, obviously.


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